Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 18 , the mystery story part 1)


hello guys..Jwala here with most important part of my ff.. in this episode mysteries will be solved.. and I’m requesting all my readers to comment on this part.. you will get answers for your questions in this chapter..

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swaragini was numb by hearing that..uttara was not sanskar’s sister it was really a shock to them.. but sagar .. sagar is the msin villian of their life.. swara was sitting like a dumb.. she couldn’t understood what she heard some seconds ago.. her best friend.. a person who helped her when she was alone.. was he betrayed her? was it his plan?

ragini: uttara tell me . why he is playing this game with us?

uttara: i will say the whole story..

story begins with Raj Raichand.. our father.. he was a monster.. sagar was his elder son.. he also gone to his father.. raj raichand values money over any relationships.. he had one sister.. Anita.. ( hope you all remember the name.. sanskar’s mother). their parents died in childhood.. raj take care of anita.. but he never loved his sister. only he want was the big Raichand enterprises.. 50% of its share was on anitha’s name.. raj was greedy over it.. durga prasad maheswari.. raj’s friend.. he had an affair with annapoora shekawat.. but his family was against it.. raj makes a plan to marry durga prasad with anita.. dp also was very rich . raj started to give drugs to dp.. dp was in raj’s control.. then raj informs annapoorna that dp married anita.. annapoorna was heart broken.. she was pregnant with randhir that time.. she leaves dp.. raj poisoned dp’s mind and make him marry anita..

after 3 years dp get to know about the truth.. dp search annapoorna.. but annapoorna didn’t forgive dp.. dp questioned raj.. raj killed dp.. and made it as suicide.. raj make anita as a servant . and treat her and sanskar very badly.. anita was pregnant . raj handover the child to some other family.. raj’s wife also was pregnant.. and that was uttara.. raj handover his own child to a millionaire business man.. for money.. that child was uttara.. after a few years anita was fed up by raj’s torture and she killed raj.. sagar witness this incident.. from that day he hate anita and sanskar and vow to take revenge on them.. raj’s wife moved to her own house leaving anita and sanskar alone.. years passed.. sagar’s anger and hatred increased.. he came to know that me ( uttara) as his sister.. he made a plan . he introduces himself to sanskar.. sanskar was not aware of anything.. sagar said that he is sanskar’s cousin.. sanskar take him to his house and anita felt guilty in seeing sagar.. she said to sanskar that take care of sagar and love him like his own brother.. from that day they became friends.. sagar said to sanskar that uttara is his sister.. sanskar believed it.. sagar poisoned sanskar’s mind against annapoorna and randhir. sanskar thinks that his father died because of randhir’s mom.. sanskar began to hate them..


guys sorry this much for today.. tomorrow i will post next part of story.. and rahul’s story also i will post soon.. hope you won’t mind.. their story is much complicated.. so forgive me ..

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  1. Yar u wrote too short

  2. Divyanshri

    too short…. but it’s OK Kabhi Kabhi chalta Hai…… awsome episode…..

  3. Awesome
    Post today next episode

  4. Sree

    Its very short ??????
    But i loved this ep. Its very interesting.
    Waiting for nxt???

  5. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    It’s okay dear, take your time. Haww,so mysterious.

  6. nice.finally some mystery is solved waiting for next part

  7. It was short but thank u for clearing the twist..and Happy world music day….beats of soul…rhythm of heart…let ur self go with the music..

  8. Sindhu_Varma

    Suspense still to be continued ? ? Plz post it by tmrw or else I will get heart attack ?


  10. Great update. There were lots of important revelations

  11. Abirsha

    awesome…..jwala dr i m sad that u uploaded a short update….its k dr no pblm u cant write so next part give us long update…..

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  13. Wow…

  14. awsm yar superb epi upload nxt part soon

  15. Priya tripathi

    Awesome what a shocking story love this but make this to short plz update soon

  16. Deeksha

    awesome……..but short…………

  17. Very nice

  18. Sweetie

    Loved it Jwala..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. πŸ™‚

  19. Awesome dear

  20. VarshaVenkat

    Sry for late cmnt…..Wat do u think dat I will cmnt???as.usual… was an restless episode…..loved this mad jwals ff

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