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Sagar is stunned. You want this? She nods. He walks up to her. No, you are lying. You don’t want this. This is why you are not even looking in my eye. She wipes her tears and turns to face him. Now I am looking in your eye. You have married Janvi. You have some responsibility towards her. Don’t make the world blame me for your relation. Don’t let the world taunt me. Accept Janvi from heart. Give her all the rights. For me! He says Sagar can do anything for you. I wont even waste a second in ruining myself. I know this is why you are saying this to me. I will destroy myself if I have to but don’t be upset. I accept Janvi as my wife now. Are you happy now? We are even now. She picks up her share. He looks hurt. She says thank you to him and leaves. Sagar says thank you Ganga. You killed

me from inside today. Thank you!

Outside, Ganga calls out after Madhvi. I did what you asked from me. You have raised me with so much love. I had begun to think of you as my Maiyya. I repaid that favour today. She shows the coins to her. Madhvi stands quietly. Ganga goes upstairs.

Sagar keeps looking at the coins and thinks of Ganga’s words. You turned out to be very particular about hisab.

Madhvi notices Sagar going upstairs. I wonder what happened to him.

Sagar comes to his room and makes Janvi sit on the bed. I came to you. Are you happy now? She tries to say something but he does not let her talk. She is after me! She wants to trap me for money and fun. This is what you said about her. She gave me the biggest punishment today. She took herself away from me. She closed all the doors. Janvi again tries to get up but he makes her sit down. She has taken a promise from me. I have to accept you as my wife from heart and give you all the rights. He shows her the mirror. Look at yourself. Mrs. Janvi Sagar Chaturvedi! You are really lucky to get the name that papa refused to give to Ganga. you are lucky to have the mangalsutra of my name. The vermilion which Ganga wore in her head since childhood but could not claim! You are really lucky to have all of it! I give you all the rights. This is what you wanted, right? I had no idea you would be so desperate to get me that you never thought what I want. You did not think who my heart beats for. I was angry so I married you. I agree I made a mistake. You were in your senses atleast. You put all the blame on Ganga! Ganga is anyways great. She did another great thing. She first donated me to her Babu and now she gave me to you. Janvi is in tears. He tells her to be happy. You made Ganga lose. Truth is Ganga still did not lose though. Only I have lost. From today onwards I am your husband and vice versa. You have all the rights on everything that is mine. He keeps her hand on his chest saying this body belongs to you too. She pushes him away. He says this is what you wanted. You wanted to come close to me. You must have realised this is a dead body. This heart is only for name sake. Sagar breaks the mirror and shows it to Janvi. No one can handle broken relation. You will get me but whenever you will look at our relation you will always see it broken and scattered, like your face in the broken mirror. This is the truth of our relation! He leaves. Janvi cries. Madhvi comes there hearing the noise. She notices the broken mirror and Janvi.

Sagar stands outside in the balcony. Sad music plays. Someone pats at his shoulder. He turns to look at Ganga. She blows at his eyes and picks up a tear from his cheek. In her room, Ganga is unable to sleep. She imagines Sagar patting at her head. She sits up startled.

Janvi looks at the broken mirror. She takes out a bottle from the drawer. Yash greets her. She closes the door so no one can hear their convo. Why did you come here? He says you forgot me. She tells him to go but he tells her not to worry. You stay alone here. Sagar does not stay with you. She is shocked. What’s Sagar doing in balcony when he has such a beautiful wife? I pity you. He takes the sleeping pills from her hand. I can end your pain. She raises her hand to hit him but he holds it. I only came to ask how you are doing. He gives a medicine to Janvi. Take one pill with water. It will take you to heaven. You can see its effect then. You will wake up fresh. She is hesitant but he asks her to trust her friend. I have helped you so much. I will go but do take the pill with water. You will thank me always. He jumps out of the window. Janvi picks up the glass. Yash looks at her from outside. You will be in another world as soon as you will take the medicine. He goes. Janvi throws the pills away.

Next morning, Supriya and Pulkit come to wake Ganga up. Supriya covers Ganga’s eyes when Pulkit shows the newspaper to Ganga. She realises that the result is out. She does not find her roll number in the list. It means I did not pass the exams? Pulkit and Supriya say sorry. Ganga is sure her papers went fab. Supriya starts laughing. Ganga is panicked. Pulkit sweetly scolds Supriya for spoiling the surprise. He takes the paper from Ganga and shows her another article. She has topped in Banaras. Ganga is elated.

Precap: Sagar congratulates Ganga. He offers her Prasad. Papa used to give it to you. She calls it a thing of the past. Everything has changed now. He requests her to give him a chance. everything can go back to how it was!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Love u sagar
    But this ganga is so arrogant and doesn’t let sagar live happily with her
    I hate u ganga hate u

  2. Sagar’s Line is really magnificient! How in earth did the SW found such a realistic truth and touching line. His line towards Gangaa, and Jhanvi is really something. Especially when he said Gangaa killed him from inside…
    Well I couldn’t hate Gangaa in this case, Sagar is another woman husband, even if she love him that much, she should let him go. Good girl will never disturb another married life unless she is such a ‘not-good-girl’.
    Well, I think Palash will appear tomorrow..
    I want to see Sagar reaction!!! So excited

  3. I heard that there is a new entry in the serial…Sarwar Ahuja aditi’s real life husband…there is going to be a love triangle soon b/w gangaa, sagar and the new entrant. This is going to spice the drama so much..

  4. These are the punishment for sagar, he made a mistake that has married janvi. I hate janvi so much

  5. Yeah why can’t everything go back like it was before ganga kaash sudha ki baat maan jati toh aaj shaadi ho chuki hoti

  6. True but ye to writers keep haath mein tha unko jab serial lamba karna hota hai tab jodi ko alag kar dete hai ya love triangle daal dete hai….. Phir bhale viewers serial ko dekhna chod de…

  7. I’m agree with erna , in the case ,sagar is another woman husband, even if she love him that much , she should let him go , good girl will never disturb another married life unless she is a’ not -good girl ‘. I hate janvi and madhavi so much .

    1. Thank you setiawati, happy to know we share same thought. HaHa I couldn’t hate any character but yea Jhanvi’s character is bit annoying.

  8. I have heard that now on since aditi real life husband is coming the focus will now shift to their love stories … And even she had told in her interview that she will initially have a tiff with him and later will eventually fall in love …. Poor sagar now on he had to be a side lined actor or a villain

  9. Please don’t side line the sagar, if you do so, then lot of viewers will start hating the serial. I am big fan of this serial. This is the 1st time I am commenting.

  10. Guys I read that Aditi’s (who is playing Gangaa) real life husband is going to play role as lawyer Palash who will get ver clise to Gangaa and Gangaa will also get very close to him and sagar will get very jealous.

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