Ganga- unconditional love EPs 14


Chapter 8

Ganga was out retracing her step. Trying to find more clues to free sagar. She want this case to be over with so she could see him again. She knew it was wrong to think of sagar while she was married, but that’s why she made a decision. She was happy she did it earlier.. Now no one will get hurt. Ganga look at every corner yash was at, she remember the street camera and suddenly got an idea. She thought maybe if they look through it they might find something.

While she was checking the camera, she didn’t notice someone coming behind her or saw the person cover her mouth.she scream trying to get free, but the person held on tight. She bite the person hand making him let go.not waisting time, she ran. The men quickly ran after her and grab her saree. He tried pulling her but ganga wasn’t giving up. She ripped her saree and ran, she didn’t know where, but she let her heart guide her. Somewhere she feels comfort and at ease, unfortunately it was in jail with sagar.

She ran to the police station, but no one was there. She walk to where sagar was and fell on the floor crying. Sagar hearing something woke up to see ganga. Worried he walk to her ” ganga…ganga.. What’s wrong… What happens to you??” He asks

Ganga looking at sagar kept crying, she cried until he grab her chin. ” please ganga, tell me what’s wrong?… Why are you like this?” He asks once more

” I waS attacked, while searching for clues” she sniffs

Sagar hearing this held the bar tightly ” did he hurt you?… Did he do something to you?” He asks

” I managed to ascape, but he could be looking for me” she says scared. Sagar grab hand telling her nothing will happen to her. He told her as long as he’s alive no one will hurt his ganga.

Elsewhere, palash was sitting down breaking something. His mom asks him how the case was going, but she got no response. She asks him what he was doing, but stop when she realise he was breaking a tape. Confuse his mom asks him why he’s breaking that. Palash stops what he was doing and turn to his mom. ” don’t concern yourself with small things like these, you should try to get closer to your daughter in law” he says

Palash mom worried told her son he’s starting to scare her. Palash ignores her and continue destroying things. ” I just don’t understand you, one minute you were happy to help and now your acting funny. What changed?” She asks

Palash throws the rest in the trash before leaving. He told her love changes people. While going up the stairs, he remember something earlier. He remember going to ask ganga for lunch, but stop when he heard her talking to a judge. He heard her say she will sign the papers now and he will do his part. At first palash was confuse, but what the judge says next got him angry

” yes, remember the divorce finalize in about a year or less so make sure you check the statues”

Ganga smile ” I will and thank you for your time.” She says

” you welcome”

Palash was furious that ganga would do that without his concent. He was pissed, he calmed down and walk away. So here he was, now sitting in the dark. Waiting for the day to go by.

The next day yash was interegated. Ganga glares at him ” where were you surfing jhanvi murder?”

Yash smirk ” I was out of town”

” and why exactly?”

” does it matter why I left”

” yes it does, now once again…where were you?”

Yash sigh ” I was out with friends.”

” doing what?”

” I believe that’s none of your business”

“‘Your honor, this is ridiculous. She’s getting no where with this” jhanvi father lawyer says.

The jugje told ganga to go on with it.” Yash, you smoke?” She asks yash shook his head ” do you gamble?”

Somtimes” he says

Ganga looks at the jurry than the judge ” your honor, yash claims he was out with friends, but I contacted and record his friends and this was what they had to say” she says playing the tape. Everyone was quiet ” his friends confirmed he was not with them. I predicted that after yash killed jhanvi, he panic led and left.” She says

” what proof do you have” the judge says

I don’t your honor, but what I can guess is yash had help to hide the evidence, maybe a family member. What ever it is I will find out” she says

Jhanvi lawyer got up before grabbing a file. ” yash is that right?”

” yes”

” did you ever nottice anything out of the ordinary with ganga?” he asks makibg ganga protest. The judge told her to quiet down.

Yash looks at her before smirking ” actually i have, she had invited me to her room durring jhanvi ceremony. She tried to harrass me, but luckily i managed to escape’

Ganga remeber that day clearly, when yash tried to get his way with her. Sagar stood up saying his lying. He said if he say one more lie about ganga he will kill him. The judge told him to sit down and be quiet. Sagar stood glaring at him, the judge call his name one last time before he sat down.

“Anyway, your saying ganga tried to get with you” yash nod, everyone starts to whisper. ” so you see your honor ganga is a classless girl. She manipulated sagar the same way she did with yash leading to jhanvi death. And i have proof that the money transfer was going towards sagar.

Ganga stood up ” your honor this is ridicoulous, how can hos pwn money go into his own account. This is not proof but false evidence. I have the real proof that shows yash was getting money from jhanvi”

” proove it”

Ganga took the memory chip and connect it to her laptop. ” see your owner all of these were. From yaah. He put a fake name so people wont find out, but. With the help of some people. We were able too” she says

People start to whisper. Yash became nervous, the judge told yash he will be arrested for giving drugs to jhanvi. Everyone was so happy. Thenjudge told them that sagar will be free until the next hearing, this made ganga cry. She watch as the whole family gathered around him, hugging him. Ganga says to her self … This is one step before your release. Now i just need evidence on what happened that night and gow it led to jhanvi death. She says determined.

To be continued .. .. …

Credit to: Kk

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