Gangaa 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar and Sareeta asks Shiv to get their marriage registered and send them to Mumbai. Shiv asks if they didn’t say they are married already. Sagar says it took place in the temple, they need a certificate of marriage. Shiv goes to call Munshi and informs him to let a couple stay in Math tonight, they will decide tomorrow what they must do to them. Sareeta requests Ganga for her help. Ganga assures she would. She comes to Shiv and says she is aware what it means to live without one’s love. Shiv says it’s a huge matter. Ganga wasn’t ready to listen. Shiv thinks he must handle this situation carefully. Ganga decides not to let Sagar and Sareeta part.

Jhumki brings milk for Savitri and says Pratab is sleeping. They watch Ganga go upstairs. Savitri whispers an idea in her ear and sends her for

work. Jhumki comes to tell Ganga she must stay in Parvati’s room. Savitri comes to scold Ganga that she had left the house at mid night, she must have left the village. Jhumki fills Ganga’s ears to disgrace Shiv in front of the whole village, doing it within the house would be of no use. She says Shiv made her teach the children, he won’t let her leave. Ganga tells Jhumki to leave now. Ganga thinks about speaking to Shiv and comes towards his room. She hears Shiv speaking on phone, he was indecisive about what to do with the couple. He wanted a report about them, if he discovers they were lying he would take them to their family by himself. Ganga leaves the room worried and thinks Shiv doesn’t believe Sagar and Sareeta, what if they reach their families who want to kill them. She decides to make them hide into store room and leave them at the bus station for Mumbai tomorrow. She comes to take them.

An old man along with his goons had arrived to the village and announces anyone who tries to help Sagar and Sareeta will not be left alive. They instructs their goons to find who the MathaDesh of this village is.
The next morning, Pratab wakes up happy to be home. Jhumki brings tea for him and tells him to set to work. Pratab tells her not to take tension in such a state. Jhumki shares with Pratab she isn’t expecting. Pratab was furious that this lie would bring them to more trouble. Jhumki says it’s because of her efforts that Pratab is in this house. She gets to his feet and was ready to share the truth with everyone. Pratab makes her sit on the bed and makes her up.

Dai Maa hears some noise from the store room but overs looks it. Ganga brings Sagar and Sareeta out of the store room. The jeep of Sareeta’s parents had reached there. A servant comes to tell Shiv about Sarga’s family.
Outside, Ganga asks Sagar if he can drive jeep.

A villager watches Ganga leave with Sagar and Sarga. The servant gets a call from him and informs Shiv that Ganga has left with Sagar and Sarga. He further tells Shiv that the girl belongs to Shamsher’s village, he has come finding them here. Shiv explains to his family about Ganga helping the couple, he defends Ganga saying she must not know they are immature. He goes on bike to look for Ganga. Savitri points at Pratab to take an action. Pratab calls his men to ask about Sarga’s parents. He promises to tell him where he must bring them.

Shamsher asks the villager about the couple. The villager says they were just going with mathaDesh’s wife. At the bus stop, Ganga was worried that the bus has already left. She decides to take them to Highway, from there they might get a lift. Shiv had reached the bus station while Ganga had left with the couple.

PRECAP: The goons beat Shiv. At home, Shiv says its because of Ganga that so many people were at stake. Ganga says if she is such an idiot why he doesn’t let her go away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hi Sona,
    Thanks for updates.

    After reading the updates, I am hoping that Ganga’s character does not become too stubborn and blind sided by becoming obsessed being Sagar’s widow. I am hoping that she will give herself and Shiv a chance of their relationship and let the story develop. It was nice to see them working together as a team and supporting each other when she had lost her memory and believed that she was Shiv’s wife.

