Gang of devils v/s Gang of Angels( swaraglaksan and more)

It was 7 pm and the road seemed empty.. except a beautiful girl.. she was going to her house.. suddenly a car stops near her and 2 guys came out of the car.. they catch for forcefully and throw inside the car.. she tried to protect.. but her efforts go in vein.. can run fast..

car stopped in a godown.. a guy enter from the front seat.. he was damn handsome.. but in his eyes cruelty and evilness was shining..

” guys bring our beautiful jansi rani here.. and tie her hands and legs..”

that guy orders to his friends.. the 2 boys who catch her drag her from the car and throw her on the floor..

2 girls also step out from the car..

” welcome miss. swara boss.. welcome to our hell”

girls shouted with a evil smile..

yes the girl whom they brought here is swara bose.. a beautiful 20 year old college girl.. who always stand with right. and stand against wrong..

” leave me you devils.. better you leave me else you all will be punished”

swara screamed..

” sahil, kartik tie her hands and legs with this rope”

one girl give rope to them.
yes 2 boys are sahil and kartik.. 2 devils.. 2 rich spoilt brats..

they bend swara’s hands and tied them with rope. her legs also tied.. swara tried to freee herself.. but they were strong and they didn’t allow her to move an inch..

tears roll down from her eyes..

” done sanskar” sahil shouted..

( shocked? yes the first guy is sanskar.. leader of that devils.. sorry sanskar holics.. he is a real devil here)

sanskar: what happened sherni ..? where is your other friends? that stupid your body guard Randhir? that useless college topper laksh? and that hottie Ragini? poor swara.. lioness became a cat..”

sanskar laughed loudly..

sahil:” sanskar look her while crying she looks like a red apple na”

karthik went near swara and place his fingers on her cheek..

karthik: ” guys i like apple very much.. can i ate it”

swara jerked.. she disgusted by his touch..

sanskar: ” have some patients karthik.. if her friends don’t obey us then we can have this apple”

swara shocked by this..

” kavita, kavya we have to made situation more entertaining na”

those girls are kavita and kavya.. these 5 devils are swara,’s seniors and very cruel and rich people..

kavita: ” ha sanskar i will brought it now”

kavita and kavya bring a bucket of water and they pour it on swara..

swara became full drenched.. her red kurta stick on her body .. her beautiful curves are visible now.. and her bra also visible through her wet kurta.. swara feel uncomfortable and disgusting..

3 boys are starting her with lust.. tears fall down from swara’s eyes.. they are playing with her self respect..

sanskar: ” swara you are looking super s*xy”

sahil: ” sanskar don’t waste this chance yaar.. we can enjoy this beauty.. he walk towards swara and place his fingers on her lips.. swara turn her face ..

kavya: ” look sanskar she is feeling irritation when sahil touch her lips.. she want to enjoy it na.. girls are dying for his touch”

swara: ” stop you ***** ” don’t you have shame to call yourself as women.. and you monsters .. my friends will come and they rescue me from you all.. and god is also with me.. you all will get punishment ..”

kavita: ” look her stubborn nature.. guys show her what you can do with her..”

sanskar: ” sahil open her kurta’s buttons..

swara panicked by his statement..

swara: don’t do this .. please.. don’t do this.. please..

sanskar: ” don’t cry babe.. let us see your hot body without any barriers.. give us some entertainment.. ”

sahil opens her first button of kurti.. her kurti has 3 front button.. he tries to open the second button..

swara : please sanskar please tell him don’t do this please.. what you want i will do it.. but don’t do this.. if you want kill me .. but don’t do this please..

she screamed badly.. these monsters are playing with her dignity.. for a girl her self respect and dignity is more important than her life..

sanskar: ” sahil leave her.. we have time na.. this night full.. ”

sanskar called Randhir.. he is swara’s best friend..

Randhir: why did you call me?

sanskar: hello my dear Randhir.. do you have any idea where your best friend swara is?

