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Gangaa 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga excitedly reads the article. She runs downstairs to tell Babu her result. He asks her to tell her. They both stop realising the current situation. Madhvi stands next to Niru. Sagar looks on from upstairs. Everyone gathers there. Pulkit loudly tells Maharaj ji that his sister came first in Banaras. Maharaj ji smiles and blesses Ganga through hand gestures. Niru is happy. I knew it already. I am so proud of you Ganga. I wish I could tell you this. Niru and Madhvi go inside. Supriya asks Ganga to come. We have to go to court. Maharaj ji smiles at Ganga. Pulkit notices Sagar upstairs. He tells Maharaj ji he is very happy today. Ganga had a very big achievement. There will be some people also who wont be happy to know it as they don’t understand her potential. Those who themselves aren’t capable

wont understand anyone else’s capabilities. I am very happy. It is celebration time!

Ganga picks up her file. Supriya feeds her kheer. Ganga thinks of Niru. He used to treat her too whenever she used to come first. Supriya asks her what happened but Ganga dismisses it. I will go now. She asks Supriya to go to doc on time. She leaves. Pulkit shares that Ganga is papa’s favourite. He used to give her sweets whenever she used to come first.

Sagar congratulates Ganga. He offers her Prasad. Papa used to give it to you. She calls it a thing of the past. Everything has changed now. He requests her to give him a chance. Everything can go back to how it was! No Sagar. Something’s cannot change however much anyone can try. That word, pity, that Babu said, wont change. The truth of your marriage wont change. The sooner we both accept it the better for us. He is irked. She is so arrogant. She is always arrogant. Truth is she can never change!

Pulkit says at times I felt Ganga and Sagar were not meant to be together. Supriya tells him what she has heard from everyone. Pulkit talks of their differences and how at times they used to understand each other’s thoughts without even saying it out loud. Sagar is a very difficult and sensitive person whereas Ganga is very strong. She needs a partner who can be as strong as her. He should understand her. How can a person like Sagar support her? Someone really strong is needed in her life. He should bring stability in her life and hold her together.

Ganga is riding bicycle. She is thinking about Sagar’s words. A guy is riding a bike. She almost collides with a cart when a kid runs past her cycle. The guy stops his bike as all the pots fall down in his way. Ganga looks at the damage. The vendors angrily scold Ganga. They ask for payment. She says sorry to them. I dint do it intentionally. They again ask for money. She agrees to pay them tomorrow. I don’t have money with me right now. They insist while she speaks of trust. The guy asks her why someone will trust her. Ganga turns to look at him. What if you don’t come tomorrow? She says maybe people don’t trust someone. He says you can give something in written to them atleast. She asks him if he is a lawyer. She keeps talking when he tries to say something. These people have put their carts in the pathway. He reasons that one does not even ride bicycle there. She tells her address. Come in the evening. I will pay you. The guy again asks for address. Ganga repeats it for him and begins to walk away. The guy keeps looking at her. Ganga turns to look at him too before going away finally. The guy smiles.

Sagar is with his client. Their hearing is due. Niru wishes him good luck. I know of the pressure which will be on you. You have fought 4 cases and have won them all. Bar council has a lot of expectations from you. They see the most talented lawyer in you. There will be pressure on you for sure. Sagar assures him but Niru knows it all already. Forget the pressure, your past victories. Keep the fear of defeat away from you. Concentrate only on your case. Winning or losing does not matter. Sagar says no papa. Where I stand today in my life, victory matters a lot to me. I have nothing else to look forward to. There is nothing other than pain and sadness in my personal life. Victory and success are the things with which I can prove myself. He goes inside with his client. Niru hopes Sagar does not become so stone hearted to prove himself. He only will be in pain.

Ganga and her friend come to court. They request the peon to allow them to see the courtroom cases to learn from the senior lawyers. He allows them inside. Take a backseat. They thank him. Sagar stands up to present the case. Ganga is taken aback hearing his voice. Ganga’s friend compliments Sagar. He looks like a hero, right out of movies. Ganga tells her to focus on what they have come here for. Sagar is talking about a divorce case and how a woman gives up her everything for her husband. She too should have a right in that house. No one can deny her those rights. Ganga recalls her marriage with Sagar. Ganga wipes her tears while listening to his arguments (all the while speaking about the rights of a woman). The opposition lawyer turns out to be the same guy who Ganga met earlier.

