Gangaa 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sagar’s residence
All rush to ganga, as she collapses on the floor, while taking the pious circles around the fire. sagar is incredibly tensed for her. prabha smirks evilly, but then she is forced to think as to why is it only affecting ganga and not him. they rush ganga to the room, and call for the doctor. The doctor comes and then goes into check up on ganga, while all wait outside in anticipation, particularly sagar who paces arpund nervously. Meanwhile, maharaj remembers about his goofup, with the paan, when he had accidentally spilled water on the paans that were laced with poison by prabha earlier. to avoid being scolded for his mistake, he had replaced the paans, with noraml ones, obliviously averting the danger that prabha had put ganga and sagar in. Later, Prabha

comes to the kitchen, while the Maharaj is busy pretending to be working in the kitchen. she asks him about the paan. he finally blurts out, what has happened. prabha is disappointed.

Meanwhile, all wait for the doctor to come out. when he does, sagar and his family anxiously ask if everything is okay. The doctor informs them that ganga is fine, and so is the child. they are boggled as the doctor proclaims that ganga is pregnant. they are all shocked, including sagar who is unable to understand whats going on. they are all baffled. after the doctor leaves, sagar goes in, while the widow leaves, as ganga sits on the bed, in anticipation and nervousness, shy as a bride and would be mother, oblivious of sagar’s dilemma. she comes and hugs him, while he is too disgusted and frustrated, as she goes on a rant as to how happy she is, to start this new phase in their lives, with their own child. he asks her to please say that it isnt true. she is taken aback, and says that this must be, as the doctor himself said so. he is boggled and baffled. she asks whats the matter. he says that when nothing happened between them then how did this happen. she is boggled, and tries and reminds him tha night that they consummated their love. but he has no recollection of that memory whatsoever. she is apalled, and then tries to find out ways to make him remember, but he has no memory, as the last thing he remembers is dozing off in unconscious state. she asks how can he even forget those beautiful moments they have of the other night. he too says that if it had happened, then its impossible for him to forget any such memories, but the truth is there arent any memories like that. she reminds of the party, but he doesnt remember what happened after that. he continues to present his dilemma to her, while she doesnt know how to react. as he continues to second guess, unable to believe her, she asks what is he trying to say, that she is pregnant, and if he didnt come to her, then is she with anyone else. he says that he isnt suggesting it, and says that if anything happened, why doesnt he remember, and if anything didnt, then how is this happening. he is furious and asks how is this possible, as they were getting married, and everything was perfect, and now this problem arose. she asks if he feels this is all a problem. she asks him if he is doubting that this isnt his child. he asks her to stop asking questions. she continues to badger him, if he has doubts about her and the child, and frustratedly, finally he blurts out saying that he does have doubt. she is shocked and aghast. she says that she liked it. he asks her to try and understand as he doesnt remember anything, and begs her to try and make him remember and understand everything. she walks out, in a huff, while he screams at her to listen to him, but in vain.

Outside, ammaji is ashamed of their behaviour, lamenting as to how they couldnt have waited till after marriage, as pre-marital consummation isnt allowed in their culture. madhvi is tensed and shocked. ammaji asks them to hurry up with the rituals, as the guests are waiting outside, and they need to hush up this matter now. Meanwhile, Ganga steps outside, while all eye her tensedly. she tells sagar’s father that this marriage cant happen, and asks ammaji to cancel this marriage rightaway. all are shell shocked, including Sagar. as she walks out, he is tensed. ammaji asks whats this madness, and asks them to stop this girl. madhvi rushes after her. sagar’s father asks him whats the matter, and he says that he doesnt know and is equally boggled, as to how ganga got pregnant. they are stunned into silence to hear this coming from sagar. he explains whats ganga’s stance, but how none of this has happened, and he doesnt remember anything. his father asks if he even understands whats he suggesting. ammaji asks whats this nonsense, as people are waiting down, and they are mocking the institution of marriage, where noone has a clue of whats going on. sagar is frustrated and doesnt realise what to do. his father stoically turns around and views the guests from the balcony, waiting for answers. he descends down the stairs. Sagar’s father comes amidst the guests, and with folded hands, apologises that their time has been wasted, but cites that due to personal reasons, this marriage cant happen today, and apologises for the inconvenience caused. guests start hushedly talking amongst themselves, as they disperse out, while he stands embarassed and mortified, with his head hung low. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: In front of the entire family, pulkit suggests that if there is so much doubt, then they can easily go for a paternity test to verify the same. A vehement Ganga denies and says that she shall not give agnipariksha for her genuinety, and when there isnt any trust and belief, then whats the point of a relationship. sagar is distraught and shocked, while all others stand tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Oh my god again ganga and sagar seperated

  2. I think this time revamp may come.If it is true that sagar forgot all things what about the wound.anyway in serials no matter about logic even I love to watch forward bcoz my strong ganga will be back.

  3. Thanks Rimjhim for speedy update.
    So typical of the storyline and yes, very predictable behaviour from Sagar. Ganga always tells the truth and Ganga does not lie. This development of the storyline has undermined everything they first portrayed Ganga’s character: true and pure. So, Sagar does not remember having spent an intimate night with Ganga? Surely if you were half out of it, if not total, it would be difficult to even complete the act of coitus let alone impregnate a woman. This storyline is absurd and not believable at all. The fact Sagar questions Ganga’s pregnancy is hurtful and lack of trusts speaks volume.
    Again, the writers claim to portray that Ganga and Sagar know each other well and can read each other feelings, so why not Sagar understand Ganga’s hurt? Contradiction here. I can see the writers are trying to introduce twists and tension, but the story has to be realistic and believable. This is not!

