Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 9)


hi guys I came with next update

precap: police came to arrest randhir for kavita’s murder. . laksh out of critical stage..

Randhir’s house

swara: what? kavita died? sir we don’t do anything. he is not at all fault..

inspector: maam we get enough evidence against him.. There are many eye witness who saw randhir and kavita together last day. .

swara: sir it is true.. but it not proves that he killed her right.?

inspector: look this watch.. we got this from kavita’s dead body.. miss. kavya identified it as Randhir’s watch..

inspector show the watch..

swara and randhir shocked.. it was his watch..

randhir: inspector: I don’t know how it came near her dead body. . but believe me I don’t do anything. .
inspector: first of all came with us. we have to do our duty.. if you have to prove your innocence prove it on court. . tomorrow we will present you in front of court. . you are prove your innocence there. .

swara tried her level best to convince them.. but no use.. teaes fall down from her eyes. . she felt that they are snatching her life from her.. she protest madly.. she afraid to be alone. . randhir was her main support and protection. . police take him to jeep.. swara was running behind the jeep..

swara: randhir nothing will happen to you. . if I’m alive I will prove your innocence. .

randhir nodded.. his eyes were moist.. jeep run fastly.. swara breaks down.. she wipes of her tears.. she take her scooty and goes to hospital. .

ragini was still on laksh’s room.. laksh was sleeping and his mother sujata was there to take care of him.. she likes ragini very much. they both were talking about laksh.. swara rushed in to the room.. ragini and sujata worried by seeing her face..

sujata: beta kya huwa? you are looking tensed..

swara : no aunty.. I have to submit a project tomorrow. . I want ragini’s help.. can I take her with me?

sujata: ok beta.. I’m here na.. ragini go with her beta..

ragini: ok maa.. bye..

swaragini came out of the hospital. .
ragini: swara is everything fine? where is randhir?

swara: ragini police arrested him.. swara said in a painful voice..
.ragini couldn’t believe her eyes..

ragini: I don’t believe it swara.. why? what crime he done?

swara tell her all things. . ragini also cried..

swara: ragini now laksh is in hospital and randhir is in police station. . we have to do something.
ragini: swara let us go to that accidental spot. . may we get some evidence against the person who did laksh’s accident. . I think this all devils plan and kavita’s death also they have influence. .

swara: you are right ragini.. let us go..

theh reached the accidental spot and search carefully. . Police had marked the place or enquiry they 1 km away from that place they got a chain with a pendent. . it can be open.. swaragini open the pendent . they shocked.. that contains sanskar’s picture in it..

ragini: swara that culprit leave the car here and run away from this place I guess. that time he/she loses this chain..

swara: correct ragini.. and sanskar have involvement in it..

ragini: yes we have to follow him.. we will get some evidence. .

swara: I have a plan..

swara discuss her plan with ragini .


sanskar’s house

door bell rings.. sanskar mom anita opens the door.. she saw a girl with bengali look standing there.. she hides her face with saree’s pallu.. she was black.. (guys it is our swara only.. she apply black colour on her face and all.. otherwise sanskar win understood her na..)

swara: mom I’m your servant nalini’s niece maya.. today I will do the jobs as nalini aunti is not well ( swaragini trap nalini for this purpose)

anitha: hmm.. ok.. first of all do the breakfast. . I have a meeting I will go now.. before that bf should be ready..

swara: ok mam..

swara nodded and headed towards kitchen. . anita goes to her room.. swara slowly started her investigation. . she find out sanskar’s room.. he was talking in the phone.. swara hides near the door and observe him..

sanskar (in phone) : cutie don’t worry about anything your bhai will be always with you.. you are my sweet sis hei na.. nobody came to know that you are behind lakah’s accident. . nobody will find out kavita’s murderer also.. stop thinking much cutie..

swara was really shocked by this. sanskar didn’t have any siblings. . he is the only son of durga prasad maheswari.. then who is this cutie? which sister? and she is behind laksh’s accident? sanskar know kavita’s murderer?

screen freez with shocked face of swara..

guys how was this? who is cutie? sanskar is the only son then how she is sanskar’s sister? why sanskar hate angels gang too much? lot of questions. . give your precious comments to know the answer ..

Credit to: Jwala

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