Ganga- unconditional love EPs 10

The judge hit the stand and told everyone that sagar will be sentenced to jail for life. This created an out burst in madhavi ” SAGAR!!” She screams watching them taking her son away, sagar looked lifeless. He allowed them to push him, ignoring everyone to shock to care. The family watch as he was called many things while entering the car. Palash gathered his stuff and walk away, while walking ganga called his name.

He ignored her and walk away. Ganga was so coNfuse, she didn’t know how things could turn three sixty so fast. She had so many questions and she will make sure He answered them.

She watch as madhvi fall on the ground crying, aamaji on the other hand fainted. The whole family were a mess, they didn’t know what to do. People surround them, taunting them. Saying they should leave this town. The police had to ascourt them home.

When ganga reached the house, she calls palash name. She asks him why… Why did he give up the case? They had so much proof against yash, so why. Palash refuse to speak, he continue typing on his computer. Ganga walk to him and close his laptop, this made him got up and call her name in anger. Palash mom seeing this tried to calm him, palash asked his mom to make them some tea while staring at ganga.

” you could have ruined my important work” he says

” I need answers, and you will answer them” she replied firmly

Palash glares ” is sagar the only thing you care about…what about us…huh” he says

” what are you talking about palash?”

” its always sagar this, sagar that. Isn’t our family important”

Confuse ganga told him she loves them just as much as she loves sagar family. This made palash scoff ” once again I’m talking about us and you bring up sagar” he says

” what has gotten into you palash? And why did you lie in court”

” unlike you ganga, I don’t consider my family second. Someone threatens mam, saying they will harm her if he doesn’t call of the case. What do you expect me to do, not give in. Let innocent mam get hurt…no, I would never put her in danger” he finished

Ganga thought about it, but than remembers aamaji and nira. ” your right I wouldn’t put them in harm, but I wouldn’t give in either. A lawyer shouldn’t give up when the going gets tough, he/ she should fight till the end. Sagar is innocent, we have proof of the real culprit instead of using it to get justice, you cowardly gave up.” She says

” GANGA!” He says

” no, I will not sit quiet. You might have close the case, but ganga shall open it. I will show to you what a real judge looks like and win sagar case” she finished before turning to leave

“Why? Why do you always defend sagar. Why can’t you pay attention to our family for once. Every time I tried romancing you… You either make an excuse or turn the other way. I am your husband can’t you give me that right, to embrace you. Why do I have to keep waiting. Its been four years, we haven’t even kissed… Am I a terrible husband” he says

” we can talk about this after the case” she says

Palash grab her hand ” no, you need to answer my question. Since I answered yours” he says

” I need time” she says making him laugh.

” time?, how much longer do I need to wait. This is not about time, your lying to me. Sagar is the only one you want to embrace you. Isn’t that right? He might be your childhood friend, but I am your husband, you wouldn’t try cheating on me with sagar would you.” He says holding her hand ” you wouldn’t use this case to get close to him, now that his wife is dead” he finished.

This was the last straw, ganga remove her hand and slap him so hard ” I don’t know what has come over you palash, but you need to fix it. Don’t you ever say such things about me” she cried ” ganga never cheats, if you still don’t get me and thinks I’m a cheap women than don’t speak to me” she finished before walking out.

Palash mom hearing everything asks where she was going and she says she is going to go open the case. She beg ganga to forgive her son for his rudeness , but ganga refuse to. She walk away and head to the supreme court.

Their she asked to re- open the case. They laugh at her and told her no.NIRA who was their, told ganga to go home. They will speak to the head tomorrow. The next day it rained, ganga was at the building. She asked to speak to the head, but they taunt her saying a girl can’t open the case. Especially a child widow, they told her to go home and don’t come back.

Ganga refused and beg them, but they refuse. The security guy pushed her out in the rain, telling her to go home. Ganga shout at them telling them this is unjust and s*xist, they look at her and laugh. She refused to give up, ganga sat on the ground in front of the building. The men’s watch what she was doing, she told them she won’t leave this spot until she speaks to the head.

Determined she watch the building refusing to leave. One of the guys told her she won’t last and girls like her should just go home, but she refuse. I will show you ganga can do anything. Ganga will protect sagar and clear his family name, she thought.

To be continue…

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  1. Four years of waiting… Sagar case took this much time… OMG…. Fight ganga fight…. But she must have completed her LLB…

    1. In this story ganga is still going to school. And its not four years. I will say shes almost done with school. Her last year,

  2. Wow superb…when did this ff started ???…it’s amazing keep on writing n update soon

  3. Amazing just amazing keep uploading

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