Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 17)

hi friends. . I’m back with another chapter.. sorry if you are not liiking the twists. . I will reveal all twists soon.. so here we go..

Sanskar was sitting on the chair outside icu.. he was very tired.. this is the second day un hospital. . He didn’t take proper ubath or didn’t have food.. all he want is the person’ s recovery. . He was praying to all god’s for that. . He give his own blood to save that person. . He was ready to give his life itself for saving that person. .

someone touch his shoulders. . Sanskar turns . and smiles weakly..

sanskar: Kavita.. you came..

yes it was kavita.. the girl who called sanskar and inform about the accident. .

kavita: sankar go ti your house and take some rest.. I’m here na.. don’t worry . Please go sanskar. .

sanskar: no kavita. . I did many wrong things. . I want to rectify all my mistakes.. and I can’t go and take rest because my BROTHER is in this state.. I have to save him at any cost.. once I hate him to the core.. but now I know he and his mother were innocent. . I want him back..I will bring him back to life.

( so it is cleared that randhir is in icu . It was an accident. . Kavita called sanskar and tell everything to him. . Now sanakar loves his brother. . Because he knows that his brother is innocent. . )

Kavita: I’m happy that yoy understand your brother. . But I did many wrong things.. no sins.. I betrayed you.. I hurt randhir and his friends also.. but I was a pawn.. they used me.. I had no other option left .. so I did it.. but now I will not repeat my mistakes. . I’m with you.. We will make everything fine..

sanskar’s phone rings.. he take the phone..but the news he heard shocked him to the hell.

Mobile dropped from his hands..

kavita: what happened sanskar?

Sanskar: laksh gets arrested on kavya’s murder..

kavita: oh.. damn it.. he again played his worst game.. I know he killed kavya and put the blame on laksh.. fed up with his blo*dy revenge drama.. sanskar I’m going to kill him. If he die then all problems will be solved. .

sanskar: kavita.. now our priority is laksh.. we want to save him. And randhir also in this condition. . Let me think kavita. .

Sanskar thinks a while..

sanskar: ha kavita.. our sahil
. Our college friend and our gang member.. he is an advocate now.. criminal lawyer.. you please go and tell him about this.. he will make a loop hole and will get bail for laksh..

kavita: ok sanskar I’m going.. and I promise you I will bring laksh out of jail..

sanskar : ok kavita..

screen shifts to jail
sahil and kavita was sitting in front of inspector..

sahil: hi.. I’m sahil sen gupta. Criminal lawyer..

inspector: hmm.. you are here to get laksh arora’s bail.. but sorry to say.. we can’t let him go.. we have all evidence against him..

sahil: what evidence? You got a pistol from his hand.. but it is not enough evidence inspector. . he is a Popular tv Star and he have licence for his pistol.. but you Didn’t prove that bullet triggered From the same pistol.. I can prove it easily.. Because bullet fired from 20 m distance.. but laksh was in same room with kavya.. and laksh saw a car going from there.. I can esily prove that laksh’s enmies attack kavya.. you have to give him bail..

after a large argument and showing evidence laksh got bail .. he escaped without charging case..sahil proved that the bullet fired on kavya is not from laksh’s pistol.

Kavita and laksh thanked sahil… sahil assure them that he will came if they have any problems further..

kavita and laksh goes to hospital.. on the way kavita tells everything to laksh.. he became very emotional and cried.. they reach hospital.. laksh hugs sanskar.. then doctor said them that randhir is fine..he is out of critical stage and tomorrow he will be sifted in to room.. randhir got consciousness. .

Screen shifts..

swaragini were sitting on the bed. . Yesterday uttara came to save them.. but she couldn’t . Rahul came the room. . They understood one thing that uttara is with rahul.. but this made swaragini more confused..

night uttara came to their room with food.. uttara locked the room from inside..

swara: utrara who are you? Our friend or enemy?

Uttara: I was your enemy. . Rahul thinks that I’m with him.. but I’m not.. I’m acting in front of him.. I want to save you.. I want to cotrect some of my sins..

ragini: how could we believe you? And tell me one thing how did you escaped from jail?

Uttara: my bhai .. he save me from jail.

Swara: so sanskar saved you..

uttara: no he is not my real bhai. .

swaragini shocked.

ragini: what he is not your real bhai? Then who is your real bhai?

Uttara :” SAGAR”

Swara frowned by hearing this. . Ragini don’t know him..

ragini: sagar who is he?

