Gang of devils v/s Gang of Angels( episode 2)

Recap: sanskar and his gang takes swara in a lonely place and misbehave with her.. they call randhir and ask him to take back their complaint against devils gang

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Sanskar pulls swara closer to him.. he toches her soft pink lips.. he rubbed his fingers through it with desire..

” your lips are damn soft babe.. did anyone taste it before? ”

swara give him a burning look..

kavya: ” may her so called friends used to do it.. ”

sanskar: ” is it right swara? they are indeed lucky then.. give some luck to us also”

karthik: ” sanskar why are you wasting time? we also want to know the taste of her lips.. hei na sahil? ”

all laughed.. swara was sitting as a lifeless body.. this cruel harassment hurts her very much.. tears are flowing through her eyes..

sanskar: ” babe you are going to get the best pleasure of kissing .. let is enjoy”

sanskar’s lips was about to touch her lips.. suddenly his mobile rings..

sanskar felt disappointed. he take the call..

sanskar: ha.. Randhir.. what is your decision..

Randhir: we will take our compliant back.. don’t do anything to swara.. where is she?

sanskar: good boy.. she is in our godown.. near xyz park..

Randhir: ok we are coming..

sanskar cut the call..

sanskar: guys her friends agree our condition.. we have to leave her..

kavita and kavya give s winning look to swara..

sahil and kartik felt disappointed..

karthik: so we can’t touch this hottie..

sanskar: don’t worry karthik.. one day we will get her..

swara : in your dreams you devils.. today you all torture me badly.. but soon you will get punishment.. mind it..

kavita: shut up you dirty…

sanskar: leave it kavita.. let her.. one day i will teach her a better lesson..

kavya: guys let us go.. her friends will take her..

sanskar: ok guys let us leave

they leave that place..

after 10 minutes Randhir, laksh and Ragini reached the godown.. they saw swara fully drenched and sobbing badly.. her hands and legs are tied..

Ragini goes near swara and console her.. laksh gives his jacket to swara.. they freed her from the tie.. ragini helps swara to wear the jacket.. swara hugged ragini and cried badly.. all get teary eyed by seeing her condition.. Randhir was fuming in anger.. laksh also frustrated like hell..

Ragini: swara don’t cry please.. we came na.. we will be with you.. don’t worry dear.. please stop crying.. we can’t see you like this..

laksh: swara tell me how did they kidnap you? and what did they do.

swara tells everything to them with a hesitation..

Randhir clutched his fist due to anger. he bang his fist on the door..

Randhir: how dare those morons.. i will kill them .

laksh: ha Randhir.. we have to teach them a lesson..

Ragini: first we have to take swara to her home.. her maa will be worried..

swara wiped her tears in a hurry..

swara: guys maa will be worried of me.. i want to go to home.

Randhir: come let me drop you.. laksh drop Ragini ..

laksh give a side hug to swara..

laksh: take care swara..

swara smiled at him.. Ragini hugged swara again..

Ragini: don’t be sad.. we are always with you.. be happy.. tomorrow i want to see my lioness swara back..

raglak leaves..

Randhir looked swara with painful eyes.. she is his best friend.. and seeing his best friend in such state is like stabbing him with a knife..

Randhir hugged swara.. swara too hugged him back.. she feels safe in his arms..

Randhir: don’t go alone swara.. they are devils.. i really scared of you.. i can’t imagine you in such a situation.. you are very much important for me..

swara: i know rabdhir.. i have full faith in you..

he dropped swara at her home and tell her maa that they all were in ragini’s house for combine study.. swara’s maa believes her friends so much.. this time also she trust them..


Randhir and laksh were waiting in the middle of road.. they saw sanskar’s gang in his jeep.. only boys was there and three of them were fully drunken..

sanskar stop the jeep by seeing randhir and laksh.. sanskar came out of the jeep..

sanskar: who the hell are you to block my way?

at first he didn’t recognize them because he consumed so much alcohol and his vision was blur.. then he recognize them..

sanskar: oh my god.. my dear friends.. how are you? how is your friend swara? did she like our treat? look at those boys my sahil and karthik.. they are angry on me.. do you know why? because they thought that ..they can spend this night with swara.. but you take back the complaint and spoiled their plan na.. I’m also disappointed.. i too want to spend a night with her.. what an item.. damn hot..

” aaaahhhhhhh”

sanskar’s screaming shocked sahil and karthik.. they came out of the jeep.. sanskar was laying in ground and his forehead is bleeding.. they saw a thick and long stick in Rabdhir’s hand.. blood was coming from its edge also.. Randhir’s eyes was red because of anger.. sahil and karthik run towards him to attack him.. but laksh quick them.. they also get beaten badly and they also fall on earth.. 3 of them screamed a lot..

Laksh: this is a small treat for you devils.. for torturing our friend.. if you blo*dy people try to touch swara or ragini or any girls we will not spare you..

Randhir and laksh leaves..


morning in college..

principal’s room..

principal: so miss. Ragini gadodia you are taking your complaint back..

Ragini: yes sir..

principal: ok you can go..

