Gang of devils v/s Gang of Angels( episode 6)


hi guys i’m back.. I’m in a dilemma now.. many of you want raglak.. and many others want new entry.. ok.. i will do one thing.. i will try to make laksh a better person and he will go through lot of pains.. and then i will ask you this question again.. if you all forgive laksh , then i will make it raglak.. if not i will make a new entry.. ok? I’m sorry for doing this.. half of my readers want raglak and others want new entry.. i promise you all that i will go with majority.. so i’m in a big dilemma.. so please cooperate with me.. and there will be no voting for swara’s pair.. i have a confirmed track for it.. but in raglak I’m in utter confusion now.. so after reading few episodes please tell me you want raglak or new entry..

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swaragini and randhir was in swara’s house.. they were thinking how to prove the truth..

swara: Randhir i can’t understand one thing.. we all know this trap is made by devils gang.. but what is uttara’s role in it?

Randhir: we have to find out swara.. but one thing is true that uttara has major role in this plan..

swara: tell me exactly what happened when you guys were about to leave the party?

Randhir tells whole things happened


Randhir was about to sit on his bike.. suddenly uttara run towards them..

uttara: guys stop.. i want to tell something to you both..

Ragini: tell na uttara.. any emergency?

uttara: i can’t tell that matter in a public place.. i want to show you something..

Randhir: what is that uttara? this much important thing? let me call swara and laksh also..

uttara: no no. . only you two .. come with me.

uttara take them to the room..

uttara: please come in .. take your seat..

ragini and randhir sit in the chair..

Ragini: uttara why did you take us in this room? we can sit in outside also na..?

uttara: be patient ragini.. the matter is so much important..

at that time a waiter came with cool drinks.. ragdhir refused the juice.. but uttara made them drink the juice..

uttara: guys one minute . i forgot something.. excuse me..

after a few seconds ragdhir feels dizzy and fall on the floor.

….flashback ends…


swara was really angry on uttara..

swara: she had some plans.. but why.. devils can never seek uttara’s help.. uttara also hates them.. and she is one of the richest girl in our college so money also not matters..

Ragini: you are right swara.. i don’t think she is scared of devils.. because if they black mail her or attack her or whatever then her dad will kill them.. her dad is a strong and rich person.. then what will be the matter? she was our friend swara.. then how can she betray us?

Randhir: something is fishy guys.. something we failed to notice..

Ragini: Randhir what about cctv footage?

Randhir: i asked about it yesterday itself.. but that idiot manager said that their cctv camera stopped working suddenly.. and they had to repair it..

Ragini: what? all camera failed?

Randhir: almost everyone..

swara: not surprised at all.. devils gang can do anything..

Ragini: now what will we do..

swara: i have an idea.. chance of success is 50% but let us make a move..

Randhir: what idea swara?

swara: an alcoholic idea..

a smile appeared on swara’s face..

devils gang..

all were enjoying their victory..

kavita was sitting on sanskar’s lap.. she was wearing a small dress.. which hardly cover her thighs.. sanskar was holding her waist and playing with her fingers.. kavya was teasing karthik and sahil..

kavita: guys he is so hot..

sahil: who? are you referring to me? i know that I’m hot..

kavita: not you dumbo.. Randhir.. he was very hot.. when he was shirtless i wanted to hug him and kiss him.. but you idiots didn’t give any chance..

sanskar: is he hotter than me?

kavita: what a difficult question sanky.. you are very hot. but he is not less than you..

sanskar felt angry and throw her on the floor..

kavita: you blo*dy ***** ..

others also get angry on sanskar..

kavya: what the hell sanskar.. what is wrong with you?

sanskar clutched kavya’s shoulders tightly.. his eyes were red with anger..

sanskar: don’t dare to praise him in front of me.. that blo*dy Randhir shekhavat.. i hate him more than anything in this world.. i hate his group and want to destroy everyone in that group.. because i hate him to the core.. i will make his life and his beloved ones life a hell.. he is my enemy from childhood.. if you all want to live then don’t dare to praise him..

he leaves the place.. his friends are shocked by his action.. kavita was still lying on the floor .. she was boiling un anger..

laksh’s house..

laksh was sitting on his bed.. his face was dull and pale due to continues crying.. yes he was crying like girls.. he is ofcourse a strong person.. but an emotional person as well.. he will do action first.. then only he will think about it.. he was feeling guilty on his actions..

laksh ( to himself) : oh god.. i think i made a big mistake.. Randhir is my friend.. he will not betray me.. and ragini i love her.. how can i say those things to her.. you are such an idiot laksh.. but when i saw them together i lost my all control.. no men can tolerate such situation.. his love in the embrace of another man.. that sight is the worst sight.. i lose trust in myself.. but swara believed them.. but don’t believe them.. what will i do now? i want to see ragini.. i want to hug her.. i want to kiss her.. i want to console her.. but i can’t.. my friends will hate me.. i made the biggest mistake in my life.. but that sight was hunting me.. when i saw that i felt someone stabbing me..anger killed me.. i was in a fire.. it burnt my body.. i don’t think about anything.. i showered my full anger on them.. but i know very well that my ragini can’t betray me.. as swara said it was a trap.. i want to talk with them.. but how can i face them? oh god.. please help me.. i want to ask forgiveness.. and i want to know the truth.. else i will die..

tears roll down from his eyes..

