Gang of devils v/s Gang of Angels( episode 4)

Thank you so much my lovable readers.. I’m very grateful to all of you.. sorry i couldn’t reply to everyone individually in previous update.. but i respect all your comments and I’m thankful to everyone.. and Randhir’s character played by param singh from sadda haq..

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The party was about to complete.. Ragini gone to her home as her mother said her to come early.. Randhir go to drop her.. swara was talking to her some other friends.. she gets a call..

swara: hello

caller: swara beta.. it’s me janki .. Ragini’s mom..

swara: hai aunty.. what happened mom ? why did you call me this time? anything important?

janki: swara beta can you give phone to ragini? her mobile is switched off..

swara shocked by hearing this.. because ragini left to her home 1 hr before..

swara: what she didn’t reached home? she leaves the party 1 hr before..

janki shocked and started to crying..

janki: swara she didn’t reached till now.. what happened to my daughter? please do something beta.. was she alone?

swara: no auntie. Randhir drop her.. one minute let me call him.. don’t worry auntie.. Randhir is with her na.. she will be safe.. don’t cry.. i will call you back..

swara cut the call.. she dialled randhir’s number.. but his mobile also switched off..

swara feels restless.. she run towards laksh.. he was talking with his friends.

swara : laksh i want to tell you something important..

laksh: what happened swara? you are looking tensed?

laksh excuse his friends and come towards her..

laksh: swara tell me.. what is the matter?

swara tells everything to him… laksh also worried by hearing this..

swara: we have to find them laksh..

laksh:let us go and search them..

suddenly uttara came towards them..

uttara: swara, laksh you guys are going?

swara: ha uttara we have to go now..

uttara: but your friends are here na..

swara: what? ragini and randhir here?

uttara: ha.. randhir’s bike is here..

swara and laksh again shocked..

laksh: but they were not anywhere here..

uttara: i saw them going inside the hotel..

swara: inside hotel? for what?

uttara: swara.. what a question? my papa book rooms here for guests.. so they can also use room..

laksh: uttara what you are trying to say?

uttara: go and check.. room no: 201

laksh hold swara’s hand and rushed to the hotel..

room no 201:

swara knocked the room.. it was not locked.. she opened the door..

both laksh and swara shocked..

Randhir and Ragini was lying on the bed Randhir was shirtless.. Ragini’s arm was wrapped in his body..

swalak were panicked by seeing this site..

screen freez..

sorry for short update guys.. but I’m sure it will be shocking for you also.. please comment

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  1. No…no… This can’t hpn.. Must b a scam by d devils!! Isn’t it?

    1. wait for next update dear..

    2. let us see what happens.. thank you for commenting hope.. what’s your real name?

  2. Awesome

    1. thanks shagun

  3. hope they don’t misunderstand about ranrag

    1. let us see dear..

  4. i want swasan scenes

    1. i will try to add more

  5. shocking but rocking………..;) 😉

    1. thank you so much pooja

  6. This is a trap…..oh god pkz swalak dont MU rndhir nd ragini……awesome part dr……i feeling like killing devils…….;-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-)

    1. thank you so much dear.. read next part to know more about it.. yeh devils are very very cruel

  7. yes its really shocking.. pls update nxt part soon eagarly wating fr it . just luv it.

    1. thanks dear.. i will update next part soon

  8. I am sure this is devil gangs plan to separate them.Update soon

    1. i will update soon dear..

  9. I had expected this only

    1. you expected it.. he he.. keep reading

  10. if swalak are their true frnds, so they will never mu ragini and randhir.

    1. hmm.. let us hope so.. thank you so much for commenting

  11. Priya tripathi

    Love this episode n i m sure that its all doing by devils

    1. thank you so much dear

  12. what how can it happen? btw awesome epi……….

    1. thanks dear.. you will get to know it soon

    1. thanks dear

  13. oh my God wt hppnd yar…. waiting for next epi it’s vry nce. …. plzzz tell me pairs yar….. plzzzz

    1. thanks for liking it dear.. i will tell the pairs soon

  14. Ur episodes sre so small
    Plz upload next part asap

    1. ya.. this part was short.. i will try to upload long next time.. thank you for commenting

  15. awesome…..hope swalak believe n ragini nd randhir……nd pls make swasan nd raglak as pairs…..

    1. thanks shan

  16. its a trap by devils isn’t it

    1. you will get to know it soon

  17. It must ve devils plan Waiting fr next part

    1. i will update soon dear

  18. Nice plzz add Swasan scenes

  19. i will add more swasan scenes.. thanks dear

  20. Awesome but make swara and randbir scens also plzzz and make them final couples plzzz,,,

    1. thanks alia.. you will surely get swandhir scenes

  21. It was an shocking episode yaar….I love d way u write this ff…..

    1. thank you so much dear

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