Ganga- unconditional love eps 13

Yash Was not please to be back in court. He was happy at first when the court case was closed, but sadly his luck was short. He angrily stares at ganga. Cursing her in his head.

On the other hand, sagar looks at his family.he sadly stared longingly at them. His mom came to him and gave him some prashad, but she was stopped by the officers. They told her she can’t do that and to go back to her seat because the judge is here. Everyone stood up when the door opened, it wasn’t long before people start mumbling.

Niru surprise wonder why they changed then judge. He watch as he sat down and told everyone to as well. Jhanvi family lawyer ” your honor, we read the paper all over again and come to conclusion that sagar is the murderer. He was the last person to see jhanvi and baste on our result his finger prints were all over the evidence.

” objection your honor. He has invaled proof” ganga says

Ganga took the stand ” your owner, I haven’t known jhanvi for long, but I know one thing she she loves sagar enough not to kill herself and put the blame on her. See jhanvi is very sneaky but no one would nottice it… Not even sugar.” She says ” this video I’m about to show you will answer some questions ” she gave the signal and the Rec start playing. Everyone shock. The family was as well. They watch as the man and jhanvi talk about ganga and their plan.” Than the video cuts off.

The courtroom was silent. ” your oner jhanvi is very sneaky and caniving. Shes no innocent girl, she was a mastermind. but that’s not what I want to say. I believe the person who was responsible for killing jhanvi is the same one that helped her with the video. Like my husband had said earlier, it had to be someone that is very close to her. Someone she can ask to get it for her without getting into trouble.

The other mastermind behind the case, yash” she says earning mumbles and head turning to look at the boy. He was surprise but pretends to act.

Jhanvi lawyer told the judge this is ridiculous, but the judge told him to be quiet. He looks at ganga and ask if she has any proof, ganga smile ” your owner, jhanvi letter if you can look. Its odd, baste on what I gathered jhanvi never writes big letters. She rights small. This letter the words are all in big letters, and it look rush. How can a suicide letter be rushed your honor?” She says ” if one is committing suicide he/ she usually take their time to write a letter. They wouldn’t rush it because they are gonna die anyway. And when someone is depress they write how they feel, but in this letter all you see is hateful things.”

The judgeooks at the letter and smile. Ganga looks at the letter ” for someone who is in love with sagar, how can she write so much hateful words. Unless that wasn’t the letter she wrote.!” She says now taking the letter out to show it ” here, this is the letter she wrote to sagar.” She says , she read it out loud making yash nervous. ” their you see it, is sugar finger print. This was jhanvi letter to him. When he saw her body he had froze an grab onto the letter.” She showed the difference between the letter before going back.

” do you see the difference, I’m pretty sure jhanvi father knows her own daughter hand writing.I say the killer panicked, maybe it was an accident or maybe he was angry. You can tell by the rush and sloppyness of the letter the killer didn’t have much time to look over the letter. This killer forgot something important and that is his footsteps. My husband was able to find shoe prints on the floor. It took a while but we did it. We made a replica of it and the shoe match none other than yash. She says
” objection!!” The lawyer says

” overruled” he says

” I would like to bring yash to the stage ” she says

To be continued

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