Gangaa 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Sagar continues to holler that their love cant end, while ganga doesnt listen to anything. he leaves frustratedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
While madhavi and ammaji are preparing a list of what things they can get for krishna, niru comes and says that this isnt right. they have a huge verbal discussion, while niru accuses them of separating a mother from her child. ammaji says that after what she did, ganga rightfully deserved it, and how she doesnt have any regrets, and that krishna shall stay here only now, and not go anywhere, and not to ganga at all. he says that he shall take krishna to ganga. he storms out, while they are shocked.

As sagar comes back, and krishna wakes up, she asks if ganga came.

he refuses but says that she shall come soon. she continues to adamantly ask where is ganga and that she shall eat only when ganga comes back, while he continuously tries to feed her. niru asks krishna if she wishes to go to her mother, and when she complies, he takes her hand and begins to walk out. madhavi and sagar try and calm him down. he shuts them all up, saying that if she wishes to go with ganga, then she should be given that right, and not be lied to, as he wont stand that. krishna asks who is lying to her and why. she is distractedas sagar asks madhavi to stay with krishna, while he wishes to talk to him in private. he begs for a chance, and after much reluctance, niru complies. madhavi takes krishna aside, while sagar gets the chance to talk to him. he tells krishna that he shall tell her everything, after talking to niru. she asks if she wont lie. he complies.

Later, sagar says to niru that he knew he has lied, but had to do it, or else krishna would never have agreed to coming with him. he is oblivious that krishna is right behind listening to him. KRishna asks if he really lied to her. sagar confronts her and is stunned and speechless. he tries to calm her down, while she gets berserk and distraught, and starts fighting with him. madhavi and ammaji come, and happily talk to her. she says that she wishes to go to ganga, and not stay here. ammaji tries to distract her, but madhavi asks her to have food first. krishna is least fazed by all this. they try to take her away but she continues to run around saying that she doesnt wish to stay here. he asks if she wishes to go to ganga, and she asks whether he shall take her rightaway. he complies, but asks her to hear something first and then decide for herself. but she is adamant on going and refuses to sit. he sits and says that he didnt lie, and that he promised. he then asks if he told her that he shall get her mother today, and that they shall all live together, and they are so angry at each other, it will take sometime to calm things down, and begs for some time. he tries to point out how much pain and insistence it takes to get someone to accept their apology. he says that her mother shall forgive him too, and despite saying sorry so many times, she is angry but he knows she would listen ultimately. she is still adamant. they all get tensed. he gets tensed and reprimands her for not listening. the ladies get tensed. they rush to sagar, while krishna makes a face and sits away. madhavi asks sagar to talk to her lovingly, as they dont listen when they are scolded. he takes the plate of food, and then comes to her lovingly. then madhavi takes ammaji away, so that they can talk in private. krishna refuses to eat when he asks her to. she throws tantrums, while he holds his ears and apologises, and says that he should have told everything, but didnt. he starts doing sit-ups, and tries to cheer her up. she finally relents and gives in. she comes and sits by sagar, and asks him to do the same in front of ganga. he wonders if it was that simple. they decide to get her back.

The next morning, zoya is outside sagar’s room, when she overhears krishna talking to sagar about some idea. ganga wakes up from sleep, and rushedly picks up, when krishna calls up. she pretends to be very ill, and starts coughing incoherently, when ganga asks her how is she. krishna continues coughing incessantly, to create the effect. ganga presumes that she must have been sick. She cries and says that she is okay, and then cancels. ganga is all the more disturbed. krishna tells sagar not to pick up the phone. he complies, when ganga calls back. she then tells sagar that now they shall get ganga back, as she never deserts her in fever. zoya fumes and thinks that she wont let it happen. the screen freezes on zoya’s, ganga’s and sagar and krishna’s faces.

Precap: zoya poisons the plant kept in the grounds, for krishna’s name, while thinking that even krishna shall die. Meanwhile, Sagar is made to be sure by krishna that ganga shall definitely get inside too, with her plan. they get to praying together. ganga arrives outside and hollers for her. when ganga finally comes in and comes in the room with sagar, they dont find krishna there. she asks where is she, and he is at a loss of an answer. Meanwhile zoya and sonu gag krishna, and try and take her away, while she struggles.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow, super super ace update! Cheers Rimjhim.

