Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels ( episode 20)


hi my dear friends. . thank you so much for your wonderful comments. . sorry I couldn’t reply. . I hardly get time.. so I hope you don’t mind.. but only your comments are my strength. . only because of your comments I’m writing this ff.. so each and every comments are very precious and important for me.. love you all ..

here is the update..

Rahul was trying to kiss swara.. swara fisted her hands and using all her force she punch his eyes. .

” ahhjhjjhhj”

rahul felt that his eyes burned. . he began to scream. . swara freed from his grip and she runs outside and locked the room from outside. . some goons heard his voice.. they rushed to the room.. swara was running. . .. sagar also came out and saw her.. he catches her.. and slapped her hard.. swara fall down in a thud.. sagar says his goons to lock her in a room..

they locked her on a room.. uttara also has been locked in that room.. uttara hugged swara and console her..

Ragini was also very scared by the noice.. she didn’t understand anything. . she was locked in another room.. sagar came to her room

sagar: your friend is very brave.. but she will suffer for harming my rahul. . she will cry for her death.. I will torture her more and if you try to escape I will kill swara in from of you..

he gone.. ragini sat down as a lifeless body. .

uttara was consoling swara.. swara was crying badly.. sagar enter the room and he throw uttara to the floor and began to slap swara. . swara’s lips started to bleed..

sagar: what did you think about yourself? what if he touch you? you are not pure na.. then what will happen if he enjoy you? rahul is in hospital. . his one eye is damaged only because of you.. you will get punishment swara.. I will make you a sl*t.. you didn’t let him to touch you. . now every men here will enjoy your body.. I will make you a pr*stitute. .

swara looked him with burning eyes..

swara: I will die before that.. and I will kill you before that..

swara had one blade in her hand.. her hands raise towards his neck.. sagar couldn’t understood what is happening. . blood run through his body.. he fall on the floor.. swara cut his vein on neck.. and he died.

yes.. sagar died swara killed sagar..
uttara became numb.. before goons enter the room swara bolted it from inside..

swara: uttara.. don’t panic. we have no time .. we have to save ragini.. ha.. I will save her.. once she sacrificed her life for me.. now I want to give her life back..

uttara was looking swara in fear. . swara was not crying now.. her eyes were sparkling. . swara’s hands were shivering. . but she tried not to be panic and she wanted to make uttara and ragini safe.. swara take the bolt of the door and hide behind the door with uttara.. goons rushed in to the room and saw sagar in a pool of blood. whike they enter the room. . uttara and swara runs from there.. goons saw them.. both of them runs outside and hides under a tree.. swara said uttara to hide herself from goons.. and she is going to save ragini..

swara with a lot of difficulty without noticing goons enter into the house.. sagar and rahul were taken into hospital. . swara unlock the room in which ragini locked and she drags ragini and again escaped.. goons search them.. but didn’t find. .

they were hiding in some forest area.. They saw a car is coming to that home.. swaragini and uttara more scared.. suddenly ragini feels dizzy and fainted.. uttara and swara became more worried. . swara tells to uttara to take care of ragini she will bring water.. uttara tried to stop her. but she gone to find water. . swara runs through the forest and saw a river.. she drank water from it . suddenly she saw some voices. and some people are coming.. she again frightened and runs towards uttara and ragini .. swara’s dress was drenched. . she rub the dress on ragini’s face.. ragini got conscious. .

swara: ragini you are fine na? we have to escape from here. come. .

ragini: swara I’m feeling very tired.. I don’t eat anything from yesterday. . swara also remember that. ragini didn’t ate any food from last one day..

uttara: if we get a mobile we could call kavita..

ragini: but how will we get mobile. . suddenly someone touch on uttara’s shoulder. . uttara scared and turn back. . her face filled with happiness. . it was kavita .. nit only kavita sanlak also with them..

ragini also feels very happy by seeing them.. swara felt relief that now uttara and ragini are safe..

kavita: oh god. . we really worried a lot.. that sagar kidnapped you all na.. but why the house is locked and seems like no one is in the house..

swaragini and uttara frowned..

sanskar was watching swara with a painful eyes.. she was really weak and tired.. he felt an urge to kiss her.. but he controlled it.

laksh hugged ragini..and console her..

kavsanlak take the 3 girls in to car.. none of them speak much.. ragini and uttara were worried for swara.. sanlak and kavita wanted to ask many questions. . but seeing their face no one ask any questions. .

they reached in sanskar’s home.. kavita gone to hospital to take care of randhir..

sanskar give swara his room to freshen up.. swara didn’t talk anything to him.. just obey him.. when she enter into the washroom she brust in to tears..

she killed sagar. . now swara bose is a criminal.. swara bose a girl who had lot of dreams about life.. loved to live a happy life.. wanted everyone to be happy. . wanted to live a normal life.. but destiny made her a murderer. . a girl who didn’t do any injustice to anyone. . neither her parents.. without any mistake she suffered a lot in her life. ..

screen freez with swara’s crying face..

guys I love swara a lot.. but in my ff she is the one who suffered most.. now she became a murderer.. now what? what will happen to her? will her life ends in the bars of jail? will she get happiness back in to her life? so many questions. .

guys actually I didn’t planned to write this..but when I wrote it became like this.. I don’t know what to do next.. I thought to end this ff soon.. but now I’m also in a confusion. . guys what is your opinion? can I end it in next update? or did I take my story in to another level? I’m seriously confused. . Please help me..

