Ganga- unconditional love EPs 11

People walk by the girl sitting in the rain. Some whispered while others taunt her. The people in the building look at her through the window. One of the higher up asks if she’s still here and they nod. ” that girl is so stubborn”

” should we get rid of her?” One guy asks

The man looking at ganga shook his head ” no, leave her. She will leave soon” he says before turning to leave.

Ganga on the other hand staid put, even when cars were splashing the water she did not budge. ” ganga is like the river, I will spread this across even the high high upps will see this” she mumbles, shivering slightly.

Nira parking his car to head to the building was surprise to see ganga still there. Madhvi asks what is ganga doing. NIRA told her that she’s trying to get their approval to open the case. “It will be hard, even I tried pleading with them but they refuse.” He chuckle before continuing ” ganga is very stubborn, I now realize its a good thing she is because she will be able to change their mind. She loves sagar so much that she will even die with out eating” he says

Madhvi looks out the window in thought ” do you see it yet, how much love she has for our son. You wanted someone that will love your son as much as you love him, some that will stay with him through thick and thin and will always fight and stay by his side. She was right under your nose, but you were clouded by your own value to see it.” He says ” even I was at first until I realize how wrong I was. You claim a widow is a disgrace and shouldn’t live, but its that widow” he says pointing to ganga

” its that widow that’s trying to save our son, that widow that changed my son for the better. She is his life just like how he is hers. A widow can have a life as long as their heart beats, no one can tell them what he or she could do because they are human too”

He unbuckles his seat belt and walk to ganga. He told her to come in, but she refuse. She says as long as ganga live nothing will happen to sagar. Nira sigh, he told her to be careful before leaving. The next day the rain stopped, ganga was starting to loose energy, a little girl seeing her offerd food to her but she refused. Her mom asks her what she was doing and she explain her reason. The lady told her she’s very courageous, she says when they killed her husband and file a case to the police they closed the case. They wouldn’t tell her why, she came here but they didn’t listen to her.

” once I become a lawyer I will fight for your case” she says, the lady thank her and told her she will support her. Following weeks came and more females start coming to ganga, they ask her the same question and she gave them her answer. They all talk about how unfair the supreme court is. And how you won’t find a female working as a judge. They told her maybe by her doing this, it will open their eyes.

A men walking going up the stairs stop to see ganga, he asks her who she was but she refuse to answer. One lady told him, her name and what she’s doing and he became intrigue. ” ganga” he repeats before going in the building

Following weeks past and ganga was still there, by this time it was all over the news. Sagar in jail heard it on the radio, ” even now I still cause you pain” he says before mumbling her name.

Ganga half falling asleep jult awake when she thought she heard sagar calling her. News reporters were lined up trying to take pictures of her and get answers, but the now protesting females block the entrance way so they won’t get hear her. It was so much kaos. NIRA told madhavi that ganga is sick, but she still won’t give up. She look at ganga and got out the car with a blanket ” what are you doing?” He asks

Madhavi ignored him and walk to her. While walking she starts getting emotional, she starts seeing little ganga running to her happily when ever she has good news or did something. She made her way to ganga, and put the blanket on her. Ganga still in a daze, look at the hand and all the way up ” madhavi-ma??” She question

Madhavi half smile at her and squeeze her shoulder. She sat next to her saying I’m with you. Hearing this ganga smile happily.

Meanwhile, palash mom watching the news once again wanted to help ganga, but her son refuse. She turned the TV off before looking at him ” why are you doing this, palash?”

” doing what mam?” He says typing

” why arnt you supporting ganga, you should be out their with your wife”

Palash laugh ” wife… Are you sire she’s my wife and not sagars” he says

The Mom frown ” what has gotten in to you, the palash I know would have jump to help the innocent and get justice” she says

Palash stops typing ” justice… Where is mine, she’s not an innocent girl ma. If she was she wouldn’t have played with my feelings”

” so is this your revenge, closing the case so ganga won’t be with sagar? Or did you close the case out of jealousy”

Palash slam his laptop ” ENOUGH.. Mam” he says before going upstairs. His mom worried, wonder what has happen to her son.

Elsewhere, the man from earlier, watching the news made some call. He said he wants to know everything about ganga. He also made another call telling them to re- open the case. The news spread quickly through the office and the upps were shock. They step outside grabbing everyone’s attention before announcing that sagar case is open again.

Everyone cheered, madhavi looks at ganga with tears. ” you did it, we can fight his case and bring him home” she says, ganga feeling tiered and dazed half smile before fainting. Madhavi worried called her name. People rushed to them and some were calling an ambulance, NIRA pick her up and took her to his car before driving off to the hospital.

He look at the rear mirror to see madhavi gently wiping her sweat ” I’ve never seen you worry so much about her until today.” He says making madhavi stop what she was doing for a second, she shook her head and continue what she was doing earlier.

Meanwhile, sagar hearing the news was happy, but he was more worried about ganga. The officer told him he was a very lucky man to have someone that cares about him deeply. Sagar didn’t pay attention to the men, he was more concern for ganga. He really hope nothing was wrong with her.

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