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Sagar was having trouble, fixing his tie. When ganga showed up laughing. ” your much older now, and you still can’t tie your tie” she teased. Sagar blushed out of embarrassment, he told ganga he prefer when she comes and dress him. She playfully smacks him and told him to come down stairs. He watch as she leaves before fixing his hair.

He walks downstairs to see, his family all seating down. Enjoying their food. NIRA told him to hurry up or he’ll be late ” OK OK I’m coming” he says , he search for ganga and saw her bringing his suit case. ” I’m sure you will win today’s case”, sagar smile, but that soon turn to a frown when he saw jhanvi coming. In his mind he wonder if he hallucinated ganga.

He put on a fake smile before thanking her, than he ate. Jhanvi was about to feed him when he quickly got up ” I have to leave now, I want to look over the files for the case” NIRA laughs he told him to go than. Once he left madhvi told jhanvi to start doing house work. Jhanvi frown, she told them she’s tired after making breakfast. She needs to rest, this did not sit well with madhvi. She told her to go ahead than.

Kanta scuff ” that girl she’s as lazy as a panda. Shes the dil in this house, but she’s acting like a spoil child”

” she just needs to rest, I’m sure she will be the perfect daughter in law”

Outside, sagar waits for the car to come. While waiting he saw palash and ganga coming outside. He could hear their conversation. ” you sure you want me to leave, I can stay with you” he says worried

” no, I don’t want you to skip on work. Besides its just a flu I’m not dying” she says

He sigh ” your right, I’m just worried you might collapse again”

His mom seeing him worried came to him ” look at you both being lovey dovey, if you keep this up, I will have a grandchild very soon.” When she said this both couple became tense. Sugar hearing this look away, his fist was shaking but he quickly got over it. Jhanvi seeing sagar outside came to him. She asks if everything was alright. Sagar told her she should be inside helping his mom. She told him, his mom is doing fine, besides dadi is with her.

Sagar frown ” you can’t expect them to do your work for you” he says

Jhanvi frown ” my work? My work is to be a good wife to you. Not become a maid for your parents” she says rolling her eyes

Hearing this sagar raised his voice, grabbing ganga attention. ” my parents love you, and their getting old. Its not their job to take care of us, you should already know this.”

” what about me, who will take care of me?” She says
” jhanvi I’m not going to have this with you” he says seeing his car stopping. He look at her one last time, before looking at ganga. He got in and told the driver to go. When he left jhanvi, bit her lip out of anger, she look to see ganga and palash watching them.

She turn and walk inside. Palash looks at ganga ” I wonder what that was about” he says, ganga wonders the same, palash says his good bye and drove away. His mom drags her to the house to rest, but she refuse saying she wants to help her. She smiles and pressures her everything is fine.

Giving up, ganga goes upstairs. When she reached her bed room she tried to sleep, but the sun light was to bright. She walk to the window to close the shade when she saw yash climbing jhanvi window. ” what is he doing their?” She mumbles

She watch as yash injects khanvi with something. Gasping ganga duck when she saw them looking around. What is yash doing? Is jhanvi sick? Could that be the reason he inject her? If she was why didn’t she tell sagar or the family?… Maybe she’s not sick, so than what was it he injected in her? She thought

To be continued…

Credit to: Kk

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