Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 8)


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Episode 7

swaragini and randhir sat near laksh.. all are crying ..

Randhir: guys we have no time to waste.. let us take him to hospital. .

They take him in to car.. but kavita was missing from the seat..

swara: oh god where is kavita?

ragini: swara may her friends take her.. this accident also created by them.. that blo*dy creatures. . I will not forgive them..

randhir: I too think same.. now our priority is only laksh..

they take laksh to hospital. . his condition was bit critical. .. he needed b negative blood.. randhir also had same blood group so he gave blood. operation was successful and doctors informed them laksh is out of critical stage.. 3 friends pray for laksh and till morning they stayed near icu.. at morning laksh get his consciousness back and he opened his eyes.. laksh wanted to see randhir first.. randhir stand near the bed.. laksh smiled at him..

laksh: I’m glad that you are safe.. I’m feeling much relief now. . I do a big mistake by mistrust you and ragini.. god give a small punishment for that.. I’m happy now..

randhir: laksh we are friends and always will be .. misunderstanding and all may happen sometimes. . I don’t have any hard feelings for you.. you are my best buddy. more than a brother. .

laksh smiled at him..

next ragini came to see laksh..

laksh: ragu.. you are till angry with me? look god itself give my punishment. . now please don’t be angry ragu..

ragini: I’m not angry with you laksh.. I can’t be.. I can’t see you like this laksh.. I want my laksh back. . my heart is paining in your condition. . I can’t live without you laksh. .

laksh: I too can’t live without you ragu..

ragini was weeping.. she slowly caresses his hair.. he was feeling like a small baby..

outside swara was sleeping in randhir’s shoulder. . he smiled to himself. . they all didn’t sleep yesterday night or didn’t have any food ..
randhir pats swara’s shoulder and call her.

” let me sleep sometimes more maa”

randhir: ” shona you are not in your house .. it is hospital and I’m randhir.. not your maa”

swara awake from sleep and saw herself sleeping in randhir’s shoulders. .

swara: ” randhir you know what you are like my maa”

randhir: “what? ”

swara:” ha I don’t have papa.. only maa is with me.. but when I’m with her I don’t have any fear of this world. . I feel protective in her arms.. I feels same protection and safety when I’m with you.. so you are like my ma”

randhir smiled at her..

swara: let me call ma.. and bring some coffe.. ok..

swara leaves .. randhir was watching her with lots of affection and care.

” why you are not telling that you love her”

randhir shocked and turned back.. it was ragini..

ragini: randhir I know you love her.. but why you are hiding your love in the mask of friendship?

randhir: who said that? she is my friend and nothing more..

ragini: don’t lie randhir. . I saw love in your eyes for her.. that day when devils kidnapped her, I saw you are burning inside.. I know randhir you love her more than anything. . you have to confess it to her..

randhir: ragini nothing like that. Don’t think much.. one minute I will be back.. he escaped from ragini’ s further questions. .

ragini ( to herself) : this boy is really an idiot. . he loves her but afraid of accepting it..

ragini smiled to herself. .

by evening laksh condition became more better.. doctors shifted him in to room.. laksh’s parents came to hospital for taking care of him.. ragini also were in hospital. .

randhir and swara was in randhir’s house. . they were discussing about the accident and thinking about the culprit. . suddenly police jeep peeped in to the lawn in front of the house. . randhir and swara came down wards. .

servant had opened the door and police were standing on the hall..

Randhir: sir what happened? why are you here?

inspector: are you randhir singh shekatavat?

randhir: yes..

inspector: you are under arrest. .

swandhir shocked..

swara : for what sir?

inspector: for murdering kavita shregil..

screen freez

guys am I bored you? if it is boring please tell me.. and I’m getting new new ideas for this ff.. if you like it please comment please

Credit to: Jwala

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  1. Kavita mar gai!!! I think it’s one of their plan…. You are not boring us in fact we are enjoying it….try to update soon..

    1. kavita dead.. it is true.. other all suspense. . thank you so much for your comment dear

  2. Wow is kavita dead

    1. yes .. kavita dead

  3. Nope,not at all boring…..but one ques, r u gonna make swadhir a pair……cause I love their pair than Swasan…..also I love lakshs role…..n their lovey dovey moments too…..totally fully amazing n interesting part yaarr……but onthg is bothering me….is it true dat kavs hav died r it is another plan of dat devils gang??r they…no no…..sanskar intentionally killed kavs r wat??….guess I shd hav lil more patience….pls continue n update faster

    1. you will get to know all your answers in next episode. . and I too like swandhir.. I’m a big helly fan.. so I like swasan and swandhir.. here you have to wait little more to know about the pair.. thank you so much for your sweet comment dear. .

  4. It’s not boring. It’s very interesting dear and plz continue

    1. thank you so much ammu

  5. more raglak scenes please

    1. I will add their more scenes dear.. I could upload a short update every time because I’m using a phone.. that is why not adding more scenes.. but I will try my best to add their scenes

  6. Interesting yaar plz update next part soon

    1. ok dear.. thank you so much

  7. its swasan lovestory or are u making swara randhir??

    1. dear first of all it is not a full love story.. it is a mysterious story of some people. . and I try to add love in between. . but sanskar is negative . sanskar is total black and negative in this ff..

  8. Omg… Randhir jail jayega?????

    1. hmm.. may be.. thanks for commenting dear

  9. kavita dead??? no nt bore …. i lov it

    1. yes dear.. thanks you so much

  10. More Raglak scenes

    1. I will try to add more. thanks for comment


    1. I’m so glad that you like my ff this much.. thank you so much for such a lovely comment dear.. yeh I too like swandhir.. you don’t hurt me dear.. I will update asap. tc dear. .

    1. thanks yaar

  12. Awesome
    Plz don’t show swadhir plz

    1. Thank you so much shagun.. I’m very sorry dear.. I have to show them..

  13. nyc chappy..nt boring at all..

    1. thank you so much dear

  14. What kavitha is dead shocking news

    1. yes dear. kavita died. .

  15. awesome dr….its not boring…..but pls i want swasan as pair…..hope its swasan nd kavita died???or its a plan of devil gang by hiding kavita?????

    1. kavita died. . it is true.. thank you so much dear.. about swasan hmm.. I will give some more shocking episodes next.. then only I will say who is swara’s pair

  16. thamiazh magan

    ohh u r finishing every chap with suspense

    1. he he yes.. I’m getting new new ideas. thank you so much for commenting dear

  17. Priya tripathi

    Awesome but i think kavita is dead this the plan of that devils

    1. no dear. . she really dead.. thanks dear

  18. Awesome….
    .kavita is dead

    1. Thanks dear

    1. Thanks

  19. Hey ur one is different. Keep it up. I love Sanskaar in grey shades. He can play any role perfectly.

    1. thank you so much dear. . yeh he can play any role perfectly

  20. hy jwala i lvd ur ff but nit comntng it till now…. am a sile t reader for ur ff…. am a sansakarholic so i acnt see him lyk this but i lvd ur ff so i read it…… n if randhirs lve is true for swara thn dont make thm separate…. bcoz true le is alwys precious thier is no mttr who r thy…. n kavitas death its shiking wytng for nxt…??

    1. hi aami. . I’m so glad that you broke my silent.. I too love sanskar.. but for a change I make him negative. . about swandhir I’m still in thinking about the track.. and I hope you will like my further updates too.. thank you so much dear.. keep supporting me

  21. Awesome update.. 🙂

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