Ganga- unconditional love EPs 5


The judge told him to be quiet. Sagar bold his fist in anger, but he quickly calm down when he looks at gangs. ” anyway, I would like to bring my first witness to the stand. Mr sahil” he says surprising them. Pulk asks why he was doing this ” we are friends, yes, but I can’t overlooked the fact that jhanvi was my sister” he says to them before walking to the stand and sit down.

” sahil, explain to us how was sagar like over seas? Did he behave any other way” he says

Sahil looks at sagar before speaking ” sagar was very in love with jhanvi and he would also have crazy parties with only close friends. Nothing really has change about him” he says

” you say he was in love with jhanvi, am I correct”

” yes” he says

” what changed? You just told us that nothing has changed about sagar, but than you say he was in love with jhanvi. So wouldn’t that means something did change about sugar” he says making sahil hesitate.

Sahil looks at sagar who was looking sternly at the lawyer. He sigh ” his heart changed” he says

” elaborate for us”

” when we came back, and he met ganga something changed. He was very upset and sad half of the time”

The lawyer nod ” and why is that” he says

” I don’t really know” he says

” that will be all your honor” he says

It wasn’t long before palash came to the stand ” your honor I would like to question sahil once more” he says the judge gave him permission ” sahil, you said sagar changed after meeting ganga, so tell me how did your sister react to seeing gangs? Did she behave in some kind of way” he says

Sahil remember jhanvi getting frustrated and weird when he told her she should come with him. He nod his head ” yes, my sister was jealous of their relationship. She thought ganga might take sagar away from her” he says

Madhvi glares at ganga, but soon paid attention. ” did she do anything out of anger or jealousy” he says

Sail thought about it ” I don’t really know. She usually smiles around the family” he says

Palash looks at the judge ” see your owner I’ve had a client who would smile all the time, hiding how she feels behind that smile. What if that’s exactly what jhanvi did. What if that’s why the family weren’t aware of her depression or the fact that she was using drugs.” He says

Jhanvi dad yells ” what are you implying… That my daughter has a personality disorder” he says

” no, these are just what ifs ” he looks at the Judge before saying ” I believe that instead of confronting her problems, she decides to take the easier way out to release her stress.. Drugs” ” who do we know is convicted of selling drugs.. . non other than jhanvi father” he says shocking the jurry

Whispers could be heard all around, the judge told them to shush. He said they will take a break and come back. Palash sat down and whipped his forehead. Ganga told him he did well, so did NIRA. Madhvi walk towards sagar and touch his shoulder ” we will get you out. Don’t worry”

Sagar loom at her before hugging her. Dadi came soon after and hug him. It wasn’t long before the next hearing start. This time jhanvi lawyer was on the case ” I would like to call up kanta dadi” he says

” he can’t do that” pulk says looking at his dad

” unfortunately he can” he whispers

Dadi surprise got up and walk to the bench. She prayed before looking at the lawyer ” dadi, can I call you that” he says

” go ahead”

” alright, like sahil said earlier, jhanvi was jealous of ganga. Was their any implication that would have made her think that way” he says

” ganga… She was a free spirit. She does what ever she please, her and sagar were childhood friend s. They have this special bond” she finished

” special bond? Like what?”

Madhvi froze so did sagar and ganga. NIRA on the other hand looked confuse. ” they are considered soulmate” she finished

” how can one be soulmate. I’ve heard of people getting married interlock their soul with their partner, but what could have made sagar and ganga” he says turning to her ” soulmates”

Dadi staid quiet ” unless, they were married. I mean baste on what I gathered about gangA she was a child widow. At such a young its not common for her to start having feelings for someone. Am I right” he says making the crowd start to whisper.

Credit to: Kk

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