Ganga- unconditional love (Prologue)


Summary: after finding janvi almost killing herself, sagar decides to accept gangas request, leading to gangas decision to marry palash. But things are not always what it seems and destiny will once again play a cruel trick on the once lovers.


Sagar had thought about this many times in his head. This is the right thing to do, ganga won’t have to suffer anymore. He watch as everyone turn their heads when ganga walks in to sit down. He stood up seeing ganga in such a beautiful sari. To him ganga will always be the one to make his heart beat. Just when she was about to pass him, they had an eye lock. Their was so much emotion their, but it was quickly gone when ganga focus on palash.

He quickly compose himself. Yes that’s right, I’m happy for her. If ganga is happy I am too. He sat down and jhanvi smiling whispers something to him. ” don’t they look so good together” she says, sagar simply smile and nod. His whole family came to the event, they were happy for her and hope for the best. It wasn’t long before they both said yes and they went around seven time. During the seventh round both ganga and sagar felt like their soul shattering, their once connection was gone.

Now as a new women and wife, ganga is no longer sagars, she is palash. Ganga as well felt it, the connection gone. A tear roll down her eyes while her new mother in law hug her. She looks at sagar to see his back turn and walking away. Her soul cried for him, to turn around and smile , but nothing. Jhanvi seeing this, follows her husband. She was happy now ganga will stay out of her way for good. She knew gangs won’t be so cheap as to have an affair. She smile before making some plans.

NIRA smile at gangs and told her he is very happy to see her happy. He told her, they had got on the wrong foot, but today he would like to apologize and say you have made me very proud. Ganga with tears smile. She thank him for everything and took his blessing. Madhvi was at the back talking to kanta dadi. They were both relieve to see that finally, gangs will stay away from sagar. Madhvi says now they won’t have to worry about anything, and that she’s happy that things will go right for both of them.

Kanta dadi was still worry.she doesn’t think so, she thinks gangs is unstoppable, she will come back to sagar. Madhvi ressures her that she won’t. She told dadi to come with her, but she refuse. Madhvi walk to where NIRA was and smile at ganga. She congrats her and told palash to watch over her. He agrees, he told madhvi ganga is a free spirit, he can try, but she will always do what she wants because he likes her that way.

Madhvi smiles, ganga just stare at her before finally decide to take her blessing. Everything went well, two souls broken, one tries to heal itself with another while the other shatters into nothing. Both were unaware of ganesha statue behind sagar, watching not only him, but ganga as well.

What does this mean to our two lovers, seems like a new beginning will start for them and maybe love?, who knows. Until next time, goodbye 🙂

Credit to: Kk

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  1. Heart touching…. Me myself am unable to bear this storyline….. Y such a pain one should have in life…. Be some kind….

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