Ganga- unconditional love eps 12


When they reached the hospital the nurses took ganga to a room. By that time palash mom had just arrive. The doctor asks whose ganga relative, madhvi was about to speak when palash mom cut her of ” I am, is she alright?” She says

Madhvi staid quiet…she listen as the doctor told palash mom to come with him to see ganga. Madhvi sadly turn to walk away. ” where you going ?” NIRA says

” theirs no reason for me to stay here. Ganga will be fine” she says

NIRA confuse asks ” I thought you were worried about her? What’s wrong?”

” I need to see sagar and tell him the news. He must be worried” she says changing the topic. NIRA was about to say something about ganga, bit she quickly left not wanting to hear it.

The next few days she would visit ganga, but would stop from entering when she sees lash mom taking care of her. One time she brought ganga favorite food to eat, but didn’t write who send it. Ganga happily ate it , but she wasn’t stupid. She knew madhavi cooking from anywhere. She promise herself when she get better she will work supper hard to free sagar so she would be happy.

One day while ganga was going over things, palash mom came. She asks her if she loves her son and of course she said yes, but that wasn’t enough. ” that’s not what I mean ganga. Do you love my son like a lover”

Ganga look down before saying sorry. Palash mom sigh ” its OK beta. Im at fault, I helped pushing you both to each other , regarding your feelings. Its because of me you guys are hurting” she says with tears.

” no…no” she says, ganga puts her hand on her shoulder ” you have nothing to do with this. I’m the one to blame, I should have been clear with my feeling, but instead I led your son. I-m …ssoo..sorry” she cried with her hands together.

Palash mom hugs her while trying to comfort her, neither of them were aware of palash outside listening. He was hurt yes, but he had it coming. He knew ganga still love sagar, but he agreed to sagar proposal. He should be the one apologizing. Determine, he promise to help ganga and apologize after everything was done.

Few weeks later ganga had gathered enough evidence to prove sagar innocent. During that few days she was surprise when palash came to give her the evidence against yash. Even some new information regarding jhanvi death. She was about to thank him when he left, she smile.

The day has finally come for the trial. Ganga walk downstairs and pray than she step out. Madhvi seeing her walk outside to give her some prashad for good luck, but stopped when palash mom called her and feed her prashad. Aamaji came out seeing madhvi and asks her why shes standing there with food. She should take some for sagar. Madhvi staid quiet, she turn to go in when ganga calls her.

Ganga walk to her smiling. She asks if she was going to wish her luck, aamaji told her she doesn’t need it because nothing good will come out of it, especially with her running the case. Ganga frown sadly and turn around. Madhvi holding the plate tightly turns around ” ganga!!” She says

” yes?”

” bring my sagar back” she says before walking to her and give her a prashad. Aamaji was surprise ” what are you doing madhvi? Have you lost your mind” she says

Madhvi ignores her and wish ganga good luck. Ganga happily took her blessing and promise her she will bring sugar back no matter what. Once ganga left Aamaji was giving madhvi an earful, madhvi told Aamaji this time she will make things right with ganga. Aamaji protested asking what she means by that, but madhvi just walk inside to her room to get ready.

Credit to: Kk

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