Gang of devils v/s Gang of Angels( episode 3)

Recap: swara get rescued.. sanskar and his gang got beaten by Randhir and laksh. devils get to know that raglak are in love..

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Gang of devils v/s Gang of Angels( episode 2)


it was lunch break time.. both swaragini are in same class 2 year engineering.. laksh and Randhir are final year engineering students..

swaragini was chatting around random things.. uttara came towards them.. uttara is their close friend but not a part of their gang..

uttara: swara, ragini i have a bad news for you..

swara: what happened uttara?

uttara: first i think not to tell you .. but this is very important news.. your best friend is cheating you guys..

Ragini: what r u saying uttara? who is cheating ?

uttara: Randhir

swaragini : what?

swara: how dare you to say like this uttara?

Ragini: we believe him more than ourselves.. tell us what cheating he done?

uttara: he is in a relationship with kavita..

both swaragini looked each other and started to laugh..

Ragini: uttara today is not april 1st.. this is the no.1 joke i heard in my whole life..

swara: Randhir and kavita? lol.. if you said he and you are in a relationship we may believe.. but kavita? seriously? you are mad uttara..

uttara: ok.. you are not ready to believe me see this pictures..

uttara showed them pictures in her mobile..
now swaragini gets shocked..
one pic was Randhir holding kavita by her waist..kavita’s back only visible in that pic..

next pic kavita placing her head on his cheast.. he is holding her..

next pic kavita giving a peck on randhir’s cheek..

swaragini hell shocked now.. in their weird dreams they can’t believe it..

they snatched mobile from uttara and step out of the class..

uttara: guys stop.. where r u going?

swara: we are going to meet randhir.. any problem?

uttara: but he will refuse it..

Ragini: let ask him.. come swara..

Randhir was in library.. swaragini give gesture him to come out.. he came towards them..

Randhir: hi guys.. why both are looking angry? what happened?

swara: you are a cheater Randhir.. you cheated us.. our group.. you are in a relationship with kavita.. from our enemies gang..

Randhir shocked..

Randhir: what nonsense.. who tell this rubbish?

Ragini: look at this pictures Randhir..

swaragini showed him that picture.. he was really shocked now..

Randhir: guys this is a trap..

he tell’s them a flashback..


Randhir was walking through beach area.. he felt a hand in his shoulders.. he turn back.. it was kavita..

Randhir removed her hands..

Randhir: what is this? what you want?

kavita: Randhir i love you..

Randhir: super joke.. i believe it.. can i go now..?

kavita: it is not a joke randhir.. i really love you.. you are very handsome..

by saying this she give a peck on his cheeks..

Randhir: what the hell.. get lost.. don’t test my patience..

Randhir was about to go .. suddenly kavita started to fall..

kavita: Randhir I’m feeling dizzy.. Randhir caught her to prevent from falling..

kavita rested her head on his chest. . suddenly kavya came there .. she pour water on kavita’s face and kavita got conscious.. Randhir go from there not waiting for more drama..

….flashback ends….

swaragini became silent by hearing this..

swara: They are planning something big..

Randhir: yes.. i too think the same..

Ragini: why they are always after us.. fed up with their cheap dramas..

Swara: Randhir this time you are their target..

Ragini: i too feel the same..

Randhir: don’t worry angels.. they will not succeed in their plans.. don’t worry about me.. look class will start now.. go and study..

swaragini say bye to him and go to their class..

Randhir was looking them with a smile on his face( is he hiding anything? something fishy?)

after 2 days.. it was a birthday party of uttara.. she is very rich and she invited whole college for the party.. party was conducted on a luxurious hotel.. uttara’s parents arranged rooms also for guests.. since her father is a multi millionaire he want his daughter’s bday party to be grand..

our devils gang and angels gang also present there..

swara was wearing a red long dress.. it was sleeveless and a light make up.. she really looks like an angel from heaven..

Ragini was wearing a white crop top with a long skirt.. her belly is partially visible through the dress.. she also looking beautiful..

all were dancing and enjoying.. laksh came near ragini and offered his hands to her for dancing.. swara encourage her to dance with him.. They begin to dance..

