Ganga- unconditional love EPs 3


Yash came in to give jhanvi more drugs, when he saw her dead. Panicking he left the suicide note next to her and leave.this was how sagar found her. On the floor, eyes close and dead. ” JHANVI!!” He screams running to her. He pull her closer to him, calling her over and over, but she didn’t wake up. Sagar cried like a new born baby. ” why?” He says rocking her body ” how did this happens?”

He didn’t care that blood was on his shirt and hands, he was just upset. He look around and found a letter, but the knife was holding it. He unconsciously grab the knife and remove it from the letter, than he reads it. Tears fell from his eyes until it was all dry. Madhvi hearing sagar cries came in the room and saw blood ” what happen sugar, are you hurt? Who did this?” She says sagar says nothing he was frozen in place.
.madhvi calls NIRA who than calls an ambulance. The whole town became curious when the police arrive.

Palash coming from work wonders what happen. When he enters he sees ganga putting the food on the table. His mom asks him why they were so many polices outside. He says they came from sagar house, this surprise ganga. She mumbles sagar name and quickly made herself out, ignoring palash call. Her heart was hurting, and pounding very hard. She prays nothing bad happend to sugar.

While searching in the crowd she heard someone says a family member died. This increases her worry, ” Sagar!!” She screams she pushed her way out of the crowd and was about to step inside, when the police asks if she was family. She sadly stops, NIRA seeing her says she is. He told her to go to sagar, he needs her now. She nod, running up the stairs ganga recall their childhood. It all ended when she walks in his room.

There, sagar was sitting down frozen. He looks out of it, ganga calls his name, but he didn’t budge. It wasn’t until the third time that he turn to face her. He sadly looks at her, before shaking. Ganga fell on her knees and hug him. ” ganga, its all my fault” he says ” I did this to her, I should have treated her better. Now look…look what has happens” he says ” she was my friend, someone special. She should be here instead of me, because I am the worse.”

Ganga shook her head ” no your not” she says

” don’t try to defend me ganga, I ruin both of your lives… Especially jhanvi. I’m the worse husband in the world, this is my punishment” he says whimping ” ganga…why can’t the tear fall…hmm…I tried to make it fall so many times, but it won’t.” He chuckles ” I guess they hate me as well” he says

” sssh sagar, no one hates you. I’m here and so is your family, if these tears won’t fall then give ganga your pain. I will moan and cry in your place” she says looking at him now with tears. Sagar told her to spare him, he doesn’t deserve her pity, but ganga refuse. She told him, he will always have her attention, he can think of it as pity, but she doesn’t care.

He held her tight embracing the warmth she was giving him. Both heart beats in the darkest of the night. Neither say a word, only the sound of whimping was heard. They let it out until their body became weak and their eye lid becomes heavy. That’s how NIRA saw them, but he says nothing and walk away.

To be continued…

Credit to: Kk

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