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Gangaa 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Sagar telling Ganga he tried a lot. I wanted to be a good husband. I wanted to give her all the happiness. I spoke to her. She was also trying. I am not lying. Everything was going fine. She was fine in morning. I don’t know what happened in the evening. He questions Janvi. Ganga tells him to control himself. He hugs her again. Palash looks at the ring in his hand and then at Sagar and Ganga. He leaves from there sadly.

Yash gives gun to Prabha to hide somewhere. She says we always save you but you keep falling deep only. I agree you dint kill her intentionally but she died because of you. She slaps him. he holds her feet asking her to save him. I dint do anything. She agrees. Did anyone see you going there? He denies. She hugs him.

Ganga gives water to Sagar. Police enters

just then along with photographers and compounders. Inspector speaks to Niru. Inspector sends photographer to check every thing of the room carefully. You can find some clue there. The photographer heads upstairs. Inspector notices the rope in the house. He looks at everyone carefully.

Yash keeps requesting his mother to do something. My life will be ruined if I go to jail. Set it right somehow. She confirms from him if anyone saw him going there. There is no proof then. Did you leave behind anything in Janvi’s room? He denies. She thinks of it properly. He recalls the suicide note he took from Janvi. He gives it to her. She was trying to attempt suicide when I went to her room. I made her write it. Sagar is blamed in it. Plant it in Janvi’s room somehow. I will be saved then. She says it is a very difficult task but the only way to save you. I will have to leave before police reaches there. Stay at home only. Don’t open any door or window. I will ask your papa to meet me directly at Chaturvedi House. He nods all panicked. She hugs him and comforts him. I will handle everything. No one can even touch my kid. I won’t let any harm come to you. She leaves. He immediately closes the door from inside. He still looks shaken.

Inspector asks everyone to tell him everything in detail. Who saw her in this condition first of all? Niru tells him everything. We all were not at home. Sagar came home and saw Janvi hanging from the ceiling fan. Ratan comes there. Amma ji asks about Prabha. He says I am coming directly from office. She will reach any minute.

Prabha notices police in the house. How do I keep the letter now?

Inspector wants to send the body for post-mortem. Niru requests him to wait till Janvi’s parents come but Inspector denies. I have to follow rules. Ward boys take Janvi’s body away.

One photographer goes to get his hand gloves from the jeep.

Inspector tells Niru he will have to check that room. You know the procedure well. Niru agrees to offer them their full support.

The other photographer goes aside to attend a call. Prabha jumps in from the window.

Inspector tells Niru to make sure no family member enters in the room till they are investigating the room. Niru nods.

Prabha keeps the letter in Sagar’s room. She sees them coming up. Where should I hide? They will check the entire room. I will be trapped this way. Niru leaves police upstairs in Sagar’s room.

Prabha has escaped. She gets Yash’s call. The work is done. I kept the letter in Janvi’s room. No one can catch you now. don’t call me now as I am going inside. Take care of yourself.

Madhvi cries as they take away Janvi’s dead body. Janvi’s parents reach just then. They break down seeing their daughter dead. Sagar and Madhvi comfort them. Sagar says sorry to her father. I am sorry that I couldn’t save her. I don’t know why and how she thought of this. Prabha comes there. Don’t know what happened. Janvi was a mature girl. There must be something big. No one kills herself just like that. Everyone is in tears. Sagar comforts Janvi’s father while Madhvi holds Janvi’s mother. They all go inside.

Supriya feels dizzy. Ganga holds her. Niru tells her to rest. Stress is not good for you. She nods. Ganga takes her to her room. Prabha goes to bring water. Ratan finds something fishy so he follows her. What took you so long? She lies about not finding a rickshaw. He asks her if she spoke to Yash. She lies to him. He worries if Yash got involved in something wrong. She says our son isn’t that bad. Handle everyone. I will bring water. He nods and leaves.