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  1. It was an awesome episode dear.. I too love swara a lot.. So plzzz plzzz don’t end it soon

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear.. ok I will not end it soon..

  2. Plz take to another level plz make Swara happy

    1. Jwala

      ok priya.. I will make her happy

  3. supurb..

  4. Nice but shocking

    1. Jwala

      thanks rosey

  5. please don’t end in next episode write some more episode and please give happiness in swara’s life.she deserve this. And about murder this is a self defence murder so swara not deserve punishment.

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much kushbu.. ok dear I will do justice to swara

  6. jwala dear dont end this ff pls..its a amazing ff and one of my fev too..pls its a request from my side

    1. Jwala

      ok riya.. I will not end it soon

  7. nyc..dnt end it so

    1. Jwala

      thanks kumu.. ok dear

  8. Deeksha

    Continue it don’t end it…….

    1. Jwala

      I will continue it deeksha

  9. Priya tripathi

    No jwala don’t end this ff if u want to my opinion than u make swasan n randhir love triangle or randhir kavita n sanskar swara love story n rahul reentry in their life i hope u like my suggestion n overall episode is full of entertaner

    1. Jwala

      thanks priya.. I will think about it dear.. thank you so much dear

  10. Sweetie

    Nice one Jwala.. 🙂 Continue it dear.. 😀

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much sweetie

  11. An amazing update once again Jwala. Thank god that Sagar guy is dead, he is such a cheap man. And aww everyone is reunited again ?. And I don’t think Swara should go to jail because she didn’t do wrong. Her action was purely based on self defence, she knew he was evil and he could have done anything to her, Ragini and Uttara so to save them, she had to kill him

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much fats.. I respect your views dear.. I too think same. . I will not let her go jail.. I’m glad that you liked the episode. .

  12. Devikaa

    It’s just awesome. I loved this episode very much. Please continue it for some more episodes jwala

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much devikaa. I will continue it dear

  13. Sree

    ???sagar died??? i know this is foolish to smile for this but it was very nice to see that. But poor Swara. dont end this ff thisssss soon . I want to read a lot more. Even u have to show Swasan (or is it swandhir????) and raglak union . Dont u r not allowed to end this ff ok?? this is an order?????Waiting for nxt
    Love u dear????

    1. Jwala

      hehe. . you loved sagar’s death .. me too.. ok ok I will not end it happy? poor swara.. cruel jwala na.. thank you so much sree for your support. .

  14. dnt dare to end dis wndrful stry in nxt chptr…i will puch u……if u end un nxt chptr naa i swear dis time u will admitt to hsptl instd of us…hehe…dnt end fis yaar der r alot of thngs to hppn….swasan raglak kandhir stry abhi bhi bakhi he dosth…nd rahul is alive…so u cn take dis stry to nxt level…i m alwys support u…

    tdys epi ws awsm asusual…our sherni swara……i like her punch….rahul deserve dis….nd i knw u give happiness to swara so i dnt hav any worry for dat…i dnt knw more abt laws bt one thng i knw dat der is no big punushmnt for self defence….in serial she go to jail for d crime she didnt do…so plz dnt make her go to jail…nd dnt end dis soon…der is alot of thngs to hppn confrontation apology confession guilty etc..etc… nd haa divorce too..hehe…waitng for nxt chappy…lv u dear…

    1. Jwala

      hehe amy devi.. I didn’t let anything happen to our swara. . she is our jaan na.. I will not end it soon dear.. I will show some swasan romance .. and you said to me to write an os na? I think about one. may be I will post it on tomorrow. . and sahil also will be there. . in my stories I always prefer a villian.. hehe.. I’m so cruel.. and I started one more ff. you didn’t read it.. pagal.. if you have time you should read it ok? do you know what I’m very much obsessed to helly so that I love all helly fans so much .. more than me.. I’m really mad

      1. hehehe…mee too obsessd with helly…same pinch…ur new ff name is my beats for u ??? i read 2 chaptr…it ws awsm….. actually i m little bit busy so i didnt read all ff..just go through some…bt i didnt missd any epi of angels vs devils….
        nd u wrote a os…..oh dear ummahhhh…i dnt say thnk u whle i will give u alot of hugs nd swt kissy…….i said na take time nd write dnt strss urself….i surely read ur os….nd i knw u r cruel nd mad bt i like dis type of mad one like me……lv u dear..

  15. Dont end

    1. Jwala

      ok pooja

  16. Abirsha

    its awesome jwala….even i m swaraholic more than that i m hellyholic…..i love helly personally a lot…..jwala dont end this take this into next level if u can…..but pls dont drag it…..but its short….update long part nd pls update ur other ffs…..

    1. Jwala

      shan do you know what? that is why I love you so much.. I love helly very much.. and we have same thoughts.. and you always suppy my all ff’s . so sweet of you.. and which ff you want me to update? broken wings? or that one swara is bar dancer? which one tell me?

      1. Abirsha

        Me to love u dr….. If u can upload every ff…… Bcoz i love all ffs…. ?☺first bar dancer then broken wings

  17. Don’t end it
    Don’t dare to end it else i will not leave u

  18. I am feeling lyk crying…i too love swara a lot sooo much….l feel swara lyk a hero..she is da who sufferd alot nd still suffering…but nevr shw any sigh…amazing episode jwala..luv u dear…

  19. Amazing

  20. Aahna

    I too love swara…..
    Don’t end it…

  21. hey don’t end the ff plz……..

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