Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 18 , the mystery story part 2)


hi guys.. here is the next part of my ff.. thank you so much for your lovely comments.. love you all..

uttara stopped in the middle.. tears flow through her eyes.. she was burning from guilt..

swara: don’t be upset uttara.. we can make everything fine.. so sagar introduce you to sanskar and said that you are his sister and sanskar believed it..

uttara: ha.. sanskar believed that I’m his sister.. me and sagar make sanskar against randhir.. do you know swara , sanskar loved you in the first sight.. but when you made friendship with randhir he became upset.. he shared it with me.. and sagar too.. sagar take this as a chance and inject more poison in to his mind.. sanskar hate your while gang and disturb you all.. and swara i know you can’t forgive me for this sin.. that day sanskar raped you that day sagar give him him more alcohol and poisoned his mind.. sagar tells to sanskar that now randhir won and he will marry you.. randhir will snatch all his happiness and all.. then sagar force him to rape you.. so that you will be sanskar’s and no one will snatch you from him.. alcohol effect, sagar’s evil mind and fear of losing you made sanskar a real devil and he do that sin to you..

uttara brust in to tears.. swara also frowned by this.. tears rolled on from her face.. ragini console her..

swara: how can he be so cruel.. ? force a person to rape a girl.. such a disgusting person.. and i made him as my friend..

ragini: please swara don’t cry.. he will get punishment for sure..

after a few minutes..

uttara: i want to say something more..

ragini and swara looked her..

uttara: kavita is our sister.. ( swaragini don’t know this fact)


uttara: yes it is true. she became friends with sanskar according to sagar’s plan and in that night we released her from your custody.. and said to sanskar that she loves randhir and will help angels gang.. sanskar became angry on her and slaps her.. sagar calmed him and give more drinks.. sanskar slept because of over drinking.. next day i called him and said that kavita tried to attack me so i shot her and she died.. sanskar panicked by this.. sagar said that he will help sanskar and given a petition against randhir .. sagar made fake evidence against sanskar and hide it on his house.. and hide kavita from everyone..and sagar said to me to take the blame .. and i got prison for 7 years.. then i realized that sagar is a real monster and didn’t care of anyone..

ragini: but you are out of jail na..

uttara: after some months kavita got to know that i’m in jail.. she came and rescued me.. with the help of an advocate she proved that she is not dead and i shot her by mistake and i freed from jail..

swara: but what about rahul?

uttara: our father raj wanted to kill annapoorna’s children so that they never came to claim dp’s money.. so he give money to a killer to kill the new born child. on annapoorna’s delivery time.. but annapoora give birth to twins.. and when killer reach the hospital one baby was in kids icu.. so he saw only one child he take that child.. but couldn’t kill him.. he started to blackmail raj..raj give a huge money to the killer and take that baby with him.. raj teaches all cruelty to that child also.. it was rahul.. he was sagar’s best friend and was a beast like him..

ragini: but why they are doing all this?

uttara: to take revenge.. anita aunty killed raj na.. so they wanted to take revenge..

swara: ok but why they kidnap ragini?

uttara: two reasons.. one sagar wanted to marry ragini.. next laksh is sanskar’s brother.. whom raj handover to one family for money when he was new born..

swaragini shocked..


screen freez..

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  1. Uffff shocking u didn’t expect that

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh….jwala I have gone nuts now …..seriously Laksh is sanskar brother ….oh god !
    Sugar is this much cruel , I mean how can I person be like this …but dear , this episode was full of shock , shock and shock ……my head is spinning now and is paining …….but missed swasan scenes …
    Anywayd hats off ..for this much mystery ……I mean how could u give this much mystery in a story
    Now don’t tell me , that I am ur inspiration …..u r way more good than me or anyone else …
    Thanks for this beautiful efforts ….u r giving ….
    Will surely love this story and it will be a hit in telly updates …..
    Love u loads and plz clear the mysteries ….or else I will die in heart attack …..I want to live for more days ..its in ur hand ….
    I have joined India forums ….dear …its in the name if eshadolly (full caps)
    I will surely join insta and will let u know ..till then a bye ..
    Keep smiling

  3. what kavita and laksh are sanskar’s sister and brother.

  4. Deeksha

    what an episode yaar……..awesome………..