Ganga is outside Sagar’s room. She notices Janvi’s saree hanging by the fan. She recalls the last time she saw Janvi all hysterical. The letter flies and falls near her feet. She is shocked to read it. Inspector notices Ganga outside the room. What are you doing here? Ganga immediately hides the letter behind her back. Don’t you know no one can come here till investigation is going on? She nods. I only came to drop Bhabhi to her room. She is unwell. He notices that she has kept her one hand behind her back. What’s in your hand?

Precap: Ganga tells Sagar about the suicide note. Sagar asks her about it. Show it to police. She denies. she has blamed you for her death. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Saga ‘s gonna happen again
    Palash was really disappointed ?
    Sagar dragged palash in all this n now I feel he’ll only kick? him away from ganga I feel even though janvi didn’t commit suicide n yash did it all but somewhere sagar alone is responsible for her death
    He didn’t care for her when she was alive and now showing husband luv??
    Ganga really doesn’t have any self respect and nor any stability
    She’s a lawyer and she’s hiding the suicide note?
    The same scenes r gonna happen again which happened during ganga -sagar -janvi love triangle
    The only difference might be in the characters and deeds of Palash and janvi?


    This is height of show….. now ganga will take blame on herself…. and show will go wrost now!!!
    I think show is getting bore slowly and slowly..

    1. Yes, you are right. There are many twists but not quite complete before the show moves onto a next one. It kinda leaves you feeling unsatisfactory with the outcome and now this. I can see this scenario being dragged out.

  3. Just on question from directors of the show. How Yash and Prabha reach Sagar’s room which is on first floor whenever they want without anyone noticing them

  4. now PALAH is disappointed . he keeps the ring in his pocket . that is already packed

    how did he get it now ….

    sagar asked palash to marry gangaa … he told every things about him including their love

    to palash again he hugged gangaa in front of all means ….. again he is going to spoil her life …….now niru…dadi… madavi all r simply sit and watching …. that ammaji pap … niru said widow madavi not accept gangaa now …..what is happening ? to all….. PRABA ….. HOW DID SHE GO UPSTAIRS …..


  5. Next episode will epic. I think Sagar will arrested then Gangaa and Palash will release him. I wonder if the judges is Mr. Chaturvedi it will be even interesting. Yuhuuuu

  6. How can i start a ff on ganga serial
    I mean is there any special procedure?
    Or can i simply write the episodes in the comments section?
    Please do answer anyone knowing about it.

  7. The look of dissappoint on Palash face was really heart felt. He looked so sad when he saw Gangaa hug sagar and then decided to put the ring away. I really hope that Ganga and Palash marry, he will treat her well and she will be very happy.

    Ganga needs a new partner and not Sagar, he is far too immature and quick to flip in anger and blame Gangaa. He will not bring her happiness. When i watched the scene of Sagar seeking comfort in Gangaa, i saw no chemistry or on screen romance. In fact, more of a brother /sister relationship. For me, since he chose to marry Jhanvi, the magic for Gangaa and Sagar died. How can you accept a person who chooses to hurt you by marrying someone else to seek revenge?!

    Palash mum is so sweet, really lovely. I love watching her, she comes across very sincere and geniune and good heart – off screen too.

    You can see that they are going to drag this out, especially if it is going to go down the route of Sagar being blamed. I predict that Palash and Ganga will team together to prove Sagar innocence and in the meantime, Palash will learn through his thorough investigation that Yash is responsible. He will locate the witness- the maid of was quick to dash and leave the house as Sagar was entering. And surely, the post-mortem will learn that Jhanvi body was intoxicated and needle marks. It would be silly if they charge Sagar guilty, as fingerprints of Yash and Prabha in the room. Besides, the trail on the laptop will also link to Yash being responsible. He forced Jhanvi to empty Sagar accounts and direct all funds into his. This will locate time of transaction and leading to her death.
    Let see how further episodes plays out.

  8. Please keep the written updates coming…thank you.

  9. Please update 11th may gangaa episode . And spoilers as well

  10. Please update 11th May episode fast
    Its two hours after the show ended and still updates ain’t available in any site
    If anyone has seen it plsss.. tell it
    At least in the comments section ???????

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