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Kaveri hires some goons. She asks them to kill Vasundhara and the lady whom she has come here to meet. The man says that lady is addressed as Amma ji here. Ansh and Bhoomi see them. They decide to follow Kaveri and Pavitra in an auto.

At Chaturvedi Sadan, Badi Ma sees Amma ji’s photo. She asks Ganga if there are some old pics of Amma ji in the house. Ganga points out at the wall where all the photos of the family are hung. There is one old photo of Amma ji there. Badi Ma recognizes her. She is the same lady! The goons knock at the door. Badi Ma understands that some goons have come to kill her. Ganga spills marbles on the floor. Don’t worry Mai I will handle them. Goons enter and slip on the floor due to marbles. They notice Ganga. Ganga starts running. She drops a plant pot on one of

the goons because of which he falls down. The goons finally surround both of them. Ganga pours kerosene over them while Badi Ma holds the matchbox. She warns them to let them go or she will set them on fire. The goons give them way. Shankar notices them coming out of the house. He thinks of following them when he finds Amma ji and Sagar returning home. He orders his goons to bring the car and kidnaps them.

Pavitra and Kaveri join Shankar in the car on the way. Badi Ma and Ganga meet Madhvi. Ganga tells her everything. Madhvi gets concerned for Amma ji and Sagar as they left for home a little while ago. All three of them run back towards Chaturvedi Sadan. Amma ji and Sagar are not at home. Kaveri calls on the landline number. Madhvi picks it. Kaveri asks her to give the phone to Vasundhara. Kaveri tells Badi Ma that she has kidnapped Amma ji and Sagar. Come to one of the old factories alone. Don’t inform police or anyone else. The call ends. Badi Ma announces that she will go alone. Ganga wants to accompany her but Badi Ma does not want to put her life in risk. She leaves on her own. Ganga starts following her as soon as she is outside the house.

The van stops at a secluded spot. Amma ji gets down from the van. She is shocked to see Shankar. You are still alive? He smirks saying he is. Now I will kill you and Vasundhara both. He tells his goons to take them both inside. She curses him that he will be punished soon. Pavitra once again asks Kaveri about Shankar. Kaveri only replies that he is an old enemy of Vasundhara.

Ansh and Bhoomi also reach the place while following the van. They begin to look for them when Shankar kidnaps Bhoomi too when Ansh is looking in the opposite direction. Ganga reaches there. They both introduce themselves to each other. She tells him that she came here looking for her Mai. She takes him with her to show him where she has gone.

Badi Ma reaches factory. Amma ji and Sagar are tied to a pillar. Badi Ma requests Kaveri to free them. Shankar brings Bhoomi but Kaveri signals her to keep her away for a while. She next tells Badi Ma about the same. Badi Ma gets worried for Bhoomi. Ansh comes there as well. Ansh beats the goons. He asks for Bhoomi. Shankar comes there along with Bhoomi. Shankar holds Bhoomi on gunpoint. Ansh and Vasundhara get worried for her. Vasundhara recalls how he had threatened her in the past. Ansh tries to walk forward but Shankar tells him to stop. I will kill Bhoomi. Kaveri too warns Vasundhara that if she does anything then she will see Bhoomi dead. Amma ji hugs Ganga and Sagar close. Shankar’s goons tie all of them. Ansh questions his Bua how can she so bad to his own family members. She advises him not to talk in between elders. You will have to bear the punishment if you have meddled in my affairs. She tells Shankar to kill everyone. Shankar thinks of killing Bhoomi first. A gunshot is heard. Vasundhara shouts Bhoomi. Shankar falls. Police comes there. Kaveri suggests Pavitra to flee from there. If we will be alive then we can try one more time.

Madhvi rushes to where Amma ji and both the kids are. Ansh, Bhoomi and Badi Ma share a hug. They turn to look at Kaveri and Pavitra but they are nowhere to be seen. Shankar is injured. Ansh looks everywhere but cannot find them. Amma ji is glad that they left. The real culprit (Shankar) is finally caught! Years ago, this man has misbehaved with your Badi Ma. Your Badi Ma too attacked him to save herself but unfortunately, he is still alive. I had gone to Raigarh in a wedding a lot many years ago. My son was quite small. We were coming to Dharamshala when I heard loud noises coming from a room. I went there. I saw Chandrakant trying to kill your Badi Ma.
I told her to run from there. She stood for a while but then left. This man was still alive. I ran for cover. I saw him now after so many years. I got scared. I couldn’t inform you as I dint know where you live. Police takes Shankar away. Ansh asks Badi Ma if she will come with them now. Your innocence has been proved. She nods. She also thanks Amma ji for her help. I wouldn’t have been alive that day if you weren’t there. Today is the same. Amma ji stops her from folding hands before her.

Ganga says I told you Mai that everything will be fine and we will win. Badi Ma nods. She is very intelligent. If I try to give her something then her self respect will not let her accept it. I would like to donate some money to her school instead. It should be rewarded for teaching kids like you. I will provide whatever monetary help is needed to your school for the competition. Ganga smiles broadly.

Amma ji tells Badi Ma to be careful as the ladies are still roaming freely. Ansh assures her that they will do their best to save Badi Ma. Both the families head separate ways.

Kaveri reminds Pavitra that she has 5 reasons of getting inside Prajapati mansion. I will tell you the most important mission today. I want you to finish the task which Shankar has left incomplete. You will kill your mother with your very hands. Pavitra looks shocked.

Ansh, Bhoomi and Badi Ma are heading towards the airport. There is no network in their phones. Ansh is very anxious to tell everyone that his BAdi Ma is innocent. You dint kill anyone. They did wrong to you. Badi Ma says they are not at fault. Pavitra and Kaveri had filled their ears. Plus I had no proof. I am glad that you both helped me. Nothing can go wrong till the time you both are together. The driver talks about a very old Devi Ma’s temple where all the wishes get fulfilled. Ansh does not want to miss the flight but Badi Ma wants to thank God. Bhoomi too seconds her. The driver shares that the idol is 200 years old but very beautiful. They reach the temple. Bhoomi and Badi Ma go inside to do darhsan while Ansh moves to another corner to talk to his father. Two men are already praying in the temple. Priest welcomes them. The taxi driver excuses himself for a second.

Ansh is talking to his father. We had come to Banaras to help Badi Ma. His father is angry. Bhabhi Ma had herself accepted her crime. Why help her then? Ansh denies. What we know is half of the truth. I will tell you everything when I return home. The signal drops. The call disconnects. Ansh decides to tell the rest of the story when he is home. Ansh turns. Someone hits him on the head. Goons (the priest, the people already praying in the temple) kidnap Badi Ma and Bhoomi. Ansh faints as he tries to go after them as someone hits him on the head one more time.

Precap: Ganga tells the girls that there is no point in getting worried. No one should think that we poor girls have tried so hard so they we should be declared the winner. We will have to do hard work in order to win. Raghubir is with Chandan and Bulbul. I accept that I stole the song. I thought that now the girls will have no option but to give up on the thought of competition but they are too stubborn. They got another song also and are ready to participate?! Sagar overhears their convo. It means Ganga was right. Sir did steal her song!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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