Randhir: what happened to swara? where is she? sanskar don’t play with me.. if anything happens to her i will kill you and your gang members..

sanskar: oh.. this much love towards your friend? is she your girlfriend? i think you really love her.. how can’t you. . she is so hot and s*xy na.. and when her cloths drenched.. ha.. what a scene.. we are enjoying it.

Randhir fumes in anger.. he shocked like hell..

Randhir: sanskar don’t do anything .. he is very poor.. please. .

sanakar: Buddy if you want her back without any damage.. then you have to take back your complaint against us..because of you people we got suspended from college.. we have to come back to college.. i called principal .. he said if you guys take back your complaint he will allow us to enter the college..

Randhir: you are playing a cheap game sanskar..

sanskar: think buddy.. what is important for you.. your friend ya standing with truth.. i will clear one thing.. if you don’t do what i say then swara will suffer.. her entire life will be in darkness.. you know na we like beautiful girls very much and if we get a hot and beautiful girl like swara for entire night then what will happen .. i will call after 15 minutes.. take a decision.. in that time let us enjoy her beauty..

Randhir cuts the call .. he felt weak.. tears roll down from his eyes..

sanskar cut the phone.. swara was sitting like a lifeless body.. kavita and kavya insulting her with nasty comments.. sahil and kartik were scanning her body.. they are looking her with lust and desire..

sanskar come towards swara.. he traced his fingers through her shoulders.. she give a pleading look to him.. he ignored it..

” after 15 minutes we will get an answer.. we can enjoy a little.. hei na swara.. ”

sanskar’s fingers traced her neck.. she jerked but no use..

kavita: guys do you think she is a virgin?

kavya: i think yes.. so that she is not liking sanskar’s touch..

sahil: what you are saying? that Randhir and laksh always being around with her and ragini na.. i think they are having fun in nights..

all laughed..

swara gets frustrated..

swara: stop it.. don’t think all are like you.. we are not animals like you..

sanskar: yes swara.. we are animals.. come let me teach you what an animal is.. he pulled her towards him

screen freez..

sanskarholics.. don’t kill me for this.. it is boring to see him as ultra perfect.. i want him to be negative in my ff.. did you want me to continue this? then comment

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  1. waiting for raglak entry, story is different continue

    1. they will enter soon dear

  2. Akshatha shetty

    heyyyyy ur ff is nice bt i cnt imagine sanky as such a bad guy plzzz some wt change his character plzzz 50:50 % both negative nd positive

    1. i don’t think anything about how i will proceed with his i will respect your opinion and try to do it.. not soon.. you have to wait a little for that

  3. Jwala it’s awesome I really loved it make sanaya fall for swara please continue and waiting for the next update lol

    1. thanks dear.. i will surely think about it..but now he is too arrogant to know the feel of love

  4. Sorry it’s not sanaya but its sanky

  5. Plz change sanskar if not perfect but atlest make him positive..

    1. dear he is negative now.. may he became positive.. i don’t think about it .. sorry yaar.. i think story in this way..

  6. It’s great but make him positive after some episodes

    1. i will think about it dear.. thanks for liking it

  7. Ya plz continue…. I like -ve character of sanskar……

    1. thanks jenisha

  8. This is awesome…

    1. thanks dear

  9. thamiazh magan

    whether Sanskar going to be total villain? or any twist like taming of beast?

    1. sanskar is a total spoiled guy.. no story behind it.. he is a rich spoilt brat.. who don’t care anything

  10. nice….continue…

    1. thanks dear

    1. thanks yaar

  11. Awesome dear plzzz continue

    1. thanks dear

  12. I love it.. I too am fed up with this mahan characters.. Plzz update next part soon..
    Stay blessed Jwala.. 🙂

    1. thank you so much sweetie.. i too fed up of mahaan characters

      1. We are on the same side then.. Actually I love grey/negative characters a lot.. I liked Sanskar when he was grey.. Then he became too sweet for me to handle..Ahh!! It’s another matter that he can play both sweet and grey characters very nicely.. 🙂
        Thanks for making him negative here.. 😀

  13. i love d epi but plz mke snskr fall fr swara

    1. thanks dear.. i will think about it

  14. Its awesoooomeeee… Plzz continue with it jwala and u r correct its becoming boring to see a Mr. Perfect Sanskar. I m just loving it.

