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Gangaa 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Ganga asks sagar to go away and do this favour atleast. she turns away, hiding back tears, while he turns tensedly too. she turns around to find him gone. On the road, sagar walks listlessly, and then sits under a tree, and finds daughters playing with their fathers, and gets emotional at his own state. he wipes his tears. seeing their interaction, he gets emotional, as he hears and sees that a father can go to any length for his daughter. he starts thinking about krishna and thinks that he cant let her go so easily, and says that he can compromise his ego, self respect and everything else. he says that he shall beg from ganga if he has to. he rushes back.

MEanwhile, krishna, behind locked doors, screams to open the door as she wants to talk

to sagar. ganga stands tensedly. krishna continues to scream for the both of them, while ganga stands distraught. she leaves from there, and opens the door, and finds sagar rushing in hurriedly. both are shocked to see each other. he hears krishna screaming for the both of them, and begging to be let out. he is apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
ammaji is sure that sagar would come back defeated. they ask her not to form assumptions. she asks him how can he say so. niru says that then they shall have to explain themselves, that its too late, and due to sagar’s fault, he shall have to bear the pain and torment. ammaji asks him not to say bitter words. niru says that everyone has to pay for their mistakes, like him. madhavi gets tensed. ammaji complies. she says that she is a fool not to think good stuff, as they have always seen how much ganga loves him, and can do anything, and now with krishna in the picture, things shall get better. she compliments krishna’s beauty. she then says that had sagar accepted this earlier, then they wouldnt have had to bring someone else from outside. juhi hears this tensed. madhavi is shocked. niru asks her not to talk like this, as ammaji says that she isnt attached to juhi. ammaji starts glaoting about krishna, while juhi hears tensed and distraught. madhavi and niru notice her sad and go to her to cheer her up. but juhi leaves hastily from there.

In their room, pulkit and supriya decide how good it would be if ganga and sagar live with them, along with krishna. he is doubtful whether ganga shall agree. she says that she shall herself get ganga if she refuses. juhi comes in crying. they rush to attend to her, and ask her whats the reason. juhi asks why have they brought her here, as ammaji doesnt like her, and she shall be thrown out, if krishna comes. they are apalled to hear this.

In her room, zoya is furious that things arent working out and wonders what shall she do now. sonu asks her not to worry as things would have sorted out if they had to. she is boggled. he says that the truth maybe out, but their ego and arrogance shall stand in the way, of their united relation. she says that its not just about sagar and ganga, as they like to give each other pain, but due to krishna, things can change. she is furious.

Scene 3:
Location: Ganga’s residence
sagar advances towards opening the door, hearing krishna cry, but ganga continues tp push him away, asking him to go. he tries to make her understand to stop her egoistic resolve, and think about krishna and her parenting. he apologises and begs for forgiveness, but she continues to rant about her ego and torment, and her self respect. she reminds him of the indifference that he put her through at different phases of her life, when krishna needed the father the most, and continues asking where was he, in all the formative , and now suddenly it makes a difference. he holds her and pins her against the wall. he begs for a chance to talk, and says that she is right, and he wasnt where and when he should have been there for krishna, as a father, and she cant underrstand the pain thqat he is undergoing right now, realising that. he cups her face, and says that krishna is his daughter and he too has the right, and accepts that he made a mistake, but begs for a chance to relieve her of all the pain, that she went through alone and tormented, because he left her. he says that he shall balance it all out, and never give her a chance to complain again. she says that this isnt an account to be settled. he asks if only she suffered and says that he too has a complaint, that when he forgot everything, she should have nudged him and made him remember. he says that he knows he didnt trust her, but its true that she didnt revive the faith in him too. he clutches at her tightly, and she asks him to let go. he tries to hug her, but she shirks him away. he asks if she thinks he is dying to be with her and if he came for her, then he is mistaken as he has come for krishna. he says that he is habituated to stay without her, and he shall take krishna today and she cant stop him. she remembers zoya’s alarms and threats that prove to be right. he rushes and opens the door, and goes out to hug krishna. ganga is distraught. she rushes into his arms. kashish stands tensedly. krishna asks him if he is her father. he eyes her tensedly, and then caressing her face, he doesnt respond, and extends his hand and asks her to come along, to her house. Krishna holds sagar’s hand, eyeing ganga tensedly. kashish and ganga watch shocked, as they begin to leave. she is about to leave, when ganga asks her to stop and ganga asks her upfront, that she cant have everything in the world, and today she has to choose between her and sagar. she tells krishna that if she leaves today with him, then she shall lose her forever. all are shocked. she asks her to think clearly, and decide who she needs, sagar or her mother. krishna is in a dilemma, as she clutches at sagar’s hands, and looks at both of them. kashish watches tensedly. the screen freezes on krishna’s tensed face.

