Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels ( episode 19)


hi guys. . thank you so much for your support and lovely comments . It means a lot and dolly dear will you please post something on swaragini forum in IF? the. it will be easy for me to find out you.. otherwise how I will find you? I hope you don’t mind.. just give an introduction there.. and you are more talented writer than me no doubt in that..

amy dear I missed you a lot. . your comments always encourage me..and I will try to write an os for sure. .

and my all readers thank you so much guys for your support and love towards my ff..

I have to clear a confusion. . kavita is sagar’s sister. . not sanskar’s..

ok let us move towards the story..

swaragini was really shocked now.. ragini was about to ask something. . but they hear a knock on door.. uttara hides under the bed.. swara opened the door and saw rahul.. she give him a disgusted look.. rahul came inside..

rahul: hi gorgeous ladies.. I have to introduce my friend to you..

sagar enter in to the room.. swara’s face became red with anger.. ragini alao feels disgusted look..

sagar: hello my bestie how are you? hmm so my dear sister uttara told all the truth to you na..

swaragini shocked by his words.. sagar searched the room and find out uttara..

sagar: my darling sister came out.

uttara comes out with scared face.. sagar said his goons to lock her in one room..

sagar: so my bestie swara and my sweet dream girl ragini.. you both knows everything about me.. hmm good..

he goes towards ragini and touch her cheeks sensuously. .

sagar: ragini you are very s*xy.. I can’t wait to get you.. so tomorrow is our marriage. .

ragini became numb by his statement. .

swara: mr . sagar do you forgot that she is married?

sagar: oh I know .. but baby it was a fake marriage .. means sanskar couldn’t marry anyone else than you.. so he didn’t register his marriage. . you both make him fools na.. he wanted to marry swara.. but for saving swara , ragini comes to mandap.. and because of the veil sanskar couldn’t understand that she is ragini.. but when he understood it he removes the sindhoor and broke the mangalsutra.. and didn’t register the marriage also.. so officially ragini is not his wife.. so I can marry her..

ragini: why are you doing this to me? I love laksh.. I can live with him only.. don’t do this..

sagar: no baby.. I love you so much. I will marry you tomorrow .. before that come with me I will show you bridal lehenga and jewellery. . come .. I want to talk to you baby..

sagar : rahul swara may feel bored.. give her a company. .

sagar winks at rahul.. swara was about to go . rahul holds her hands and pulled her to the bed and locked the room..

swara: hey. . what you are doing? open the door . that devil take my ragini . I want to save her..

rahul laughed loudly. .

rahul: oh god swara. . you want to save ragini.. hmm . but who will save you from me?
swara looked him with burning eyes..

rahul : oh don’t stare me like this baby.. .

rahul looked her with desire and lust in his eyes.. he looked her from head to toe..

she was wearing a black suit. . her hair was messed up.. no make up but still she look stunning. . her face was red with anger and frustration. .

rahul: you have a hot body swara..

he said while staring her.. swara frowned by his statement. .

rahul takes her duppatta . swara tried to protest but it goes vain.. he throw it on the floor.. he lustly stared her.. her cleavage was little visible through her deep neck salwar.. rahul’s eyes stuck there..

swara: don’t come near me please. . don’t do anything. .

rahul: I couldn’t control myself dear.. you are looking super hot.. come on babe I will give you heavenly pleasure. . come to me babe..

swara became numb by his words..

in hospital

Randhir was feeling better.. he gets to know that sanskar and kavita saved him and take care of him.. he feels happy by this.. sanskar and randhir had a sweet conversation . both became happy.. and laksh and kavita was also happy with this..

sanskar: randhir I know I do many sins.. but please forgive me.. my eyrs was blind.. but now I can see what is truth.. and now onwards you are my brother . I will be always with you.. Please forgive me randhir..

randhir: I don’t have any hard feelings towards you sanskar.. don’t ask forgiveness. . now you are repenting for your mistakes. . it is enough. .you were my brother and will be my brother.. love you bro..

