Ganga- unconditional love EPs 2


Ganga couldn’t sleep with all the question she had in her head. She tried calling sagar, but he didn’t answer. So she waited for him. As night fall sagar came home, when she saw him lock his car she called him. ” sagar!!” She says

Turning to face her, sugar became worried ” what’s wrong gangs? Did something happened” he says, ganga bit her lip ” sagar… I think theirs something wrong with jhanvi”

” what!?… Did something happen to her”

” no but I think she’s sick” she says

Sagar worried left gangs and walk in the house. He ask his mom where jhanvi and she said upstairs. Running upstairs, urgently he opened the door to see her perfectly fine. Combing her hair, sagar sigh with relief. He ignored her confuse look and put his hand on her forehead ” what’s going on!!?”

” kuchh bhee to nahin” , he turned around confused, wondering why ganga thought she was sick. Jhanvi look at the text from yash. It says asks sagar for more money. Frustrated she close her phone. ” sagar?”


” I want to buy something, but I don’t have anymore money” she says

” I told you since were married now, what’s mine is yours” he says making her happy.

The following day jhanvi started hallunicating again. She started seeing ganga and madhvi taunting her.

” you will never be like our ganga” madhvi says

Gangs smile ” all this belongs to me, it won’t be long before I take it back from you” she says before coming closer and whisper in her ears ” and sagar too” she smirk.

Jhanvi shook her head screaming no, she search for anything on the floor and found her heel. She aimed the back of the shoe towards them saying she will kill her before she takes her sugar. Ganga laughs in her face ” you can’t hurt a fly” she says, madhvi as well taunts her ” ganga is not weak unlike you, she will always be honest and couragou s unlike you. That’s why she match sagar” she says

Jhanvi had enough scream and throw her shoe , which hit the wall. ” I..I..won’t let you gget my husband” she says pointing fingers ” y-you stay away from him, you hear me” while talking to herself she ignored the knocks it wasn’t long before madhvi walk in. She was surprise to see such a mess. She asks if she was alright and was about to touch her shoulder when she slapped it away from touching her.

Shock madhvi asks jhanvi why she did that. Jhanvi ignores her and step out ” jhanvi??… Answer me” she says coming down the stairs when they reached the bottom she stopped ” you are so annoying, I said leave me. I know you and ganga are playing me and mocking me” she says

Madhvi whispers ganga name in confusion. ” I blame you for this, my suffering” she says

” JHANVI!!”” NIRA says shouting ” enough, what has gotten into you” he says jhanvi frown before laughing. She walk to the kitchen ignoring the two. Dadi sitting on the couch was trying to reach something, but her back was in pain. When she saw jhanvi passing by she calls her name asking her to bring ointment for her. Jhanvi told her no one is her maid, she needs to get it herself. ” what??” Dadi says speechless

The next few days were the same without sagar knowing. Jhanvi would inject herself with drug and would continue to insult the family. One day when her drug finished, she calls yash. Yash taunts her , calling her a drug addict. He gave her new injection, making her feel dizzy. While walking in the house the family refuse to speak to her.

She ignores them and walk to her room. Well more like stumbling. When she open her room, she saw sagar and ganga hugging ” what is this, get away from my husband” she screams

” enough jhanvi, ganga is my wife now. You will get the divorce paper tomorrow.” He says jhanvi shook her head

” no, I won’t let her have you. I won’t” she says grabbing a neard knives. She ran towards ganga, and stab her. But was surprise to see sagar bleeding instead. Shock she called his name, shouting. ” look what you have done. You murderer” ganga says

Jhanvi backs up” no…it wasn’t meant for him. You did this” she accused. Gang a laughs and told her she wasn’t the one holding the knives. She told her, it won’t be long before the police comes and arrest her for good. ” you will rotten in jail for ever” she says

She watch as ganga grab the knife and stab herself ” now me and sagar will be together in heaven” she says, Jhanvi refuse to let it happen . She walk to their body and grab the knife than she cut her wrist. Laying besides sagar she starts to cry ” I won’t let her have him, I won’t” she whispers before closing her eyes.

Credit to: Kk

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