Precap: Ganga, in her distressed state, tells ammaji, when she comes to her, in front of kashish, that agreed, she might have forgiven sagar but she shouldnt think, that, under any circumstances, would she ever allow herself or krishna back in sagar’s life. ammaji says that every child needs the name of a father, while ganga agitatedly works around the kitchen. ammaji continues that krishna has the Chaturvedi blood in her veins and she shall take sagar’s daughter from her. ganga is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Omg!!! Did Sagar really meant by what he said??? That he came only for Krishna and not for ganga!!!!if he did say so then I am actually happy that gangaa has decided not to forgive him!! I cant believe that he actually said this!!! Such an idiot!

  2. Precap!!!how can these ppl be soo horrible!! Hate ammaji !!

    1. Deeksha ammaji has always made Sagar seem like a lil kid and always stood up for him in every fight and today this is why Sagar became irresponsible.. She never allowed Sagar to be independent and shes still doing the same thing after he became adult. Sagar should tell his family, specially that old witch to stay out of his personal life cos this is now beyond repair ..

  3. Yeah… Selfish people…. Harassed ganga a lot right from her childhood… But she has gratitude for the family… Now for all those… Those people have to repent… But instead of repentance… Ammaji trying hard to steal Krishna from her mother

  4. Very well knew that juhi will also turn negative.

  5. I also think Juhi is going to turn negative..she’s such a lovely girl! As for amma ji and Sagar..i really hope that someday they also face the sense of loss and pain which gangaa has suffered!

  6. Really the amaji is selfish but now sagar also become selfish&foolish for krishna ididnt expected that sagar will do like this in the gangas matter

  7. The writers have spoiled the serial. They should have finished it after the release of Sagar from jail. The show has lost its value. Now what is going on is a nonsense. How can Sagar say that he came for krishna and not Ganga. No wonder if Pulkit and Supria both turn negative.

  8. Hi Everyone,

    I agree with Sujatha, the writers have spoiled the series. It could have been a good series when Ganga fell in love with Palash, but instead what was a promising character ruined when they turned him negative.

    The series could be revived when Ganga and Sagar managed to finished the marital rituals, instead it was spoiled by the revealation of Ganga’s pregnancy.

    Prahba bad deeds was finally revealed, the Chavedutri family should have released the lengths Prabhba was prepared to go to ruin their happiness. When Ammaji, finally accepted Ganga after Gangaa saved her from the phoney preist, it had a chance to improve and really write some happiness into the show. Develop the romance between Gangaa and Sagar etc.

    Instead, they introduce whiney bawling screaming Rahat on screen, with all the drama of Zoya and her tears made viewing uncomfortable. I had to fast forward most of it.

    Then Pulkits affair, after adopting Juhi, it ends…just like that!

    I find the storyline hold no value of being realistic at all. I mean, when Sagar was trying to ask Gangaa’s forgiveness, I felt it was quite abrasive, i did not find the scene tender when they both released they both had been tricked by Yash and Prabha. Now if both realised they were both wrong in their own ways and were made to realise that they were both responsible for the breakdown of the relationship, it would have been more believeable. ..instead Sagar declares he just wanted Krishna! This has undermined the scene of making amends and again, enhancing the selfish nature of Sagar and Amma ji ( her demands in precap).

    It could have been made into a real emotional scene, both realising how much years they have lost. Ganga could have parked her pride aside and tried and convince Sagar to remember, not to give up so easily on their love. On the other hand, Sagar to have faith and trusth in Ganga. They both could have declared their new promises to each other and give it another try, but instead Krishna so willingly hold uncle jungli hand and was about to leave?! Why would you leave a stranger in a few moments of meeting? Is seven years of nurturing and love from your mother so easily to abandon? Again, not realistic storyline – although Krishna chooses her mother.

    I feel the show has lost it’s value, there are plenty holes in the storyline and it comes across that the writers are desperate to acknowledge our feedbacks, but in doing so, the revelation of the storyline and holes being patched are rushed and carelessly executed. I mean really, why would Yash reveal the true identity of Krishna’s father? A true bad character would taunt and not make it so easy for them to know the truth. A nasty character would cause more havoc and enjoy making people misery. This is where i find the revelation rushed. The writers took too long to reveal and when doing so, it was sloppy…not made believable.
    This is just my view on the storyline so far.

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