( sometimes our emotions will betray us.. in every situation we have to think from heart and also with brain.. if we do some sudden actions being emotional , it will be our biggest failure.. before doing anything we have to think twice.. and here laksh made a big mistake.. when he saw his love with some other person he loose all control.. he didn’t think that she can’t betray him.. anger is a fire.. it anger over power his trust.. it was his mistake and he have to pay for it)


kavita was going to her house in her car.. she was alone.. sanskar’s behavior made her frustrated.. suddenly a bike stopped infront of her car..

kavita became angry and step out of the car..

kavita: who the blo*dy hell are you..

the person take his helmet..

kavita shocked by seeing him..

kavita: Randhir..

yes it was Randhir..

Randhir: hey hottie..

kavita was getting more shock.. he was smiling..

Randhir: what happened dear? are you afraid of me? .

kavita: what you want? why are you blocking my way?

Randhir: i want you babe..

kavita: what?

Randhir: you love me na? i too love you..

kavita pinch herself.. she doubted that it was a dream..

Randhir: what is this kavita? you don’t believe me? ok them I’m going..

kavita: Randhir are you trying to trap me?

Randhir: come on kavita.. you know very well that i respect girls.. and i didn’t trap them.. did you know what? i had a crush on you.. and when you said you love me i was in cloud 9.. but i was afraid of my friends.. but now i just don’t care..that laksh already leave our group.. now only swaragini remains.. they are not important for me.. you are such a gorgeous girl..

kavita feels very happy..

Randhir: can we have a ride?

kavita: ofcourse.. I’m coming with you.. she was dying to have a ride with him..

screen freez..

guys how was it? what you think about today’s episode? please comment..

Credit to: Jwala

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  1. A gud epi
    n please make it Raglak

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  3. if laksh realizes his mistake than raglak is perfect

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    1. thanks priya

  4. it was nice episode….. plsss dnt separate raglak

    1. thanks dear .. i will not separate them

  5. Laksh is repenting na… Then pls make it Raglak… pls pls

    1. ok dear.. it will be raglak

  6. Nice…don’t seperate raglak…if possible plzz make swasan

    1. thanks dear.. raglak is confirmed.. about swasan you have to wait more to know it

  7. vryyyyyyyyyyyy nce plzzzzz make it swasan raglak nd for randir some one nyss grl plzzzzz

    1. thanks dear.. you will get raglak for sure..

  8. yaarr…aaj k part boring tha i want swasan scenes why story is revolvng around only on raglak randhir and kavita n ol??

    1. sorry yaar.. but this story is not based on pairs.. so please forgive me.. you will get swasan scenes in future…and don’t said this is a swasan ff.. you have to wait more to know who is swara’s pair..

    2. Sanskar is still with the villain gang, It will take time to get good Swasan scenes and more over its just the beginning, we need to have patience.

  9. if laksh realuzed his mistake nd he is repentaning so u should not separate raglak

    1. ok dear.. i will not separate them

  10. Awesome
    Update broken wings plz

    1. thanks shagun.. i want some time to update broken wings.. I’m sorry for not updating it.. but not getting enough tracks for it

  11. interesting…………..

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  12. Today,the episode was shocking 4 me. Randhir offering a ride to kavita!! Waiting 4 the next part. I like to see sanky in this devil role. Sth new!!

    1. thank you so much dear.. yeh.. sanskar is full devil here.. glad that you liked it

  13. Interesting .. I guess uttara is in love with laksh.

    1. nice guess dear..

  14. I think its a trap….. i think if lucky unferstood his mistake he deserve another chance…..but if you can plz make it as shocking news for devils….
    Anyway today epi was superb…….

    1. yup.. laksh deserves a chance.. i will give shocking news to devils in coming episodes.. thank you so much dear

  15. OK made it raglak as laksh realise his mistake……. And plz make devils loose in front of angel.. Awesome epi….update soon…..

    1. it will be raglak only.. and devils will loose one day.. thank you so much dear

  16. awesome but what laksh did is not forgettable so i want an new entry and laksh jealousy but raglak hee pairs honge then new entry will join gang of devils then he will play a cupid between them..What say??

    1. ok dear.. i will bring a new entry for laksh’s jealousy .. but he will not join devils gang.. thanks for commenting dear..

    1. thanks dear

    1. thanks

  17. Awesome but plz make it raglak

    1. thanks dear.. it will be raglak

  18. Laksh is repenting yaar give him a chanceunite raglak

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  19. if possibl mke swasn bt it ws a good episode

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  20. Yupiieeeeee Kavita trapped….yahuuuuu

    1. hehe you got it

  21. Jwala dear, for me Sanskar is not as bad as I hoped. Not that I want him to be but still.

    Did you made Laksh realise his mistake to make raglak a pair? Honestly I always wanted Ragini to have someone who was worthy of her love during the initial days then don’t ask how they managed to mess up every single character in the show.

    Angels are luring Kavita into a trap right? I think she will blur out the truth as well. Lets wait till the next update to see where your beautiful brain leads to..

    Keep going as I’m loving it

    1. sree dear thank you so much for such a lovely comment.. but dear sanskar is really bad.. you will get to know it in upcoming updates.. as i said earlier he is complete negative here.. i know you are a sanskarholic .. please pardon me.. i just want to make him negative in my ff.. yeh raglak is gonna be end game.. i will give justice to ragini in my ff.. and yeh kavita is trapped.. and what will happen now ? stay tuned.. love you dear

  22. may be laksh has realised his mistake, bt i dont know why, i am still not convinced.
    becoz all relations are depends upon trust. atleast lash should give rd and ragini a chance to share their side of a story. but no he didnt trust them.
    i will suggest new entry for ragini.

  23. jwala nycccc but I think that raglak will be better and for randhir you can make a new entry …

  24. Superb episode and don’t separate Raglak plz

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