Ganga- unconditional love EPs 9

Palash and ganga waited until no one was in the house before entering. They remembered what the officer told them when they tried to get a warrant. Ganga look at the time before opening yash room. They both quickly search for clues that can be used against him. They search his bed, his desk and even bathroom, but they got nothing. It wasn’t long before ganga found a camcorder on the wall ” look palash, what is a camera doing there” she says

Palash walk to wear she was and lift the small device ” what ever that’s in here could help us a lot, we just need to find his phone so we can transfer it to the detective.” It wasn’t long before ganga heard something, panicking she quickly grab palash and hide under the bed. It wasn’t pleasant that’s for sure. It was a small space , palash hands were around her waist holding her still while ganga held his shoulder.

She was looking at the door, hoping he doesn’t find them. Palash on the other hand, was staring at ganga lovingly, he didn’t hear yash opening the door, or taking his clothes off to take a shower. He threw his jacket on the bed, making his phone fall on the ground. Ganga seeing this hesitate. She prayed he doesn’t notice his phone fall. Once he enters the bathroom, she looks at palash to tell him this was their chance to save the data on his SD card, but stop when she realise he wasn’t listening and that their face were an inch away.

He called ganga name bringing her body closer. She froze, just when he was about to lean in to kiss her she turned her face ” we need to hurry and collect this before he comes” she says making him stop what he was doing. He grab the phone and put a new sd card in the phone. Instead of transferring data, he switch the SD card that was already saved. ” I got it, now we just have to leave” he says

Ganga couldn’t agree more, she tried putting the phone back when she notice something white in the pocket, she reached for it and grab it. When she took a look , she realize it was jhanvi letter. ” this is it, this will help sugar. This will free sugar” she says happily, palash hearing her staid quiet.

He wonder how it will be if sugar was free and ganga was to spend her time with him. Now that his a free men, what’s stopping him, he thought. He look at ganga expression before calling her name. She looked at him with a question mark. ” do you love me?” He asks

” of course I do, what kind of question is this” she says

Palash wants to believe that’s true, that’s why he didn’t question her further, even though he knows it might not be true.

While this was happening niru was trying to bail sugar. He was worried after that incident, he didn’t think his son was safe their and hope they could at least put him in a different cell or put him on probation until the case is over. The inspector told him they can’t do anything about the bail. He told nira that this case is big so theirs no way they can bail him. Out of frustration niru got up and walk out. Madhvi followed him, she told him even though they can’t protect their son, they will fight until he is free.

Back to ganga, after yash left, they quietly sneak out and went in the room, ganga told him to play the cam cord and see what they found. Palash plug it on his computer and click on the file that says Photoshop. Their the video pop up and it shows jhanvi and talking to yash. Her face was showing, but yash wasn’t. If you listen close you can tell its hash voice.

Ganga was shock at what she found, she couldn’t believe that she would stoop so low. She remember the embarrassment she had to go through and the family as well. This whole time the culprit was right under her nose , she felt angry. Palash pulls it away and send it to his email. He looks at ganga to see her determine face, “tomorrow we will win this case”.

The next day everyone was seated awaiting for the hearing to start. Sagar glares at jhanvi father before looking over to see ganga, this time she wasn’t staring at him. She was looking at the time waiting. Jhanvi father lawyer was smirking in his seat he ressures jhanvi mom that they will win today, he is sure of it.

Time pass and palash didn’t show up, people were wondering what happen. The judge says if he doesn’t show up than the case is dismiss. Ganga bite her lip while looking at the door. She worriedly wonder where palash went and hope he comes soon.

It wasn’t long before he showed up, he avoid ganga face and walk to his seat. ” since he is here, we will begi-”

” your owner” palash says cutting him of

” yes”

” I would like to remove myself from this case” he says Shocking everyone. Ganga stood up wondering what’s going on, sagar was surprise as well.

Palash ignored them and continued ” we don’t have proof and every proof we have points at sagar. So I give in”

” can you claim that in this court that sagar is the murderer” the lawyer says

” yes, I palash banerjee claim that sagar niranjan chaturvedi killed his wife jhanvi sagar niranjan chaturvedi.”

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