Ganga- unconditional love EPs 6


comfort her, but he could only watch as palash held her hand and caressing it.

Palash let her hand go and stood up ” dadi, was sagar marriage forced or did they both concent to it?”

” they both came in hand in hand, and sagar says he went and married her legally”

” without the family concent?”


” and why is that?” He asks making her tense

” we…we were to worked up by the fact that he married ganga. He wanted to show us how much pain he was in so he married ganga.”

” by doing that , I believe janvi became even more jealous. And felt threaten. Why, because she will always be sagar second choice. This your honor is another dark truth that led to her depression. Usually when someone get like this, they lashout or do something to remove the pain. Jhanvi father is to smart to let his daughter involve in his drug business, that means someone else must have gave it to her. Someone she can trust to get her more, someone that can easily sneak in and sneak out without getting caught. Maybe a family member” he says

” objection your honor” the lawyer says

Yash in his seat nervously gulp. He thinks palash is very smart. He needs to think smart, he quickly text the lawyer before acting like nothing was wrong. The lawyer decides to speak ” is it true that because of ganga the family was split?”

” yes” madhvi says

” splitting family and trying to steal another women men. I would think that ganga was trying to seduce and remove jhanvi from sugar life.” He says

” objection” palash says

The lawyer ignored him ” continue please”

” I found a video of ganga with a men. They were about to get intimate, could that guy be sagar. We never did confirm who the men was. Let’s say jhanvi finds out and did more drugs , ganga convince sagar kill jhanvi so they can be together. That’s why he killed her and made it seen like it was an Accident.” He finished

” this theory is ridiculous your honor” NIRA says

” is it mr. Chaturvedi” he says

The judge told them the hearring will continue in two weeks, before leaving. The officers took sagar back to the cell ignoring madhvi cry.

Later on NIRA was furious ” what is the meaning of this, ganga and sagar were already married” he says ” how did that happens” , madhvi told him to calm down before explaining the incident. After explaining NIRA was overwhelmed with emotion. He told them he would like to be alone. They protested at first, but they soon gave in.

NIRA in his room, cried. He felt guilty for not understanding ganga even today. He should have known that ganga wouldn’t act a certain way unless, it involves his son. He looks at the ganesh statue and pray. He prayed for forgiveness and for separating them. He prayed that they will find each other again, to live a happy life. He felt touched that ganga loved his son so much that she tied her fate with his to save his life. He was really greatful, but frown when he remember the words he said to her.

He realize how selfish he had been and how right ganga was about him. “None of this would have happend if I had just listen. I’m so sorry ganga” he says

While this was happening, ganga was in the house thinking. Trying to piece things together. What palash said at the court got to her. A family member supplying jhanvi with drugs, suddenly she remember seeing yash that night while investigating. Hoe they chase after him in the crime scene. Than she remember yash entering jhanvi window and injecting her. ” it all made sense” she whispers

” what does?” Palash says on his computer

“Yash, he supplied jhanvi with drugs.”

” can you testify that in court?”

” yes, but we also need another proof. If we can get his phone and the real letter that has jhanvi blood. We can win this case”

” tomorrow, maybe I can get a warrant to search his house”

” how will you do that, your not a cop”

Palash told her not to worry, he will find a way and if they can’t. They will just do it the ganga way. This confuse ganga, but she soon smile understanding.

To be continue…

Credit to: Kk

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