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Ganga stands there sadly. Niranjan tells her to go. She tells him that she genuinely wants to study this time. I wont trouble Master ji ever again I promise. I want to study. Madhvi keeps her hand on Niranjan’s shoulder. He asks Ganga how he should trust her this time. She agrees to abide by all fo Amma ji’s rules and also study. Madhvi too tells him to agree. You know Ganga lives by her word. He agrees. But she will have to give tests first. I will take her exam to see how serious she is about studies. I will think about her education once she passes in my exams. Ganga affirms. Niranjan gives her the task of learning table of 2, 3, 4 and 5 by evening. She says my Bappa used to say anyone can do anything if they put their heart in it. I will learn them. She runs out of the room.

Omkar brings invitation

cards home for Amma ji too choose. She finalises one design. The invitations will be ready by evening only. Amma ji tells Maharaj ji to make the laddoos faster. She also tells the maid not to think of going home early in these days. you will be needed at home more. She nods. Maharaj ji and Maid are making laddoos. Sagar wants to eat one but Maharaj ji tells him to go and play with Ganga. He tells them that he has many friends. He doesn’t need Ganga. Amma ji and Omkar look at Ganga (peeking from behind the pillar). Omkar supports Sagar. He has load many friends. He sends Sagar to get ready so he can accompany them to the shop (of invitation letters).

Maid taunts Ganga again. Ganga replies that she can hear it. she is not deaf. Maid suggests her to think who she is first. Ganga explains that now she will put her heart in studies. I will become like Babu. Maharaj ji smiles. He prays that all of Ganga’s dreams get fulfilled. There should be no inequality of rich and poor. Give her anything that she wants.

Ganga is learning the tables but is finding it a little tough. If someone writes it then it will get easier. But who will write it for me? She recalls that it will be there in Sagar’s old notebooks. She heads to his room and searches for the notebook. Sagar is still home. He is irked that she is touching his books. Don’t touch my things without my permission. He shakes her chair to pull her down. She falls in the process. All the books too fall down from the rack.

Pulkit thanks his friends for the mark sheet. My father too couldn’t find out that the mark sheet is fake. He has hidden his original mark sheet amongst Sagar’s books. They send him home to tear it right away. one should not keep such things like this.

Sagar warns Ganga not to touch any of his things ever again. He begins to pick all the strewn papers. I don’t need your help. Ganga quietly walks out of the room. Sagar keeps his things back in their place once again. Pulkit’s original mark sheet has fallen behind his cricket kit.

Ganga wonders what she should do now. Sagar is not helping me and not even giving me his books. It is already 4 pm. How will I learn all the tables! Babu will be home soon. I have to learn all the tables asap on my own! It is 4:30. She is trying to study table of 3.

Pulkit comes to his room. He looks for his mark sheet amongst Sagar’s books but cannot find it there. He checks every cupboard, under the bed. Did someone find it? He gets tensed. He decides to check outside.

Ganga is reading the tables out loud. She tells Maharaj ji that she doesn’t know it. Maharaj ji knows them. he offers to teach her. they both sit down together. he asks her to repeat after him. She does so happily.

Amma ji is making the guest list. Niranjan is busy in his case. She tells him to take care of everything. There should be no mistake. Omkar should not be doing all the work. He agrees to do everything once she makes the list. She wonders if he is still upset with her over what she did with Ganga? He instead thanks her for her indirect help. Ganga is studying / learning tables because I have asked her to do it. She will study now and this time no one will be able to stop her. Amma ji gets thinking.

Pulkit asks Maharaj ji if someone took some papers from his room. He denies. Pulkit thinks where his mark sheet could be. Maharaj ji and Ganga resume learning the tables. Pulkit happily looks at them while Amma ji gets irked. Amma ji gives Ganga the task of keeping exact 8 laddoos in each plate. Maharaj ji offers to do it so Ganga can study but Amma ji stays put. This girl doesn’t have to become any collector! I am watching you since past few days. you are a little extra concerned for her. Don’t be! Come, there is loads to do. He leaves reluctantly. Amma ji too heads towards her room. Pulkit asks Ganga what she will do now. She gets an idea and smiles. I will do both the work together. it can happen. She begins to keep the ladoos as per the tables that she has learnt. Amma ji comes back there. Ganga suggests covering the plate with plastic afterwards. It will look good. Amma ji walks away without saying a word.

Omkar and Sagar return home. Outside, Omkar notices Mr. Verma. He sends Sagar home.

Everyone checks out the invitation card. Ganga continues doing her work / study side by side. Amma ji comes back to check and it is all done. Madhvi compliments her as she has done it really nicely.

Mr. Verma wants Niranjan to take MLA’s BIL’s case. Omkar nods. It can happen if Niranjan’s heart melts down. Mr. Verma gives him the task of making sure that it happens. Omkar talks about getting something in return. They have been talking for getting some petrol pump sanctioned. Omkar is ready to do anything only if his work is done.

Precpa: Ganga comes to return Pulkit his paper. Pulkit tries to take it but Niranjan gets it first. He looks at the real mark sheet and slaps Pulkit.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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