Gang of devils v/s Gang of Angels( episode 5)

hi guys.. I’m back with another update..

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swara became numb.. but laksh rushed towards ragdhir..

” Ragini”

laksh screamed.. but ragini or randhir don’t wake up.. they were sleeping .. laksh take mug from table and pour the water to their face.. ragdhir open their eyes.. they shocked to see their condition.. ragini’s dress were misplaced and randhir was shirtless.. ragini covered herself with a blanket.. ragini’s eyes filled with tears.. randhir looks himself in a disbelief..

randhir: why I’m here? ragini … what happened? .. we both?.. what is this? swara.. laksh this is a trap..

laksh was angry.. he misunderstood them..

laksh: ha.. yes.. it was a trap.. but you made this trap.. you blo*dy cheater..

laksh slapped randhir..

” laksh stop it”

it was swara..

swara: what the hell wrong with you laksh? why did you slap him? don’t you trust your friends? i know it is a trap..

laksh: are you insane swara? don’t you have eyes to see the truth?

ragini( with a broken voice): what truth laksh?

laksh: truth is that you shared bed with him.. else he forced you.. and this blo*dy basted was cheating me.. this rascal betray me by sleeping with my gf..

” thaaapaaddd”

swara slapped laksh..

swara: how dare you to accuse him laksh? what a friend you are? you don’t trust your best friend.. you don’t have faith in your lover.. do you really think they can cheat you? shame on you mr.laksh arora..

Randhir: laksh i can’t in my weird dreams i can’t thought of cheating my friends.. for me ragini is your girl.. your girl means my sister.. how can you think like this laksh? don’t you have trust on me?

laksh: don’t dare to utter a single word mr. Randhir shekhavat.. why you are putting mask on your face now also.. i know you have to get swara’s trust na.. after ragini now you want her.. isn’t it ?

” thaaapaaad”

laksh again got slapped.. and this time it was ragini..

ragini: shut up laksh.. how cheap you are.. how can you say like this laksh? it was a trap.. neither i nor randhir was culprit here.. our enemies done this to separate us..

swara: ha laksh.. it is the truth.. they want to break our group and they want to destroy us.. so they are playing such cheap games.. please believe your friends..

laksh: swara you are too innocent to believe this jerk( pointed towards randhir)
if you want to save yourself from him them come with me.. break all friendship with these two..

swara hold randhir’s and ragini’s hand..

swara: i believe randhir and ragini.. i have full faith in them.. if you can’t trust them, then you don’t have a friend named swara..

laksh: ok.. I’m going… i don’t want to see this 2 people’s face anymore.. but you are my friend swara.. if you have any need you can call me.. I’m going..

Ragini: one minute laksh..

laksh turns towards her.. he felt pain in his heart… but more pain occur when he thinks that she cheated him with his best friend..

ragini look him.. her pain was beyond words.. their enemies trapped her.. it was really painful.. but the pain of mistrust.. whom you love more than yourself bit trusting you.. it killed her. . it was like stabbing her with knife.. his all words stabbed her wound more.. it bleeds.. it was beyond words..

she take off her ring.. it was gifted by laksh.. letter “L” was written on it.. Ragini throw it to his face..

Ragini: I’m breaking all ties with you mr.laksh arora.. from today onwards you are just a stranger to me.. get lost.. i hate you..

Ragini breaks down.. swara consoles her.. laksh leaves.. he also had tears in his eyes..

swara: don’t cry ragini.. nothing happened.. we can convince laksh.. don’t cry please..

Randhir also had tears in his eyes..

swara: but you guys are about to go to ragini’s house na? then what happened?

Randhir: we were about to go.. but that time she came towards us..

swara : who?

suddenly they get a clapping sound.. 3 of them looked toward door.. devils was coming ..

sanskar: Hey Randhir.. enjoyed it?

karthik: Randhir you have this type of relation with ragini?

sahil: she is such a hot and s*xy girl na.. then why can’t he.. you are lucky randhir..

Randhir: don’t think that you all win.. you devils can’t destroy us..

sanskar: i know how strong your friendship bond is.. we saw laksh going out .. how much trust he have on his friends.. we want to learn from him what trust is..

swara: can you people go out of this room? why you are always coming to rub salt in our wounds.. and we know that it was your plan.. and we will prove it and we will convince laksh also..

” you have to convince me also”

swaragini and randhir shocked to see that person.. it was principal..

principal : swara you have to prove it and convince me that this was a trap and your friends are innocent. otherwise Ragini and Randhir will be dismissed from college.. which means they can’t write final exams next month..

swara: sir what r you saying? they don’t do any crime.. you are punishing them unnecessarily..

Ragini: sir please don’t do it.. my parents had many dreams on me.. my life will be spoiled..

Randhir: sir if you want then punish me.. i will not write exams.. but don’t do it to ragini. please sir..

principal: you have one month time.. next month your exams will start.. before that you should prove your innocence.. and both of you are suspended for this one month.. when you prove your innocence you can enter into college..

3 of them shocked.. but swara regain her courage..

swara: fine sir.. if i don’t prove their innocence i will also not write the final exams…. and i promise you you will regret for this..

principal: as your wish swara. but you are going to regret. this type of students are burden to my college..

principal leaves..

devils gang give a winning smile ..

screen freez…

guys i have to ask one question.. do you want raglak as end game? in my opinion no.. because trust is the basis of every relationship.. here laksh didn’t trust ragini.. but if you guys want raglak then i will patch up them.. else i will introduce a new hero for ragini.. that role will be played by shakti arora.. so please give your comments.. raglak or new entry for ragini?

