Ganga- unconditional love EPs 15

The whole family were happy sagar was home.madhvi cook all of sagar favorite food. Dadi couldnt help, but feed sagar. She had missed him so much, pulk thanks ganga for helping solve the mystery, even madhvi said a few complements. After everyone ate, sagar excuse himself. He walk to ganga door and knock. Palash opens ” yes?”

” hey … Palash is ganga home” he asks

” no shes not, is their something you want” he ask pretending to be nice

Sagar told him it was nothing and said goodbye. Palash called his name ” sagar?”

” yes??”

” i would like it if you dont come around ganga, people will start to talk and they will make it harder for ganga” he says

Sagar staid quiet he was about to leave when he remeber something ” why did you close the case, i thought we were friends?”

” i had no choice i was being threaten”

” was the the real reason” he asks

Palash staid quiet.sagar told him he really thought he was a rightous lawyer but now he has seen that even the smallest thing can make a men loose courage. He told palash if this was his way of kindly telling him to leave ganga then he wont do it because ganga will always be his past,present and future. He turn and walk away afterwards. Palash bold his fist in anger then he spoke on the phone.

Meanwhile ganga who was by the door, asks palash why he lied to sagar. He asks her how long she was their and she told him not to long. She put on her shoe and walk past him. Palash warn her not to go, but she left anyway. She followed sagar trail until she saw him sitting on the step, Watching the river. ” sagar!” she says

He turn and watch as she sat next to him. They both look at the sunset before sagar asks her what she was doing here. She says she didnt get to see him after he was release, so shes happy to see him. Sagar looks at gangA, he realize how much pretty she became. To him it felt like forever his been alone with ganga. He wonder if things would have been like this. ” do you ever wonder how thibgs would have been if my family had accepted you?”

Ganga nod ” yes i have, but i still think fate would have found some way to separate us” she says, they both look at each other before ganga told sagar she signed the divorce paper.surprise sagar asks if palash knows and she said no. She said she was gonna tell him so he wont be surprise when the paper comes.

Sagar thinks no wonder his very edgy with him lately. He got up and dust himself than he lolks at ganga ” just for today, pretend that we are together” he says

Ganga told sagar thats a weird request. But sagar told her he wants to live this fantasy just for today. ” i dont know sagar. I’m still married to palash”

” please ganga, just make my dream come true for today” he plead, ganga looking at sagar couldnt help but accept. Sagar happy.. Hug her. He. Grab her hand and drag her to the mall ” what are we doing sagar?”

Sagar told her to be quiet. They went to a wig store and he bought ganga a short black wig then he bought himself a mustache. They also went to a clothing store and a contact store. After they were done, they both laugh at their appearance ” we look different” she says

” yeah… Now no one will nottice us” he sAys

He took ganga to a movie and their they watch fan. While watching the movie, they notice two couples making out. They were both embarrassed.after the movie ganga was completely red in the face. Sagar laugh before grabbing her hand. They left the movies and went out to eat, they enter a restaurant and the host told them today was couples day. If they compete they win free dinner. Ganga was about to refuse when sagar interrupt her. He told the men they will do it. And the men drag them to the spot.

” now that all the couples are here, lets begin” the men says

Ganga asks sagar what is the competition and he told her he doesnt know. The men told everyone the rules…he told them each couple has to stand on an ice while carrying their partner. Who ever gets of looses and will have to drink something nasty.

‘ sagar we dont have to do this” she says

Sagar smile ” i want to make this a memorable day for both of us” ganga could only nod because she was touched. The instructer also told them they have to go up and down twenty times without droping their partner. Some couples removed themselves from the competition, only ten staid. One men said to his gf ” this will be a peice of cake” while another look at his chuby wife ” you will have to lift me” he says surprising her

Each couple line behind an ice, the men told them they have twenty minutes before he blow the whistle. Sagar lift ganga and stood on the ice. At first he wince, but he remeber he had to make this day memorable. Ganga asks if he was fine and he nods. He lift ganga again and with confidence went down.

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