    So, will Ganga now be a single mother? Her name and reputation will now be ruined. Even though, if they decide to do a paternity test, the damage is done. There was never trust and Sagar has proven to act on impulse and never considers anyone feelings other than his own.

    Palash would have cherised Ganga, the writers should have developed the romance between Ganga and Palash. The story would have been more beautiful. Its a shame they writers took this route. Everything Ganga stood for has been undermined by this storyline, her self respect, her dignity and pure.


      Fully agree witb you summer….
      They always wanted to show sagar and ganga pair that why they made palash negative but palash was mature unlike sagar, he is not even showing maturity now.. i hope ganga leaves and live happy life in other place

      1. Hi Shraddha,
        We’re on the same page…Sagar is very immature unlike Palash. How many times does he have to toy with her emotions to let her down? Surely, once bitten twice shy? But then, they say ‘love is blind’. I have not yet watched the episode only read updates as I have yet to make time, but reading this update is just so disappointing of what’s in store.
        So, what is going to happen? Is Ganga going to be a single mum? If so, does that go against her beliefs, morals, integrity and pricinples, of all which the author projects, that Ganga values her self respect. If Ganga is as strong as she has been portrayed, the character in previous episodes, then surely Ganga will be strong enough to say ‘no’ and wait till they’re married, for her self respect at least? Too many contradictions from the writer. They try to add suspense and twist to entertain viewers, but somehow has comprised the principal of the character Gangaa.

  4. I was knowing this will happen. Now our strong ganga and poor sagar. Ganga will never forgive sagar. As she said if there is no faith there is no point of having a relationship.

  5. Give a leap nd re unite them vth the child we want nly ganga and sagar
    Gaanga shld nt be married nd sagar also plzz

  6. I guess ganga has taken a good decision ..preffered being a single mother than being disrespected.I am rather enjoying this storyline.

  7. Gangaa took the right decision.
    Sagar does not trusts her at all whereas gangaa even on seeing sagar and ragini trusted him. When no one was ready to believe him , she believed him and said that she will always believe sagar even though god says against him. This is trust.
    And sagar does not believes her . She stood by him always.
    This is the time to teach sagar a lesson.
    Good step by gangaa.
    Moreover we should not worry as in the end gangaa sagar mein hi jakar milti hain , so they will definetly unite today or tomorrow.

  8. thank u for update rimjhim. ?
    They cancel the marriege.
    So gangaa will be single mother ?
    Poor sagar !!!
    I hope gangga remind sagar he made verilon with his blood and sagar thumb is hurt bcs that. ?

    1. Hi Lisa, Sagar has applied vermilion on Ganga’s head a number of times but since when did he honour this promise? When he applied vermilion in defiance against his family when they objected to the reunion, he went back on his vow and married Jhanvi in spite to hurt Ganga in return. So, I hardly think Sagar will honour the fact his sliced his thumb to use blood as vermilion. However, you are right, he woke up with his thumb hurting but not understanding why? Maybe this can trigger and jog his memory? Also, when he walked past Ganga on the balcony, she looked happy remincising their intimate night of passion. He could not understand what Ganga was smiling at whilst hanging her laundry, the exact sari she wore on the night. I do hope the writers will resolve this misunderstanding and expose nasty Prahba to be behind it all. Again Sagar will run back to Ganga and beg for forgiveness, but question lies, will Ganga be willing to easily forgive considering numerous times he let her down? What do you think?

  9. Sagar and gangaa separation soo sad to seee

  10. uff again won vamp prabha ,sagar such a innocnt boy wtevr did react front of ganga yesterday so wats d fault of sagar he really dont knw wt happnd wid him one month ago coz of prabha mami ‘dose, ganga too much earlier to take any decision if sagar was sayng he ddnt remember so she should tke tym n make him to undrstnd bt no ganga took dicision to saprte alive…………. in ths serial ganga ‘s rolll a shrp mind gilr bt i dnt thnk so she also didnt remmber evrythng

  11. Now 20 years later story will be telecasted when gangaa and his son will take revenge with sagar…

  12. Maybe Rudra will see gangas plight and offer to marry her!!
    Maybe thats why he was introduced!! His character is shown to b a good one!!

  13. maneeshkumartewari

    they have to make more episodes cuz marriage is final goal which means end of serial…which i dont really want cuz the chemistry,romance….. b/t Sagar & Ganga is superb…. n love watchin this serial….. n also Aditi Sharma is too beautiful nd also like the way she talks (dialogues)….. oll da best to “GANGA & Staff”

  14. Prabha’s husband never really revealed his death. It was the corpse who wore the same clothing that was exchanged with another person whilst he was leaving his family behind. I wonder if Prahba’s husband will make a suprise return and add more twist to the tale? Will Prahba feel quilty and have a change of heart and try to reunite Sagar with Ganga? Will she try and put right what she did wrong after realising the truth why her husband left? Hmm, I wonder what is going to happen now. So disappointing that Sagar and Ganga are being seperated again. Its the typical ‘will they, won’t they ‘ cycle.

  15. Why sagar every time not trust ganga, if there is so deep bonding between them why he cant see the truth, kyu aisa kyu krte hai ladke.

    1. Exactly, writers constantly contradict themselves.

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