Gangaa 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Central Jail
Rudra and yash enter into a brawk at the jail, wherein yash instigates him, at the mention of his handicapped sister, ragini, and he gets enraged. he continues to smirk about him, and how sagara nd his family must be treating him, now that he is in the jail. they enter into a scuffle, and in that, they start figthing, and while doing so, they jump over the fence and rush off, rudra after yash. other inmates inform this to the jailor, who immediately rushes after them in jeep. sagar and ragini, who have just come to take rudra, as its his release date today, are boggled as to how and why he must have run today of all days, when he was going to be released. they rush in their car too.

Scene 2:
Location: Durga Pandal
Kashish is tensed as to where

krishna went, and ganga points out how krishna is mingling with her friends, dressed in durga’s avatar. they are sure that she shall win the fancy dress competition today. ganga eyes her overwhelmed with emotions. while ganga talks to other kids, KRishna is dressed as goddess durga, when she asks the lord to help her find her father. she says that ganga got worried and angry as she went out alone to search for her father, and till the time ganga and lord krishna areent impressed with her yet again, she seeks her help to meet her father, and begs for a clue. ganga eyes her praying ardently. Meanwhile, yash enters into the same pandal, having run, and tries to find a place to hide where rudra doesnt see him. he finds a stranded shroud and drapes it over himself, and decides to hide beside the idol. rudra arrives there too, searching for yash. meanwhile ganga gets tensed as she finds niru coming in with his family. kashish sees this and gets tensed too. ganga offers to go, trying to stay away from them, and decides to get krishna. niru mingles with the society people. they talk about pulkit and supriya who are not to be seen. madhavi talks with them, while niru spots rudra and goes to him. both are shocked to see each other. niru eyes him in jail clothes, and asks why he looks tensed. rudra explains everything. while krishna is praying, ganga asks her to come along. krishna asks to stay back a little longer, as the puja isnt done yet. ganga says that she needs to rest. krishna again reminds the goddess as she needs to go rightaway. yash watches thm hiding behind the idol. krishna turns around and leaves, but forgetfully her necklace falls off, and she doesnt realise it. she walks off. meanwhile the police arrives looking for them. sagar and ragini arrive too, and rudra gets emotional seeing her. sagar hugs him too and asks whats the matter. before rudra can explain, the police comes and nabs him, for escaping, for which he shall be penalised again. he tells them that yash has escapes from the jail. sagar is shocked to know from the police, that yash escaped from the hospital and is here only, while he himself is in the same pandal as krishna, totally oblivious of it. rudra says that he came here, but might have taken advantage opf the crowd

Krishna realises her necklace is missing, and rushes back to the idol, while ganga and kashish wait outside, she bends down to pick it up, but while doing so, she spots yash in the shroud and wonders who is there. she goes upto him, and asks whats he doing here, behind the idol. he eyes her, and thinks that she seems exactly like ganga. he asks her to go, and leave him alone. but she insists and asks him urgently who is he. the police is surfing around and she watches them looking for someone. she says that now she knows he is a bad man, and the police is looking for him, and tells that he shall go to the police. Yash meanwhile, grabs her spear and then rushes away, while krishna screams out, as he comes out in disguise of athe beggar. all eye him but cant recognise, while she tries to catch on him. he takes off the shroud and then holds krishna captive, with her trishul. all are aghast as they rush to save the child. ganga and kashish arrive too, and are apalled. Yash asks them not to step ahead or he kills the girl. the crowd is shocked too. ganga begs yash to leave krishna, but he asks her not to come closer, or he kills krishna, ganga begs with folded hands. sagar retreats back obliviously. they all ask him to spare her, as he is making matters worse for himself. but yash is defiant. sagar comes behind him, stealthily. all are shocked to see him. yash senses sagar instinctively and thwarts him behind with a kick. sagar warns yash not to do anything to krishna. ganga asks him to refrain back, and begs yash not to kill her. yash says that only a mother can understand the pain not a father, referring to ganga and sagar. he taunts sagar that krishna would have been killed, had ganga not talked to him. sagar eyes him tensedly, and asks whats going on. yash talks about the drug that was for ganga, but he took it, and forgot everything about what happened. they are shocked as the truth is revealed. he talks about what a plan he and his mother had concocted to ruin them, but overnight everything changed, and they changed his life like that, but they mustnt ever have imagined that one day, he shall kill their daughter. they are distraught to hear this. the screen freezes on sagar’s tensed face.

Precap: Finally ganga overpowers yash, and takes her down, the same way, Durga took down on Mahishasur. she tells him that today not ganga, but krishna’s mother stands in front of him and now he shall know what a mother can do for the child. she says that he is a taint on the society and she shall finish this tarnish on the society today once and for all. all are tensed as they look at her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. OfficiallyMe

    Finally ?

  2. Thank god that Yash disclosed the truth finally. I missed the episode. Now we should see whether ganga Sagar or not. Wish to see both scenes

  3. Hurrayyyy

  4. Thank god! The truth is revealed!

  5. Excited for tomorrow’s episode! 😀

  6. Ramya.riya

    Finally truth is out…

  7. Ha… Dragging… Dragging…. Dragging….. Rubber band ko choda….. Taaappppp…..truth behind that night revealed…. No one frightened yash to tell the truth… He simply told them out…. Which he did to ganga in mms case also… Now Sagar and family run after Gangaa begging her to come back to chatur khandaan…. Ms. Aatmasammaanii…. Will not accept this easily… Even after knowing the truth…. Because she was a good lawyer…. Every time she believes that she was only right person…. What come her feelings after Zoya true colours revelation???

  8. Great
    Atlast reaveled
    Ganga and sagar pls come together

  9. Yeah…. The scene was missed in written update… Madhavi received a call from pandal saying that all the family members of ammaji r invited for Durga puja… Ragini comes there and madhavi was surprised to see her in completely changed person.. Sagar comes there and asks her how she was… Ragini thanks sagar for her medical treatment in the absence of Rudra and they both go to meet Rudra who was about to be released that day..

  10. Thank god that the truth is revealed finally. If ganga goes to sagars house now Zoya will do something to again separate both of them. I want Zoya to be exposed first and go to jail. Then only Sagar and ganga can stay together permanently.

  11. Hurray finally the the true of night was revealed&the coming episodes are to be intersting

  12. Finally truth is revealed . But Ganga still will not forgive Sagar because she is Ganga ,first ego stands before her. I’m irritated with her ego. Can any one agree with me …

  13. She denies to say it ego…. It’s her aatmasammaan, the great…. A narrow line between two…. And v r confused with understanding it…. Let’s see how far it takes her in life

  14. Yes i also think thatgangawillnot forgive sagar but i wllnot accept that ganga is a egoist

  15. Ab kuchh happy ho jaye.

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