Ganga- unconditional love EPs 7

The cell opens and a men walk in. He crack his knuckles and walk to the figure sleeping soundly on the wall. The man smirk before grabbing its prey and flinging him against the wall. This awaken the other men, it wasn’t long before the big men attack the young men, punching him and kicking him. The young men wasn’t a coward, no, he fought back. He became angry when the men insulted his family and call someone dear to him a foul word.

Even through all that, the young men couldn’t beat him. The big men slam him to the wall, making blood ooze out. The younger men was Loosen blood. He managed to get up and grab the bar, he tried screaming for help, but the men only laugh. He grab something from his pocket, which happend to be a knife and stab him, making him gasp. The young men fell loosen lots of blood. He watch as the men walk out and talk with a figure hiding. The figure paid the guy before asking if he is dying. The men says yes I made sure he wouldn’t survive.

Five minute later, ganga walks in the cell. She thank the inspector for letting her meet sagar before going in. What she saw made her drop what ever she was about to give him. ” SAGAR!” She screams running to his cell. ” sagar. .answer me… Sagar” she screams she tried reaching for his face but she couldn’t. So she called for help, the inspector came with the officers asking her what’s wrong. ” OPEN the door, please” she plead crying her eyes out.”

They quickly open letting her enter ” sagar! !!” She says kneeling besides him. She shook him and even check his pulse, but it was cold. ” NO! ” ” sagaaar!!” She screams

The inspector quickly made a call. Ganga didn’t hear what was going on. Her soul was broken, she didn’t know if she could live without her best friend, the men she love. Yes that’s right, she still loves him. She never stopped, ” I won’t live without you sugar, I won’t” she says getting up. The inspector told her that the ambulance is here, she ignored them and walk away. She only had one place to go, where it all begin.

She walk until she reached the river, before walking down the stairs. She remisc about sagar while heading to the water. While this was happening, the nurses rushed sagar to the emergency room. Trying to bring him back to life. The family rushed in after finding out what happend. Ammaji crying, asking why this happend to her grandson. Madhavi blames herself, NIRA was furious, he shouted at the inspectors asking why they didn’t keep a close eye on his son, and who allowed it to happen.

” I don’t know mr. Chaturvedi, but we will punish the person once we catch him”

While ganga feet touched the water, palash searches for her. He called pulk and asks him where gangs favorite place is and he mention the river. Quickly he ran and call a car to stop. He got in and told the driver to drive.

Pulk at the hospital worriedly pace around. ” did he find her?”

” not yet, but I hope he does before she kills herself ” he says, ammaji hearing this stop crying. She walk to pulk and told him, let her die. Its because of her that this happend. Her bad luck brought this upon us, she screams. Our life would be better without her. Niru told her she doesn’t mean that, but ammaji told him she does. Madhvi scream enough, she look at ammaji and than niru ” my son, my child, is in there in pain. He could be dying, and all you do is argue. I’ve had enough, I tried to make my son happy, I tried to give him a better life, but I… No…we made things worse” she cries

” we didnt listen when he was in pain, we didn’t hear him, and now he is dying and all we can do for him is to point figures. This is not gonna help him, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!” She finished glaring at them. Everyone was silent, it wasn’t long before the doctors came out saying sagar is alive. He lost to much blood, but he will live. The whole family sigh with relief, pulk quickly dial palash number and told him sagar is alive. By that time he had reached the river, he search for her there and saw her in the middle of the water walking.

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