Ragini felt butterflies in her stomach when laksh holds her waist.. their bodies are very close.. ragini felt heavenly when dancing with him.. laksh caressed her cheeks softly.. he had an urge to kiss her.. but due to crowd he control his emotions..

swara was happy for them.. she looked at randhir who was standing near her.. he was wearing a blue shirt and white blazer with black jeans..he looks super hot in that.. he was in deep thinking..
” Randhir”

swara called him.. but he don’t hear it.. something was disturbing him..

swara give him a small punch on his stomach..

Randhir: swaraa.. i will kill you. he hold her by waist tightly.. his tight grip give pain in her waist..

swara: leave me Randhir.. it is paining..

Randhir: then what you done to me? is it not paining?

swara: your girlfriend looking us with jealous..

Randhir: my gf? where?

swara pointed her fingers towards kavita..

kavita was looking them with jealous..

Randhir: swara you are right.. she is looking with jealousy.. come let us make he more jealous..

Randhir caught swara’s hand and go to a lonely place .. kavita follows them.. swandhir aware of the fact that kavita is following them.. kavita hide behind a pillow.. she can hear what they are talking..

swandhir starts their acting..

Randhir place his hands on swara’s waist.. he pulled her closer to him..

Randhir: swara you are very beautiful.. you are not doing any heavy make up.. but you look so gorgeous.. some girls like kavita do high make up and looks like clown.. i like your natural beauty..

kavita was fuming.. Randhir touches swara’s cheeks.. he trace his fingers through it..

Randhir: your cheeks are soft like a baby skin.. i love to kiss it..

kavita couldn’t take it anymore she leaves the place angrily.. but Randhir leans to swara’s cheeks to kiss her.. swara shocked by his action.
swara push him away..

swara: She gone Randhir.. what you were trying to do?

Randhir: I’m sorry swara.. i just tried to make her jealous.. I’m really sorry..

swara: it is ok.. come let us go..


devils gang..

sanskar and other boys were drinking..

kavita came towards them..

kavita: drink as much you can our enemies are doing romance and enjoying.. and you fools are drinking .. useless..

sanskar: don’t be angry babe.. let them enjoy.. today is the last day of their enjoyment..

sahil: you don’t tell your plan sanskar..

sanskar: you will get to know it soon sahil..

angels gang paas through that way they show devils are drinking..

they walked towards devils gang..

karthik: hey what are you doing here?

laksh : we came here to give company to you..

sahil: we want company.. not yours.. these girls company..
he caught ragini’s hand..
suddenly swara take the alcohol bottle and pour it on his head..
sahil drenched with alcohol..

sahil: how dare you..

laksh: you people do this to swara na.. you all poured water in her and she poured alcohol in your head.. this is a warning to you all..

swara: ha.. if you are planning anything against us.. you will get it back.. if we are together no one can harm us..

they leaves the place..

sanskar: we don’t want to do much swara.. your so called friend will betray you..

he laughed loudly.. devils have look him with amusement..

screen freez

precap: Randhir and Ragini missing in party.. laksh and swara serching them..

guys something shocking will happen in next episode.. don’t miss it..

shoot your comments guys.. and what you think about randhir in today’s update?
anything fishy about him?

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  1. I’m not guessing bz i want to read d story in full suspence!!!

  2. Awesome
    I think randhir loves swara
    plz update ur other ff asap i m waiting for it

  3. awesome….randhir is looking mysterious…..

  4. interesting..

  5. tell me which actor is playing randhir?

    1. param singh from sadda haq


  7. Nice episode

  8. Please don’t make randhir betraying them. ……. plz make swadhir and raglak as pairs

  9. awsm yar waiting for next epi it’s vry nce

  10. superb…………
    post nxt asap…………….

  11. please don’t break their bond.and randhir i thinks he is hiding some things not sure

  12. Nice…plzz don’t separate raglak…make Swasan as pair…I have a question can someone plzz tell who randhir is…I mean which show is he from…I don’t know him..but I have seen him being paired with swara a lot…if u know plzz tell me

    1. thanks.
      randhir is param singh from sadda haq..

  13. Awesome make swara and randhir pair plzzz yrrr

  14. Priya tripathi

    Awesome sorry i couldn’t comment previos episode

  15. Woaw….loved it … is it dat Randir loves Swara??so only wen they told abt dat he bcme fishy n also he tried to kiss swara too….so this proves dat he loves Swara….also waiting to know wat will hppn to d gang of angels as d leader of d gang of devils Is planning smtg “BIG”

  16. awesome episode but plz dont seperate raglak

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