    Reading the precap, I found disturbing. Hope Sagar and Gangaa finds Krishna in time.
    How desperate and evil is Zoya! Roll on end of Zoya and Sonu track. Please show us some happy and harmonious episodes. Sagar, Gangaa and Krishna having fun, enjoying each other company as a family.

  2. In chatur sadan family members r not aware of what is going on in the next room… This was reflected in many scenes… And this attitude makes easy to zoya to try her best to kill Krishna in the same house where everyone is busy with their own way… Tomorrow is a maha episode… 9pm… Nothing is going to happen…. Suspense till monday…. However Ganga came flowing to chatur sadan for Krishna… Let she see herself the real face of her sweet didi zoya…. And wash out all the crimes of zoya with a big wave…. One more message is the chaturvedi family let omkar leave the house without being arrested… The same way they let Prabha also leave.. Now no wonder if zoya also leave from there without getting arrested… Then y sagar and rudra rotted in jail… Rudra released from jail r not… What r his steps to zoya….

  3. Absolutely love Zoya and her evil smirks. Zoya with her evil schemes gives us goosebump-rising adrenaline rush. Bring on Prabha as well. I cant wait for Juhi to turn into a cute little baby villainess and partner Zoya to learn a few evil tricks as an apprentice to keep the couldron burning in Chaturvedi Sadan. Chaturvedi Khandaan is doomed in the present birth as they did a lot of Paap in their previous birth. Peace for them is a mirage. Ammaji took care of ganga when she was orphaned. Now she wants krishna as a payback. Ganga struggled for 7 yrs as a single mom. Now its sagar’s turn to be a single dad. Ganga seems to be slowly losing her mind. I wouldnt be surprised if she is shown in a mental asylum in the coming episodes. Juhi, Supriya, Pulkit, Kashish have the potential to turn sinister any momemt. Excited to see which one of them is the first to become a Lucifer. Sagar & Ganga are destined to be in eternal pain and i love it. I am a Zoya fan. Zoya is so far the best evil character in this serial.

  4. Lssahata

    I dont understand what really zoya want.
    She want niru ? Family ? Or ?
    Why she makes some problem to every1 ?

    1. Krishnaa

      zoya wants to be the sole heir of the chathur family. she just wants money and property.

  5. Krishnaa

    ammaji is so selfish.
    the way she pulled krishna and the way she said she doesnt want to bring any of krishna’s things that concern her past! good niru’s response to her.
    i felt very bad for ganga, though i was against her behavior, the way she cried when her child was snatched away from her was unbearable. but as sagar said, this is the only way he can get ganga back in his life. they still love each other but blinded by ego, anger and insecurity.
    i loved krishna’s role a lot today.
    i heard zoya will take a month’s break and that her exit will be left open. i hope they dont bring her back to the serial as her role dominates the scene rather than the main leads. this will be better off as a family serial. it will be better if they start showing love blossoming between ganga and sagar as well as trust.
    im waiting for the mahaepisode 🙂

  6. Love krishna’s bond with her father and the sweet moments they share. Finally the confused storyline is being sorted though a little slowly yet in an interesting way. Love all the characters of gangaa. They all act very well and do justice to their roles. One recent change that i loved in the serial was Vishal’s new look. He is looking very good in his new cut. Finally he chopped his long locks and is looking very nice in his portrayal of a handsome father. Thumbs up for vishal’s acting and his charming looks. (P.S Vishal you look better in short hair as compared to long ones ;-))

  7. Oh NO!!! Zoya leaving the serial??? Agree with Mumtaz. If at all Zoya leaves, then she should groom Juhi before she leaves. Then, for the next month or two, the battle is going to be Krishna vs Juhi. Looking forward to it. Great script. Even greater direction.

  8. In between… Sagar and Ganga have competition to prove as good mother and father with niranjan as judge… They will have competition like kite flying.. Cricket… Gili danda…prepare food for Krishna… Etc….hope v enjoy the show after long time.. Break to cries until Zoya r another antagonist returns to the show…

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