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Sagar rushes to his Fufa ji. They decide to go out to invite people for the wedding. Omkar is interested as Mr. Verma is with Niranjan.

Niranjan wants to confirm it first that the client is innocent. I don’t take any case otherwise. Omkar takes the guest list from him. Mr. Verma signals him to help him. Omkar nods. Niranjan asks for some time. Mr. Verma nods reluctantly. Niranjan calls Raghav ji. Arrange for a FIR for me. I have also fileld Pulkit’s admission form. Please come a little early in the morning. Omkar takes the form from him. I will get it done as I am going to that side only. Niranjan prays that Pulkit gets admitted in the school. He has got such good marks.

Ganga is saying the tables out loud. Pulkit comes to look for his mark sheet again. Maid comes to clean the room.

It is in complete mess. She removes the cricket kit and finds that mark sheet. Ganga thinks that maybe this is what Pulkit bhaiya is looking for. Ganga comes downstairs to return Pulkit his paper. Pulkit tries to take it but Niranjan gets it first. He looks at the real mark sheet and slaps Pulkit. Everyone is taken aback. Madhvi and Amma ji stop him. he tells them to ask Pulkit only what he has done. This is his original mark sheet! 40% marks! You gave me a fake mark sheet. Why did you do it? Why did you lie to me? how dare you even think about it! do you realise it is a crime? There is no difference between you and the other criminals. He throws it angrily. Amma ji and Madhvi hold him. Niranjan wants to take him to police station but Madhvi and Amma ji stop him. he is ashamed by what his son has done. I cannot look at anyone now. I gave such a big party. What will I tell them now? I couldn’t understand the truth even though I am a lawyer. Pulkit wipes his tears. Madhvi questions him why he did so. He apologizes to her. Niranjan asks him angrily. Pulkit says there is no point telling you anything. Have you ever asked me what I want? I made a fake mark sheet but only because of you. Niranjan slaps him again. He pushes Pulkit towards the door. I don’t care where he goes and what he will do. He has committed a crime. I don’t even want to see his face as he is a criminal. Tell him to leave or I don’t know what I will do to him! He leaves for his room. Madhvi looks helplessly at Pulkit. Pulkit replies that he had no other option. Would he be happy with this much marks? He was after my life that it wont be good if I don’t get good marks. I did it all for him. Madhvi reasons that this is a wrong way to make Niranjan happy. Amma ji agrees with her. Dint you realise that the truth will come out one day? What will you do now?

Pulkit blames Ganga. I helped you so much and this is how you pay me back? Very good Ganga! Papa doesn’t want to see my face. I will leave the house now. Pulkit leaves the house. Madhvi tries to stop him but in vain. Amma ji turns towards Ganga. Are you happy now? Pulkit loves you, helps you so much yet you did this to him? What do you want? DO you want to destroy this house? Ganga feels sad.

Niranjan paces angrily in his study room. How dare my own do something like that? He recalls how happy he was when he saw the other mark sheet; the party at home; Pulkit’s reaction a while ago. He realises that the admission form is with Omkar. He calls Omkar. He tells NIranjan not to submit the form and mark sheet yet. That mark sheet is fake. He tells everything to Omkar in mute. Omkar gets happy. He checks the mark sheet again. Omkar lies that he has already submitted the form in the school. Niranjan gets tensed. Omkar agrees to get it back tomorrow morning. NIranjan vouches to do it. He ends the call. Omkar calls Verma next. He shares that he has found a loophole because of which NIranjan will agree to do anything that you will want him to. You will first insult him and then make it up as well. Niranjan will then agree to fight the case for you. He will do anything to save his image, and also his family’s respect. Verma feels relieved.

Amma ji tries to make sense to Pulkit that his father told him to leave the house just because he was wrong. Madhvi too understands Niranjan’s point. He threatens to go out of the house but Amma ji suggests him to stay in her room for a few days. it will be good if you stay away from his eyes for a few days. Madhvi goes to bring food for him. Ganga has been peeking from outside. Omkar shoos her away. He pretends to be sympathetic about what happened at home. Amma ji, OMkar and Pulkit eye Ganga angrily thinking if only she would have kept her mouth closed. Ganga gets sad.

Maharaj ji gives milk to Sagar. Babli asks him about the fake mark sheet. Maharaj ji shares that Ganga found that mark sheet somehow. Ganga was about to give it to Pulkit but Niranjan came in between. Babli doesn’t feel that Ganga was to be blamed in this. Maharaj ji hopes that the situation calms down. Sagar is irked that Ganga keeps on creating problems for everyone. Sagar scolds Ganga for coming in his room. Why did you find Pulkit Bhaiya’s mark sheet? He was beaten and scolded because of you. He left the house. Dadi is right. You are the reason behind all the problems. You always make a mess of things!

Precap: Amma ji advises Pulkit to apologize to Niranjan. Pulkit fumbles while apologizing to his father. They hear some commotion outside before Pulkit can say anything.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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