Ragini came out from the room.. swara, Randhir and laksh were standing out..

swara: guys for me you are doing this na.. I’m okey now.. and i will take care next time.. but that devils have to get the punishment.. that moron karthik slapped ragini for not letting her friend to go out with him.. if we don’t complain they will do such things more na..

laksh: swara they get punishment yesterday itself.. look at them..

devil’s jeep was coming.. sanskar had a large bandage in his head.. sahil and karthik also had bandages in their hands and face..

Ragini: laksh, randhir you have done this na?

swara: what you have done this.. I’m so proud of you guys she give a side hug to both..

sanskar and his gang step out from jeep..

Ragini: swara look at them.. for every bad deeds god will give better punishment.. in our college also some people got it.. very funny na. . like cartoon characters..

laksh: you are right ragu.. some people thinks that they are rulers and they can rule everyone .. but don’t know to save themselves .. poor fellows..

sanskar fumes in anger.. he go towards them.

sanskar: ha.. we don’t know how to save ourselves.. but we saw yesterday how some people save themselves ..

he looked at swara.. and imitate her

sanskar:” please don’t do this” ” please stop it please” in this way some people save themselves..

Randhir: shut up your blo*dy mouth.. if we want we can also kidnap any of these girls( pointing kavita and kavya) and torture them.. but we are not cheap like you people.. and if you play with us again then you will see what hell is.. better don’t disturb others and stay away from us..

Randhir, swaragini, laksh leaves..

ssnskar’s gang fumes in anger..

sanskar: we have to destroy their friendship first.. then we can destroy one by one..

kavita: i have an idea..

sahil: what idea?

kavita: i get a news from my friend Riya.. laksh loved ragini..and ragini also have feelings for him..

sanskar’s face light up..

sanskar : you are the best kavi.. now i will destroy them and their friendship .. i will make laksh and Randhir against each other..

karthik: but how? if laksh and ragini are in love then their friendship will grow stronger only na. and how it affect Randhir? he have no feelings for Ragini..

sanskar: you are right.. but i have a plan.. if it works out our all enemies finished.

sanskar laughed loudly..

screen feez..

so guys what is sanskar’s plan? how it affect swarag ranlak’s life?

and guys please don’t read it for pairs.. because I’m not writing this basis on any pairs.. i will try to make my story interesting.. please comment..

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  1. Nice…can u tell me abt the pairs… it swalak or swadhir…or raglak…or ragdhir…

    1. thanks dear.. pairs are not much necessary in this ff dear.. at a particular point you will get to know the pairs..

  2. Want swalak..nd ragdhir..

  3. its amazing but i want swasan as pairs plzzz

  4. BT I love it story whatever will be the pair u have a very different nd amazing concept with sanky as negetive shade…

    1. thank you so much dear.. i really love sanskar in negative shade

    1. yeh.. real devils

  5. Interesting dear

    1. thanks dear

  6. awesome….but pairs are needed….plz tell the pairs

    1. thanks dear.. sorry if i say the pairs now there will be no interest in story.. something big will happened.. then only you will get to know the pairs

  7. Akahatha shetty

    finally u came i was waiting for ur epi.. even i wnt 2 knw abt pairs. ur epi is so dffrnt from all othr ff vry nce one.. plzzz update soon waiting for next epi….

    1. thank you so much dear.. i will update asap.. pairs you have to wait for it

  8. nice but dont break angels gang…..

    1. thanks shan..let us see what happens next

  9. I’m a swasan fan… But 4 ur story.. I am putting dat aside n gonna read .. Its so interesting.. And i don’t wanna miss it…

    1. thank you so much dear. it is a great appreciation for my ff

  10. Hey dr nice epi… plz dont break angels group….. make them strong…..

    1. thanks dear.. let us see what will gonna happen..

  11. Interesting I hope raglak lovestory doent get destroyed…and Swasan becomes lovers…but no soo soon

  12. superb.plz plz make it swasan

    1. thanks dear

  13. sanskar is such a devil, what is he gonna do?
    update soon

    1. wait for next update dear.. i will update soon

  14. Superb nd pairs as ur wish… ur plot is so good so pairs doesn’t matter for me:)

    1. thank you so much for understanding dear.. i will make it more interesting

  15. please don’t create misunderstanding between friends

    1. let us see dear..

  16. which actor is playing the randhir character?

    1. obviously param singh from sadda haq..

  17. Jwala why are you not updating or posting this in IF?

    I love this negative Sanskar. I’m cooking up a lot of theories at present will PM you if you are up for it (in IF ofcourse).

    Keep updating.


    1. hi sree.. so glad to see you.. do you want me to upload this in IF? swasan fans will kill me na? you can pm me your ideas.. love you

  18. Woaw woaw woaw…..guess wat?? Storys on fire……

    1. yes dear.. glad that you like it

  19. Amazing update.. πŸ™‚ Finally Sanskar’s gang got a nice punishment.. I loved the bonding of Swara,Ragini,Laksh and Sandhir.. πŸ˜€

    1. thanks dear.. yup they got punishment.. glad that you liked their bonding

  20. Awesome

    1. thanks shagun

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