Precap: Ganga meets the same guy (Mr. Palash Banerjee) outside. She speaks of his argument. You dint take a second to malign the relation by talking about another person. I want to know how much money your client gave to you to defame that woman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I like the track of ganga and new guy. I think the story will take an interesting turn! The new guy will fall in love with gangaa and then Sagar will realize how much he lost when he married janvi.

  2. I just hope all the things should go well with Ganga because she had seen lots of ups and downs in her life

  3. Now Ganga’s life will change

  4. Please… If you are planning to side track sagar… Then I think you need a sort of warning that you are going to loose some followers. Come on. Its not always necessary to show two men fight to realise their love for a particular woman…and the same in case of the woman. Thought this serial is a bit different than the conventional ones but nevertheless …disappointment. 🙁
    But I do say that Vishal is an exceptional actor. Would love to keep seeing him as one of the main characters and wish all the good luck for his future…

  5. Losing interest on this show, but at the end I landed here anyway HaHa. And hey, pulkit thought Sagar and Gangaa aren’t meant to be… HaHa.
    Well I wonder if this track is to develop Sagar’s character to be more nice, lovely and wise. If that so, would be great for the show in the future. But If not, Sagar should forget Gangaa for the rest of his life. Just let it go… let it go…

  6. the new guy is her real life husband

    1. Whatttttt ???? Really that would be great

  7. Who’s the new guy?

  8. Let the director or writer have as many twists as they want to prolong the serial but please don’t separate ganga and sagar kindly unite them at last.please don’t create a love story between ganga and palash .

  9. I Agree deeksha with ur statement . While watching the same thing came in my mind . Hope story may bring some changes in track .

  10. Ganga has been loving sagar since childhood so please don’t separate them let sagar realise his mistake and value of ganga by palash entry and finally ganga and sagar get married with everyone acceptance. Please don’t bring in marriage between ganga and palash and flop the serial please..

  11. Hmmmm…. New entry interesting guy though par pata nahi Yeh kya story dikhana chahte hai just hoping for the best ??

  12. hay….this guy palash…..he is aditi(ganga)ral husband…i ws shocked hen i read this news and also saw you tube….bt this track is quietly interesting…lets see what happend….

  13. hey tumhe pata hai is serial me Jo new entry ho rahi hai voh gaanga me real life husband hai

  14. I am actually fond of Aditi and Sarvan since cinestar ki khoj
    they were my favourite contestant of that show saturday slot
    i was nt knowing that they got married i am happy to know about it
    and guys i think Palash is also lawyer under whom Ganga is going to complete her internship
    so as like other serial boss and employee vala track chalu ho jayega
    but if they are going to show romance between Sarvan and Aditi and then it will be more cozy bcz they are at their most comfort zone then

  15. I think the sarvan is here only for TRP. Phir sharvan ko yeh log sideline kar denge.

  16. I just didnt like this new entry. Real life husband hai toh kya. Atleast for this show its SaGa i.e sagar n ganga together. If at all they are even planning to show ganga palash romance or marriage , believe me the show will end very soon. This is not how childhood love or for that matter any one forgets their love. Specially Ganga who claimed to love sagar since childhood n then she even used to apply vermilion of his name. Suddenly sab bhul gayi wo. Thers always a difference between ego& self respect. N no offence , she has more of ego in name of self respect. Feels like ammaji alredy left the serial n went on tirth yatra.

  17. what the hell & tv walo ko kjya ho gya maqdhavi ko itna acha saari phenate hai but gangaa kaam vali bai lagti hai saari mai koi achaa saari phenaooo plzzzz

  18. Where’s ammaji? i never saw her again in this series

  19. I think its nice to see a new character introduced into Gangaa life. A twist to the story would be interesting, especially giving Gangaa a new love. Sagar acted in anger to punish Gangaa and married Jhanvi. It would be a really good story to see Sagar and his family learn the truth about Jhanvi and Yash. This part of the storyline did not complete satisfactory…no sufficient outcome, like forgotten. Yash escaped from prison, no follow up? He is now going to conspire again with Jhanvi. Frustrating to watch and many holes in the story line. It would be really nice for Gangaa to find new love, would definitely like to see her have a blossoming relationship with the new guy. It would be interesting to see how the writers are going to develop this new twist. I enjoy watching Gangaa very much. Thank-You.

  20. I just want SaGa being together as a wife and husband at the end of this serial. Otherwise you might lose half followers. I’m from Indonesia and I always follow this serial. So please dont take my interest away from this serial. ?SaGa lover?

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