kavita and laksh giggles. .

kavita: bromance over?

sanskar: shut up kavita.. ( fake anger)

laksh: kavita now we are outsiders..

by this time sanskar’s mobile rings.. he got paniked by the news..

laksh: what happened sanskar?

sanskar: servant called me.. she said ragini is missing. .

all shocked

laksh: what? where did she go.. sanskar we have to find her..

sanskar: don’t worry laksh we will find her..

screen freez with worried face of sanlak..

how was it guys? share your views

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  1. It’s great yar but u wrote too short

  2. Deeksha

    pls update a longer one………………………….anyway it is an awesome episode………………….update soon dear………….and this time it must be a longer one…………nothing must happen to swara……………..

  3. Priya tripathi

    Awesome but plz save swara from rahul

  4. Don’t do anything to swara plz

  5. Awesome dear.. Hope nothing w’ll happen to swara.

  6. amazng as

  7. Devikaa

    I’ve read ur ff just now. i liked all the twists very much . Wanna know what happens next. Waiting for the next one eagerly.And please try to update a longer one. It’s wonderful dear

  8. Wow…bt short

  9. nice.please don’t make rahul success in his intensation.

  10. plz updates another part too today itself

  11. Nice. I hope ntng happens to swaragini

  12. Need a long 1 buddy.. Thank god dat everything is cleared.. Ellam clear aayille? Ineem undo?

  13. Divyanshri

    As usual jwala ne aag laga Diya…… but today no new twist strange….. ??just joking….. awsome episode…..but Chotu epi …..?

  14. Plzzzzzz don’t do anything to swara plZzzzzzzzzzzz I beg u plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. Awwww poor Swara and Ragini, I hope Rahul doesn’t use Swara for his desires. And I like how Randhir and Sanskar are cool with each other now. Can’t wait for the next part xx

  16. Awesome
    Sorry couldn’t comment in last ep
    As just now i read that ep
    I m late cuz of my school nd exams
    Hope u understand di

  17. Sree

    Again shockeddd????. I am Waiting to see nxt. Cant wait at all. Plz say when u r gonna post nxt.
    Love u dear???

  18. Soujanya


  19. suparb dear jwala ….

  20. no dnt change…let it be kavitha—– sanky as bro nd sis in any wld be really nice na kavitha—sanky as bro nd sis.hehe..actually i m really jealous of kavitha bcz evryone makes her as sankyz gf..i cant see sanky witj anyone else othr dan my cutie shona aka swara….wht to do my kiddish mind…haha…

    …i lvd tdys chappy…asusual awsm nd shckng one……pls dnt let anythng happen to swattaragini…..i wish i could kill dat rohan…hw dare he look sanky’s swara like dat???? idiot…if sandhirlak cms to rescue swattaragini den der is any fights happns….plz make sanky to punch that idiot rahul more nd more frm my side……..

    u alwayz stp ur chappy giving a shck….i dnt have ny more capacity for anothr shck…bd u kanjoos its sooo short chappy….make it a big one in nxt chappy…..i expct a lot in nxt chappy lyk confrontation fight confession etc… i knw u r a devil u thnk somethng else whch cnt come in ma cute little brain…..nd ha no more shck…nd save my swara from dat idiot rahul…i knw u didnt let anythng happn to swara bcz u lv her alot lyk i do..hehe… u dear….plz make a big chappy…

  21. Plz yar not again rape of swara

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    Jawala plz if you can then provide all the links of your ff .you are superb .I had known before that you had used randhir in your ff .then I had never missed it

  24. VarshaVenkat

    Its going too deep day by day n I love this…….jwals di….u r rocking this world

  25. Saranya

    Great dear.. ur giving us shock after shocks.. waiting for next epi post asap

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    Awsm part…..
    post next part asap…..
    don’t let anything happen to swararagini and uttara

  27. very nice

  28. Sweetie

    Very nice,but I want the next episode to be long yaar.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 😀

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