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  1. raglak

    1. thanks dear

  2. Ha new one will be better…… Hope swara prove them innocent… And kick that laksh out…… But how they came there …. I didn’t like devils behavior…. Hope they get punished soon….. Plz name that new guy as arjun ….. Plz…..

    1. i respect your opinion jenisha.. i too want new entry.. but i will decide it only by getting all replies.. if majority want raglak then i should make them only.. sorry dear.. this decision should be taken by majority voting.. again sorry if i hurt you..

  3. That was nice.. and i want raglak in the end

    1. thanks dear

  4. new entry is better trust is most important part of a relationship. but they are also very sweet if you can mend their relation anyway then it would be best without disrespecting ragini

    1. ok dear.. i will make the pair by knowing majority opinion.. both ways i give full justice to ragini.. if you guys want raglak together i will make laksh more better person.. thanks for commenting

  5. raglak otherwise pardh sampthan ska manik for ragu

    1. thanks for your comment dear.. i will go with majority

  6. plz don’t seperate raglak

    1. ok dear.. thanks for the comment

  7. Plzzzzzz patch them up yaar laksh Will be heartbroken plzzzz I beg u

    1. ok dear i will patch up them

  8. my opinion raglak only…..i do no y in d serial also laksh dint get good role…..ur ff also showing him as bad as he dint trust his frnd bd lover…..y guys….

    1. sorry dear.. in my ff he will definitely get good role.. at his pov he is right.. he will definitely ask forgiveness and love ragini more and more.. if you guys don’t vote for raglak then also i thought to introduce other girl for laksh.. he will surely get good role in my ff. . sorry if i hurt you

  9. Priya tripathi

    No jwala don’t do this i want only raglak but its true that laksh didn’t trust ragini when u proof them inocent than make hard way to convince ragini randhir n swara to trust him again i hope u like my suggestion

    1. ok dear.. i like your suggestion.. i will go with this way.. thanks a lot dear

  10. For me as your wish u decide your pair

    1. thank you for commenting dear

  11. i agree with you, i also dot want raglak at the end. laksh didnt trust his love and bf. even sanskar is better than laksh, atleast he is always stand with his frnd. why dont make sanskar fall for ragini. its just a suggestion, everything is upto you.

    1. sorry dear.. i can’t make sanskar and ragini as a couple in this ff.. here their characters are far apart.. and i too agree with laksh’s part.. but majority want raglak

  12. Raglak plz and very nice

    1. ok dear.. it will be raglak.. and thanks a lot

  13. awesome… entry for ragini will be good as laksh didn’t trust ragini…………..

  14. if its not raglak den it can’t be swasan either bcoz wat sanskar did was horrible….

    1. i too agree with you.. sanskar do many horrible things. thanks for commenting dear

  15. Dont seperate raglak.. It hpns.. Its all bcs of circumstances.. They need to patch up to face devils.. Nd yeah i need Sanskar to fall for swara also.. Need to go to any xtreme for making her fall in love..

    1. ok sree.. it will be raglak only.. and other all suspense

  16. A new entry would Mk a sense jwala

  17. want raglak

  18. Raglak

  19. I want.RagLak.. Laksh deserves a chance..

  20. want raglak and sanskar falling for swara …

    i mean i want swasan and raglak aa final pairrr plzzz plzzz

  21. I think u should follow ur heart.. Its ur story… U should be the 1 who decides..

  22. No dr dont make again raglak as one.becaz he didnt trust his love…. if he truely love ragini then he didnt MU no more raglak in this ff….(but in other ff i am also raglak and swasan fan.) But in this ff dont make them as a one…
    Bring new boy for ragini’s life…. then perfect……
    And today epi was superb….
    If i hurt someone’s feelings i am so sorry guys…pz forgive me…

  23. raglak nnn…plz sankar falling for swara …

  24. Raglak yar, I know it’s a misunderstanding but really randhir was bad right so whatever laksh said is true but he could Atleast believe ragini

    1. Randhir is not bad dear

  25. raglak…but plz make laksh better person…and he should try hard to get ragini back

  26. raglak i want nd swasan also bt sanskar shld struggle for his love he shld love like mad bt she shld nt accept his proposal so early plzzzzzz sanky shld knw whtr he did is wrong nd for randir some one nyss grl or turn his charactr into negative it wll b intrstng nd dffrnt wt u say???

  27. thamiazh magan

    in my opinion relations should start on trust. but here laksh missed that chance.

  28. Nooo only raglak and Swasan plzzz…no new entry

  29. awesome part please bring new entry for ragini

  30. Sojal jaiswal

    plzz onlyy raglak
    ..u cn chnge laksh chractr in a positive way…means fr getting prove against devil gang laksh has plan a drma before all fr not trustng their buddies

  31. I am a big raglak fan but please in this ff don’t pair them please its a request because now I can’t imagine them in this ff and I agree with you trust is very important I agree that many want raglak but please take the right decision …….pls pls a new entry for ragini pls

  32. nice episode and plss dnt separate raglak . i know he did mistake and he should get punishment fr that. bt dnt separate them . uploade nxt part soon

  33. Raglan dr

  34. i love raglak but here ragini needs a new entry! her hero! he will be with her in her happy and bad moment! he will trust her blindly! respect her! and pls make laksh jelous also!

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