  5. Sweetie

    You know my head is reeling,spinning and whatever word you use it because it’s not stable..God girl!!What are you??Twist queen.. 🙂 I’m so loving it.. 😀
    Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  6. Neera

    Pakka pakka twist !!!! Awesomeeeee…. u r nailing it !!!! After reading ur story am feeling like am caught in a spider web… !!! U have connected each n everything very well !!! Waiting for next episode 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 keep going !!! All d best (y)

  7. Ntha ippo sambhaviche? Aa…aaa… Kili poyi.. Ente poka poyi.. Twisted epi.. Iniyum valla secrets um baakki undo?! Nthaayalum.. Polichu machane! 😛

  8. Awesome dear… Amazing twist

  9. Nice.. Really nice dr..

  10. Wow..jst awsm….

  11. ….awsm….

  12. Great twists. All of the twists were very shocking and interesting. Gosh, this Sagar guy is really evil. And WHAT? Sanskar and Laksh are siblings.

  13. Priya tripathi

    Awesome n very shocking

  14. little princess

    Omg…what was this episode…when the mysteries were unfolded whole the story turned up to down with full of twist..cant believe yaar…sanky n lucky real brothers and randir n rahul are their step brothers…they all are siblings…sagar,kavitha n uttara are siblings to each other as well as sanlakranrah’s cousins…sagar did all these for revenge.. Omg…my head is spinning…my dear jwala…what a Mystery was it..never thought such a twist..tu tho kamaal kar diya…u r queen of mystery n twist…hats off to u…now my eagerness to know ur further storyline is increasing…u have done a great job.. I really appreciate ur thinking as well as writing ability…i hope that swara will forgivesanskar as he was used or misguided by sagar to fullfil his revenge..he is not at fault… And his love for swara is true and should accept him as her life partner and randir should unite with kavitha…so my mystery queen u pls unite swasan soon..when they all will come to know the truth,how will they all react…eagerly waiting for that episode…anyway update next part as soon as possible…loved ur ff to the core…thanks for such fantabulous episode… Love u…
    Keep on giving us such wonderful shocks n super episodes

  15. Awsome dear

  16. nice year

  17. awesome..

  18. Aahna

    Awsm part…….
    There relations are so complicated….

  19. Awesome episode

  20. miss me ????i really miss u…..i m really busy in dese days…..omg…omg….omg……wts gng here ????? i didnt get anythng…actually i didnt understnd anythnh by read dis chappy…uttara’s bro is sagar he nd rohan do dis…den i go to prvs chappy bcs i know my pretty cute brain can ‘t understand anythng…..hoooooo…i m really got mad by read prvs chappys….i heard dat u admitt many of ur readers in hsptl…in my absence u put a big bomb….thnk god u safe….in one epi u make everythng up nd down…u made ma cute sagar as d main villia n…katti…

    bt it ws really intrstng twist…i didnt thnk dat dey all r brothrs nd sistetrs…..hahhaha sanky nd kavitha r bro nd sis…i m laughng like mad…..sanky-laksh- randhir-uttara-rahul-sagar-kavitha r bro nd sis…omg omg hwz possible…dese thngs r only cms in ur mad brain…hw dese thngs pop up in ur brain….my cute little brain thngs abt hw to unite sanky with swara…nthng else…my pretty brain is jealous of ur crazy brain…hehe… .bt why sagar killed kavya ,????? my head is spinning…

    i missed alot of thngs….hw cn a prsn do thngs like dis ????? u really made ur readers mad…..u have to make us cure…i hav an idea… pls write a romantic swasan os for us….plz(witj puppy eyes) plz if u get any free time den thng of it…i knw u write 2 ffs…u busy with angels devis nd breakup babies…so if u get any ftee time den thng of write a os..we lvd to read it….

    i alrdy warnd u dnt give more shocks to readers…bt u r with doctors side….hehe…i heard u admitt maby of urs readers…u rmbr my warning ??? bt wt to do my sanky is also in hsptl…so u escape dis tym……hehe….

    anyways i lvd ur chappy…pls pst nxt chappy asap… u dear..

  21. Divyanshri

    jwala Devi why u always bring jwala in every episode…… Twist ke upar Twist….. god?
    Awsome episode….

  22. Abirsha

    its awesome….very nice….jwala dr i have a doubt u said that child as rahul and now u r saying laksh as sankys bro….hows that????

  23. Aashi


  24. Soujanya


  25. are yaar itne shocks marogi kya
    mere kamjor dil pe itna atyachar mat karo

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