Ganga- unconditional love EPs 16


Its been 25minute and it was down to two couples. Ganga could feel sagar shaking. She told him to let her go, but he refuses saying he is doing this for them. Ganga looks at sagar foot … She realize how red it was becoming ” sagar please stop. Your hurting” she says

” ganga please, let me finish this” he says a little irritated, ganga told him she wants to get down, he refuses. She shook her body, making him loose balance. They both fell on the floor while looking at each other. ” the winner is couple number five” the announcer says, he walk up to sagar and told him he has to drink something they made. Sagar to angry glares at ganga ” why did you do that!!”

Ganga getting up says ” I hate seeing you in pain, and even though you didn’t admit it, I could tell you were getting weak” she says

Sagar hearing that walk away, ganga followed him while calling his name.they stop by the side walk and ganga touch his shoulder ” sagar… Why are you so angry?”

” I wanted this to be a memorable time, for us. To prove how much I love you, but you ruined it” he says

Ganga smile ” sagar, you don’t have to proov e anything. Just by looking in your eyes I can tell how much you love me. All those things are silly games.” She says before becoming shy , she puts his hand by her heart and told him to close his eyes ” do you feel it, sagar. How fast my heart is beating” , sagar nod ” that’s because I’m with you, this heart will only beat for you. So please don’t be mad at your ganga”

Sagar opens his eyes and pull her to him ” I’m not mad ganga, I can never be mad at you. I should be the one to apologize for the way I acted. Its just I wanted you to remember this day because once we get back to reality, you will be ganga the married women and I will be sagar the murderer.”

” don’t say that sugar, you are no murdere. I will prove your innocence and yash will be put in jail. I just need him to confess that’s all”

” I know you will do your best, you always do” he says making her blush. He leaned forward and kiss her forehead before letting her go ” come let’s go to your favorite place” he says

Elsewhere, palash was reading a letter he got. He was angry, so ganga wants to divorce me he thought I won’t let that happen. He called the people from earlier and told them his wife was missing and to find her and bring her back. And if she happens to be with someone kidnap him. Once he was done , he fold the paper and put it in his pocket. He walk outside waiting, the court case is tomorrow, if sagar doesn’t make it he will be locked up for good. Leaving ganga to me.

Meanwhile, ganga and sagar were walking in the water. The sky was dark, and it was less people. Ganga took her wig off and let her hair down. While sagar bend down to grab some water, ” ganga” he says, she looks down only to be splash by water. Shock she asks if he was crazy and he told her he was, before doing it again. Ganga irritated grab some water and throw it. Sagar ran while laughing. Sagar ran around her and lift her up, ganga protested but he didn’t listen. He dump her in the water and start to laugh.

Ganga got out soaking from head to toe. She was mad … Yes, but when she heard sagar laugh she smile. Sagar stop laughing and look at ganga, he blush when he realize her outfit was becoming a see through. He turn and held his hand out to her ” come ganga, let’s go” he says, ganga grab his hand and they walk out of the water. While walking they were unaware of palash men heading towards them. They accidently bump into them and they apologized. Just when they were about to go up the stairs, the men stop and look at the picture before telling them to stop.

Sagar seeing this told ganga to run, they ran until ganga clothes became to much for her. The men’s manage to catch up and they faught sagar. One of them grab ganga, preventing her from helping him. She scream when she saw sagar spit blood, sagar tried freeing himself. He looks at ganga trying to reach for her. One of them hit him with a stick, making him fall. ” SAGAR!!” She screams, the gang pick him up and put him in there van. They quickly got in and left, ganga ran after them, but the car soon disappear.

Elsewhere palash got a phone call from his men. ” sir we couldn’t find them”

Palash got mad ” how hard is it to find a girl with a men this late” he says

” we search everywhere, I think they might of left the city” he says, palash angry was about to say something when he saw ganga running. He ended his phone and asks ganga what happen, ” sagar he… They kidnap him” she cried before running to sagar house. When she entered pulk asks her what happens and she explained everything. Dadi cried and once again blame ganga, she called ganga the black sheep and told her she will never let her grandson be with her…never, she says before walking to her room.

The next day ganga and family, walk in the judge room. They told the judge what happend to sagar, and the judge said they can’t really stop the court case. Jhanvi lawyer says this is a trick to stop the case, they could have send him aboard. Ganga told him not to lie, she told them the van title and the judge told them to be quiet. He says he will give them 24hrs to find sagar. He will also involve the police, if sagar is not found by then than the case will be close and he will be known as a run away criminal.

Madhvi gasp, palash on the other hand was smiling in the inside. He thought even though his plan didn’t work, things are going great for him. He told ganga not to worry they will find him before holding her shoulder. The judge look at him and asks who he was. Palash says ” I’m her husband”

The judge nod and dismiss them, he frown thinking about ganga being married. Elsewhere, sagar was tied up, he wince in pain before looking around. Where am i , he thought, he tried moving but his hand was tied and so was his foot. ” your finally awake” the men says sitting on the chair. Sagar look at him and asks who he was. The men smile under the mask. ” you probably don’t recognize me because of the mask, but I’m sure you recognize her” he points

He heard heels before the person face was shown ” jhanvi!!” He says shock. ” hello sagar did you miss me” she says smiling evil.

To be continued…

Credit to: Kk

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