Ganga- unconditional love EPs 8


The water was a over her shoulder at this point.

Earlier, ganga kept repeating sugar name in her head. She kept hearing his voice calling her. She saw his image smiling and walking away.she called for him, but his back was turned to her. While she was. Walking deeper, the doctors gave up. His heart wouldn’t pulse, they tried everything. Stopping the bleeding, shocking him, but nothing. They were ready go out their and tell the family, when sagar gasp screaming ganga name. Shock, the doctors quickly tend to him.

Present, palash quickly ran to her. He made it just in time when her head was about to go down. He grab her and pull her up, ” ganga what is wrong with you, why would you try commiting suicide” he screams

Ganga tried to get free ” sagar” she says turning around to sees his image disappearing ” NO! Sagar, don’t leave me” she screams palash watch as she desperately try to free herself. ” if you would have killed yourself, do you know how much pain we all would have been..especially me” he finished

Ganga just stared at him, she looked lost. Palash could tell her eyes weren’t as shiny as it use to be, they looked lifeless. He laugh sadly, ganga really like sagar that much, he thought. He loom at her and told her that sagar is alive, and his waiting for her in the hospital. Hearing this awakens her, she jerk her hand free and ran to the surface. Palash could only watch. Just when she was about to reach the ground, she fainted out of exhaustion.

Back at the hospital, the doctor explain what had happen. He told them that who ever this ganga is saved his life. Niru smile and thank the doctor, madhvi looked indifferent and ammaji scoff. Supri happy says even when ganga is not here, she works her magic on sagar. She is truly a wonderful person. Nothing can stop two people that are fated to be together.

A month past and sugar was doing better, ganga makes sure he has everything he need. She took good care of him, even when he told her to go home to her husband. She refused and stubbornly disagree. The doctor smile seeing the two of them, he comment on ganga , saying his wife must love him a lot. He should be happy to have her full attention. The two sadly look away from each other, sagar told him gangA is just a friend and that she’s married to a wonderful men.

The doctor embarrassed apologized. Neither of them were unaware of palash who heard it all. He quickly compose himself and walk in ” OK I managed to get the video camera from that night. He showed it to them and ganga told him to go slow. They watch what happend, palash couldnt help but see how close they were, ganga hand inch away from sagar and her shoulder almost touching his. He snap out of it when they stop at yash and ganga told him to zoom at yash face. He did and took a screen shot of it, ” this will cone in handy during our court case, now we just have to find the letter and find the money transfer on his phone.”

Ganga nod ” maybe we can print it out and show it to the judge”

” that’s a good idea, do you think yash was behind my incident?” He asks

” maybe … But why would he hurt you”

” maybe so the case could be closed”

Palash shook his head ” no I don’t think, he has that much influence to do that. I think someone else is behind this”

” I agree, yash don’t have any influence or the money to bribe an officer and hire a killer. But I think I know who would” sagar says determined.

To be continuEd…

Credit to: Kk

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