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The drunken guy calls out for his friends to get hold of that girl. Ganga also asks Sudha Bua and the other ladies to run from there. This man is very bad. Ganga runs in one direction while the guy’s friends follow her. Sagar pulls her to a safe corner. She tells him about what they did to Sudha Bua. He thinks of what she had said to Dadi. You told Dadi so proudly that you will not come home and now you are begging? Come home after saying sorry to her. She tries to say that she wasn’t begging. He replies that he knows she was being arrogant and would have refused to do it. This is why these guys were after her. They might have caught you if I wasn’t here on time. Someone else would have said thank you to me for the timely help. Sagar says you are still acting arrogant. I did so much for you. Ganga

says true friends don’t make you feel that they are doing favours for them. You want me to thank you always for whatever little things you do. If you were my true friend then you would have understood why I said that to Amma ji. She leaves from there.

Amma ji is doing puja. She is unable to concentrate because of the loud music that is coming. She calls out for Madhvi but goes to out to check as she thinks that her voice might not be able to reach Madhvi due to the loud music. Barkha is teaching dance to Pulkit. It is very good for health. Amma ji switches off the music. We pray in the evening. Barkha says I do Zumba at this time. Your bell is so cute. I will do puja with you today. Amma ji asks her if she took bath today. You cannot wear these clothes and do puja. Barkha nods. Amma ji tells Pulkit to sit down to study. She leaves. Amma ji tells Madhvi to explain the rules of this house to Barkha. Madhvi looks tensed.

Pishi Ma and the other ladies are in the ashram. They are checking out what all they collected in the day. They talk about what Ganga did today. Ganga thinks that they all work so hard to collect all these items. They even begged and got insulted while doing so. Sudha Bua is so strict yet everyone troubles her so much. She still listens to them. I understood today that no one gives work to widows. I still wont beg though. I should do something to make Sudha Bua smile. She goes to cook food for everyone.

Sagar is on his way home muttering about how arrogant Ganga is. Barkha is talking to Pulkit. It seems you have been in love. She tickles him. Madhvi calls out for Barkha but she wants to talk to her nephew. Barkha again asks Pulkit if he is in love. Madhvi signals her to be quiet. Pulkit answers in negative. He excuses himself so he can study. Barkha laughs. He is so shy. His eyes are very intense like jijz (Niru). Amma ji is confused to hear another shortcut from her. Barkha agrees to teach her everything.

Sudha stops Ganga from cutting the veggies. Who asked you to do it? Will you always ruin everything? Ganga replies that she was trying to help them. Sudha says this all is not for us. Pishi Ma adds that this all was collected for Maha bhoj. Mahant ji is coming. Ganga asks them if they worked so hard all day, got insulted to feed a fraud priest? They all look taken aback.

Sagar comes home. Before Amma ji can hug him, Barkha pulls him aside. She talks about his favourite food. Madhvi is impressed with her memory as she had met him last 6 years ago. Maharaj uncle will get the juice. He corrects her. no one calls Maharaj ji Maharaj uncle. He thanks her for coming over. I was feeling really sad. Amma ji gives the teacup back to Maharaj ji. I don’t like it.

Ganga refuses to cook for anyone else but them. I wont cook for any fraud pandit. Sudha reasons that this way all her sins will be cleaned. Ganga understands that she wants fees from her in return for letting her stay here. Is this why you want me to work? Sudha does not give her any proper reply. You have ruined you this birth already. It will be good for your next birth if you serve Mahant ji. Ganga says Bappa told me that our sins go away by taking dip in holy water. He never told me that we have to pray to a human being too. This he dint tell me. Pishi Ma shows him Mahant ji’s photo. If widows serve him in Shrad then it is good. Sudha insists upon taking care of Mahant ji and also for praying for her late husband’s peace. Ganga refuses. I dint even see his face. Sudha says one has to pray for any of their relative in Shrad. Ganga stays put. I will not do it. Sudha firmly tells Ganga to do what she is saying in case she wants to stay here. All the ladies leave. Ganga wonders what to do.

Amma ji asks Madhvi to cook food as Niru must be coming home. She answers in positive. Amma ji thinks what Barkha must be telling to Sagar. Niru asks for water as he enters inside. Barkha comes from behind and hugs him. Amma ji is taken aback. Madhvi and Sagar smile. Niru looks at Barkha in confusion. She pretends to get angry with him as he has forgotten her. Niru looks at Madhvi for a clue. Barkha says you only have one SIL. Before Niru can say anything, Amma ji sends Sagar to check on Pulkit. She calls Barkha shameless. Niru says you have grown up a lot. Barkha calls him handsome. Your eyes are very intense. Amma ji coughs. She asks Madhvi and everyone to eat food. We have to do til-arpan tomorrow morning for Niru’s father and everyone else. Barkha calls her Ams. Niru smiles hearing it. Barkha says Amma ji is very strict but she will become cool as I am here. Niru was also scared as she hugged him in the first go. I wondered who you are. Madhvi and Barkha cutely talk to him.

Next morning, Niru does til-arpan for his father. All the ladies in the widow ashram are also doing the same. Sudha notices that Ganga is not here. Ganga joins them just then. Sudha is surprised. Pishi Ma and Mamta smile seeing her. Pishi Ma tells Sudha that she was getting upset for no reason. She did it. Sudha says this is why she did so. This girl will only understand when we will be strict with her. She will not understand anything if we will be sweet to her. She understands this language only. Ganga makes it clear to Sudha Bua that she is not doing it because of her strictness. Also, don’t think that I am doing so as I am a widow. I was doing it for Bappa.

Precap: Ganga talks to Mahant ji’s photo. I did so much hard work for you in cooking all this. If you don’t eat it then it wont be good. Mahant ji enters just then. Ganga looks at him and laughs. How can he be Mahant ji? He is not the one in photo. He looks only as much old as Pulkit Bhaiya.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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