Gang of devils v/s Gang of Angels( episode 7)


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Episode 6

Randhir and kavita had a bike ride.. then randhir parked his bike in a pub.. people were dancing, drinking and enjoying in the pub.. Randhir offer vodka to kavita.. she have it happily.. now kavita is full drunken.. in a semi conscious state..

Randhir: kavita do you really love me?

kavita: ofcourse sanskar i love you..

Randhir: kavita I’m not sanskar..

kavita: ha i know robin i love you so much.

Randhir: I’m not robin.. who is he?

kavita: robin my 6th boyfriend.. and who are you?

Randhir: I’m Randhir..

kavita: oh my dream boy.. i really love you.. love at first sight..

Randhir: kavita if you love me then why did you trap me and ragini in that hotel room?

kavita: I’m so sorry randhir.. it was that sanskar’s plan.. idiot.. i said to him don’t do it.. but he don’t obey.. he is very bad..

Randhir: ok .. tell me exactly what happened that night..

kavita: after drinking juice you and ragini fainted….. . then karthik , kavya and me make you both lye on the bed.. karthik removed your shirt.. you are so so hot when shirtless.. then me and kavya messed up ragini’s hair and dress and place her hands around your chest.. we only do this much.. sorry ..

Randhir: tell me one thing.. what is uttara’s role in it?

kavita: uttara.. poor girl.. she helped us because she loves laksh so much.. but that dumbo loves ragini.. for getting him uttara helped us..

Randhir was shocked by this.. uttara loved laksh? this was a shocking news to him..

kavia fainted on the table.. Randhir called swaragini..

swaragini rushed to the place.. they were hiding somewhere in the pub .. Randhir take his mobile where he recorded all conversation.. they also shocked by hearing the conversation.. a boy was hearing all this.. he came towards the trio.. it was laksh.. he heard all and now he know all the truth..

” Ragini” laksh called in a painful voice

trio turned back and see laksh standing there..

Ragini ( angrily): who called you now? we are discussing an important matter .. don’t disturb us..

laksh was broken by her words..

swara: Ragini i called him.. he also need to know the truth..

Ragini: for what swara? i can’t accept him in my life.. i can’t accept him even as a friend.. if you both are ready then make him your friend again.. but i will not forgive him in my life..

Randhir: ragini please.. try to understand.. it was not his fault.. some people played against us.. we have to join together and give them a good lesson..

swara: ha ragini.. give him a chance.. as a friend atleast.. please..

Ragini: ok .. i will forgive him.. but not accept him..

laksh: as your wish ragini.. you forgive me it is enough for me.. i don’t force you to love me .. but i will always love you..

swara: guys now what we will do with this kavita?

all look each other in a confusion..

devils gang..

boys were enjoying a party.. sanskar got a call from kavya..

sanskar: ha kavs..

kavya: sanskar kavita is missing..

sanskar: don’t worry babe she may be enjoying with any of her boyfriend..

kavya: sanskar i was going to hostel.. then i saw kavita’s car on road..

sanskar felt something fishy..

sanskar: kavya one minute.. we are coming.. i think this is a plan of that low class people.. i will teach them a lesson..

sanskar called his friend rahul and told him something..

swara got a phone call from rahul..

swara: rahul? why did you call me this time?

rahul: swara that devils gang is misbehaving with a girl.. in xxx road.. i passed through the road then i saw it.. I’m afraid to fight with them.. you guys please come and help that girl..

swara: ok we are coming..

swara tells others about this..

Ragini: we have to help that girl..

swara: yes come on let us go..

four of them enter in to the car( Randhir’s car) they take kavita also.. she was still unconscious..

They reached the place which rahul referred but they don’t see anyone.. Randhir and laksh step out from the car.. suddenly another car came in full speed and about to hit Randhir.. but laksh pushed him away and that car hit laksh..

laksh lyed on ground unconscious with heavy bleeding from head and injuries in his body..

” lakshhhhhhhh”

randhir screams.. swaragini step out from the car and panicked by the sight..

screen freez…

so how was it? who tried to kill randhir? will laksh survive?

guys are you liking the story.. i know you all will be little upset.. there is no romance in this story.. but guys i decided this story in this way.. and I’m not able to give swasan scenes.. guys you will get s shocking twist in coming updates.. it will be about swasan.. but sanskar will be full evil and negative.. and sorry for my short updates.. I’m using a phone.. so i can’t write a long update.. but i think I’m giving something new in every updates..

Credit to: Jwala

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