    1. If this story from the beginning about a -hild who face her society, which want to take away her right to live her life, when she was kid, she didn’t know the meaning of marriage, so treating her as a widow was child abuse, and she has th3 right to face them and their wrong believe, but now gangaa does have the right to be a widow, the best ending for this series was saga marriage and living happy life, but since it’s impossible now, so the better end is gangaa living as sagar’s widow not as obsession, but as a belief fromher that her true love was and will always be sagar.
      This time gangaa will be a widow, but no one is forcing her, now gangaa is the one who choosing to be a widow.
      It’s not wrong for a woman to want to only marry the guy who she loves, so if this guy die she only want to live on his memories.
      There are alot of women who are widows or divorced without any force from society.
      Gangaa could live as rahat , she doesn’t need shiv because her only and true is sagar.
      Gangaa this time will be a widow but by her will, without any force from anyone, but because she doesn’t need shiv or any other man except sagar.

      1. Hi Navya,
        I understand what you are saying. The storyline should have concluded when Sagar and Ganga finally married after much difficulties, even before Ganga discovered she was with child. It should have been a happy reunion but unfortunately the writers have twisted the story that it is not. You are right, this time Ganga is choosing to be a widow and no one is forcing her- but… she has placed her focus on that only.
        From a different perspective, i am thinking, that i hope the writers don’t focus on that too much only and ruin another chance of a romance story that could develop. Of course there are many independent women who are single, widow and even divorced who choose to remain alone. I understand that. Yes, Ganga is very capable, of course she doesn’t need Shiv. She is a qualified and was a practising lawyer until tragic occurred. But as a viewer, it would be nice for the story ‘not’ to be going down another negative route and have the same ‘will they won’t they’ scenario repeat itself, which is what ruined it in the first place. The writers went round in circles that any suspension created became frustration to the point that they introduce story leap followed by revamp. I know most viewers are in favour of Sagar/Ganga pair. I quite like the Shiv/Gangaa pair and would like to see the romance story develop. Ganga can still be an independent woman.
        Being in a relationship does not mean you lose your right or independence, or evening having to rely on a man. The story can show how a strong united couple can work together, be there for each other and shower love on children and be their support,emotionally and mentally. When one is feeling weak, the other can provide strength and vice-versa; face life challenges together and of course to offer companionship to one another. 🙂

  2. Yes summer ur right i agree with u but how stupidly the writers that they they forget about krishna and ganga she forget she is a lawyyer and stupudly fighting with shiv and i did t like that ganga loss her identity as lawyer

    1. Hi Bhuvana,
      Hope you are well 🙂 Yes, i was thinking along the same lines too. Why does she have to sell sari and unwanted items ? Listening to Jhumki is bad enough, she is slowly being manipulated by Jhumki and she is not even aware of it.

  3. Hi Summer! I beg to differ from your opinion on gangaa-Shiv union. Love and romance between them cannot happen. A woman can never live but merely exists in such relationships. I have seen such compromising relationships in real life. A couple known to me were involved in such a marriage. They never had any physical relationship but lived for ten years with understanding. When the lady died , all her husband said was “she is relieved of pain . This is the best thing that can happen to her. She is lucky” She always smiled but it never reached her eyes. Whenever people questioned her “Are you happy?” She used to reply” Can’t you see me existing?” Women are very clear about what they want in life. That’why some women choose to live alone. It makes no difference to them. I strongly feel Gangaa should be left alone with her profession. So that she can work for the upliftment of women.

    1. Hi Revathy,

      No worries. The couple know to you – Its a real shame and really sad too :-(.
      Are you back from holiday? Did you manage to get hold of the books i recommended? 🙂

  4. Hi Summer, The books will be delivered to me in a day. My vacation would begin from 1 st of May. Planned to spend a month in Ooty in order to escape the scorching heat of Chennai. Eating, reading, walking and cycling are on my cards.I need to report back to work on 29 th May. The routine begins……………

    1. Hi Revathy,

      Sounds bliss 🙂 So pleased to hear you have ordered the books 🙂 Do enjoy reading them and have a wonderful holiday. Keep safe and have a lovely holiday. 🙂

  5. Thank you Summer

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