Ganga- unconditional love EPs 4


After the little ceremony, sagar stood their watching the pot full of dust. It wasn’t long before sahil came and told him it was time to let it go. They all were ready to go when the police came, confuse NIRA asks them what he can do for them. The head of the police hits his stick on his hand while looking at them ” I am here to arrest sugar” he says

” what…why?” Madhvi says

The officer walk towards sagar ” turns out your son prints were on the evidence we found and also the letter confirmed it was him” he finished

Nira told them how can that be, when jhanvi committed the suicide. The officer shook his head, ” baste on what we gathered, this was no suicide. Their were to much blood on the floor to be suicide. And the victim, look like she was stabbed twice. ” so you just assumed it was my son” he says

” his finger prints were on the knife”

Sagar still confuse asks what letter. The officer took out the letter and read it. Sagar was shock ” this is not the letter jhanvi wrote to me, the letter I have it” he says

” show us than”, sagar told then to follow him, their he search for the letter but he couldn’t find it. ” I was sure it was in this room” he says unaware of yash hiding in his closet.

” you have no proof to defend yourself. Sagar, you are under arrest for murdering your wife jhanvi and buying her drugs” he says

” NO!!” Madhvi scream

The police handcuffs sagar and drag him outside. The family followed him, ganga calling sagar name, telling him that she will prove him innocent. While the car leaves ganga runs after it. Sagar turn and look at gangs crying, this brought back memories of their childhood, when he was leaving over seas. ” GANGA!” He screams, when she fell. She looks up, her heart aching. She tried to stand up and run after him, but palash held her back. She looks at him and he shook his head ” we will get sagar back, don’t you worry” he says sadly

She looks at the road one last time before sadly nodding. Dadi was on the floor crying so was madhvi. NIRA on the other hand was making calls, after hanging up he told everyone that he will take sagar case. He told them he won’t spare who tried to ruin them. Palash came in with ganga. He told them he will take the case. Madhvi told him they can’t let him do that, because they don’t want to burden him.

Palash denies it ” don’t worry, sagar is my friend. Besides gangs will help me too since she knows sagar more.” He says

NIRA thought about it, before agreeing.

It was the day of the hearing. Everyone was nervous. They brought sagar in and walk to the front, ganga heart beats when she made eye contact with him. To her it felt like years, she ressure herself and focus. Jhanvi dad lawyer read the case before starting to speak. ” your owner, jhanvi was a smart girl, trying to become a lawyer, she never did drugs or hang with any bad influence, until she met sagar.

Sagar neglected her so much that she went into depression. This leading to drugs as her comfort” he says now showing her medical result after they look through her record. NIRA and sagar sadly look guilty. ” that’s not all your honor, baste on our record of money transfer, we can infer that sagar was aware of jhanvi doing drugs. Why else did he continue to let her buy it, after knowing what it does”

” OBJECTION!!” Sagar says standing up

Credit to: Kk

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