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Gangaa 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga is wrapping something when her finger cuts. Madhvi gets concenred. Ganga says you love me so much. Madhvi replies that I do love you. you have been living with us since so many years. Ganga remembers all the past times when Madhvi had taken care of her / loved her. Sagar comes to ask his mother for car keys. He immediately gets concerned for Ganga and tends to her wound himself. How can you be so careless! Madhvi looks on. She gives him the list and car keys.

Ganga notices a pair of bangles kept on the table. They are so beautiful. Who are they for? Supriya? Madhvi says they are for Sagar’s wife. Ganga thinks they are mine in that case. Sagar looks at them. They are beautiful. You selected the bangles but the girl will be of my choice. Madhvi denies. You went to study abroad as per your

wish. The girl will be of my choice. He asks Ganga to try them once. I will see how you look with them. Ganga smiles shyly. Madhvi reminds him how Ganga cannot wear bangles or any other ornament. Ganga smiles happily as he cutely fights with his mother for the bangles. Madhvi sends her to check if Maharaj ji has made all the food.

Sagar returns the bangles to his mother. She insists that she only will find a girl for him. He challenges her in a fun manner. You will like the girl I will select.

Ganga is on her way towards the kitchen when Sagar pulls her aside. He holds her in his arms. They share an eye lock. She tries to go but he pulls her to him again. Will you try to run from me? They chase each other playfully. Cute background music plays. He holds the end of her pallu. She takes a step back as he pulls the pallu. He wraps the saree around her. She looks at him lovingly as he holds her hand. He makes her wear the bangles. It turns out to be her dream. Sagar shakes her out of her thoughts. Dadi is calling for you. Come soon. She smiles shyly.

Madhvi asks Maharaj ji and Mehri to hurry up. Amma ji asks Mehri to bring oil for feet massage. Mehri mutters to herself. Ganga is also busy in making preps. She notices Sagar fixing a bulb. She teases him about it. Yu cannot fix a small bulb? He says it is easy to give instructions. Why don’t you do it if its that easy? She gets up the stool to fix it. Sagar says the same thing about her as she is taking too much time. Janvi comes there wearing a saree. Ganga looks at her jealously. Sagar compliments Janvi. Ganga takes a step back while trying to fix the bulb. Sagar catches her in his arms in the nick of time. They share an eye lock. Janvi looks at them unhappily. Sagar and Ganga part finally. He tries to lighten the atmosphere, so he compliments Janvi again. Ganga seconds him. Janvi says this means I look perfect for the roka function. Sagar says there is something missing. He asks Ganga but she retorts she has more work than getting ready!

Amma ji tells Ganga to make preps for the evening puja. She sits down muttering to herself about how sweet Sagar is with Janvi all the time. Amma ji asks her if she has gone mad. Grind the medicine well. She goes out. Ganga looks at herself in the mirror. How do I look Sagar? I look good, right? Why did you tell that Janvi she looked beautiful? I dint like it at all. You dint say that to me ever. Don’t I look good? What is it that I lack?

Madhvi helps Niru get ready. They cutely flirt with each other. Janvi coughs as she notices them thus. Niru goes outside. Madhvi compliments Janvi. You look really beautiful. Janvi replies that she told her Amma ji likes traditional girls. Sagar said something is missing. Madhvi calls him mad. Don’t go by what he say. Janvi notices the same bangles. Madhvi gives it to her. This is what Sagar meant. Bare hands don’t look good. She makes Janvi wear them. Janvi thanks her happily. Madhvi smiles.

Mehri tells Amma ji about the neg that was given to a family living in the neighbourhood. Amma ji reminds Ganga they are widows. Don’t touch anything that comes in as shagun. Mehri tells Amma ji that Supriya’s alliance was previously also fixed with someone. Amma ji is taken aback. Mehri knows no more about it. Maybe Bahu ji knows. She excuses herself. AMma ji thinks that family is anyways lower in status. Now this new story! Bahu does not know about it or is she in a hurry to be a DIL?

Janvi comes there. Aunty ji has asked you to check the shagun to be given to the bride. Amma ji admires her dress up mentally. She asks Janvi if there is something of gold in the shagun. Janvi shows her a necklace set for Supriya. Ganga notices the bangles in Janvi’s hands.

Precap: Janvi refuses to return the bangles to Sagar. They cutely fight over it. They fall on bed. Ganga notices them thus. They too notice her just then.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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