    1. thank you so much dear.. i love sanskar with grey shade when he introduced in the show.. and i felt very much positive character of sanskar in every ff is little boring.. so i made him negative

  15. Awesome
    Plz update ur other ff too jwala di
    Update this ff asap

    1. thanks shagun.. i will update both

  16. omg!! sanky ko aasa imagine krna bhut tough hai butt i lv ur concept plzz continue par sanky ka chracter positive kr dena yar

    1. thank you for liking the concept.. but about sanskar i think about making him as negative only.. sorry dear.. i will think to make him positive.. but for now he is negative

  17. Awesome yaar no words plzzzzz make sanky fall for her then it will be awesome plzzzzzzz update soon will be waiting

    1. thanks dear.. now he have no feelings for swara.. i also don’t know what will happen in future

  18. Yaar please plaese please continue. love the bond Swandhir and Swarjun(Karan Kundra) share in other fan fictions i just love them they look like truest friends. Here also you are showing them as besties. Plaese make it Swasan if possible. they are my fav couple

    1. And Bad Sanskar is always welcomed. He is only one who can be a Mr. Perfect and Mr. Devil at the same time we have seen so many Mr. perfect now its time for Mr. devil 🙂

    2. you will get best swandhir bond here.. and swasan , well you can see swasan here.. their many scenes together..

  19. Priya tripathi

    Awesome plz continue

    1. thanks dear

  20. awesome….

    1. thanks dear

  21. Ya…..sure continue…….wanna know wat hppns nxt…..

    1. thanks dear.. you will get to know it soon

  22. Awesome but also make swara strong not as weak girl plzzzz

    1. actually swara is strong.. but in some circumstances she became helpless.. thanks for liking dear

  23. awsm……

  24. Iam a sanskarholic..but surely read dis, I LIKE BAD BOYS!!

    1. thank you so much.. but you will hate him at a point.. don’t kill me that day.. negative sanky rocks in my ff.

  25. please continue this way. I am a fan of varun or swasan but i am feed up from swasan pair always or good sanskar.I always want to read a story where San is negative.
    please make pair swadhir or swalak

    1. thank you so much for your comment dear.. i also fed up by hearing so much praising and perfect character of sanskar.. i like him and I’m a swasan fan.. but i want to see him as negative.. and pairs is a mystery for me also.. because I’m not writing this story on basis of pairs..

  26. Sanskar character is really nice…but Swasan should be pairs plzzzz

    1. you will definitely get swasan.. but honestly I’m not writing a story on pairs.. but I’m a huge swasan fan.. so they will have more scenes..

  27. Don’t make it swasan or ragsan make it swalak or swadhir nd sanky’s -be shade is perfect nd suits the title also…..don’t make it swasan BT later change him into +ve

    1. you will get many swandhir , swalak scenes.. i will not let you down dear.. and I’m not writing on basis of any pairs.. story and twists are hero here

  28. interesting..plz continue..

    1. thanks dear

  29. PAIRS?!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  30. have patience and read next parts.. for now no decided pairs..

  31. Awesome concept of yours. ……..plz post next part soon. ……..

  32. update soon waiting for next epi it’s vry nce

  33. Please introduce Ragini and Laksh and give them equal importance please. Btw the concept of this story is so unique and different from other stories. I love seeing Sanky as a truly negative character kinda reminds me of Manik from the beginning days of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. Anyways please update soon ♡

  34. When will you post the next part?????? Please update it soon. ………

  35. Awesome 🙂 pls update next part

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  37. btw which actor is playing the character randhir?

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