Uttara: he is the main villian of this story…

screen freezed with shocking face of.. hahaha. Shocking face of my readers..

how was it guys? How many of you expect that sagar is the main villian of this story. ? Comment guys

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  1. Sree

    I felt that sagar could be a villian but not the main villian. This ep was awesome???????. Many revealations made it more awesome. Post nxt soon . I am waiting eagerly for it.?
    Love u???

    1. Jwala

      Hehe.. ye dear. . He is the main villian. Thank you so much dear.. I will next part soon.. love you too.. when you are going to post your ff.. give me a link whenever you are posting it. . God bless you dear

      1. Sree

        I will try to post soon. Whenever i post i will surely give u the link?

  2. What the he’ll use

    1. Jwala

      I don’t understand rosey

  3. Soujanya

    Awesome…. Sagar shocked one

    1. Jwala

      Thanks soujanya

  4. Superb very nice twist

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  5. Divyanshri

    Awsome update….. yaar u should have used some other Name SAGAR???…..anywys….. I dnt expect that he will be the villain……

    U n Aryana is Twist queen…….

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear.. in ganga tv show vishal’s name is sagar.. so I used that name.. oh god you compared me with aryna.. no no she is a great writer.. I’m not even a writer.. thank you so much dear. Love you

  6. What !!! Twist pe twist
    Ur name should be twist ?
    Reveal supense
    Can’t wait

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much shagun. . I will reveal it soon dear

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  7. omg one more twist?

    1. Jwala

      Yes lovely. . Thanks dear

  8. Now seriously i going to kill u. Next part soon plz. Otherwise I will die out if this confusion. Make it fast. By the way interesting episode. So many twist. Omg I can’t wait.

    1. Jwala

      Hehe .. don’t kill me. . If you kill me who will post next part.. hehe.. thank you so much dear

  9. another twist..loved

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

  10. I xpected it… But Sagar is so cute…
    Njaanum oru malayali aatto.. Frm tsr.. I’m feeling proud to know dat u r a mallu.. Ini ippo njaan 3 pacemaker vaangi vechittind.. Heart failure kaaranam… Ini twist thaanganulla karuthth nte heart inilla… Waiting 4 ur nxt update.. Adipoli..

    1. Jwala

      enik ariyarunnu hope oru malayali aanenu.. pinne real name entha? haha.. ini one or two more episodes attack pratheekshikam.. thank you so much for supporting me dear.. njan ernakulam district aanu… love you dear

  11. Esha

    Jwala …..doctors are gonna kick me from hospital now …..ha ha ha lol ….they are tried and fed up seeing me again and again ….lol
    Anyways coming to the episode ……what to say … words ….I just loved it , and this is shocking to know that sanskar started to care for randhir , Laksh …..and this blo*dy rahul …
    There are many questions going in my mind now ….don’t know when u will clear it and I won’t go back to hospital …its in ur hand …

    Dear , u said I am ur inspiration …I was laughing like hell …seriously , now I think u should be my inspiration seriously , I am low when compared to u dear …u have the most suspense writing talent than me or anyone else ….
    Hats off dear ……love u loads …don’t worry till end I will read and comment in ur story …
    Because this is one of my fav or should I say this is the ff which I wait for most of the time

    Anyways deer ..good luck with it ….wish u all the best for this ff ….
    Jwala ….y don’t u and me start an ff together what say ? … ….

    1. Jwala

      My phone’s magic dekho I replied to you but it comes below .. so give your insta id dear

  12. WOW!!! Great update Jwala. Although I miss evil Sanskar a bit, I’m loving this new and good Sanskar. Glad that he’s helping Randhir and Laksh. Oh and Sagar is the main Villian and he loves Ragini, well I sense trouble for her and Laksh then. But oh well, trouble is always exciting to read. Can’t wait till everyone meets now ??

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much fats.. glad that you liked sanskar’s change. . Ye sagar is threat to everyone. . Keep supporting dear .. thank you so much

  13. Divya shankar

    Ur giving shock to ur principle ji so bad student k tell me when u will update next part…

  14. Divya shankar

    Giving shock to principal only so bad student continue dr when u will update next part

    1. Jwala

      Hehe.. sorry principal ji.. maaf kardo.. I will update soon princi ji love you

  15. Jwala

    Hehe.. esha.. first of all how dare you to change your profile pic? It was awesome. . And you are really my inspiration. Your swalak ff give me an idea of writing this one. You are an awesome writter.. poor doctors .. they fed up by seeing you all day na haha.. and update that swalak ff also.. anf I will be so happy if I got a chance of write with you.. I’m ready dear.. we can start one ff.. but I can’t chat through this tu sight. . My phone is allergic to tu.. With a lot of difficulty I’m updating this ff. pls give your insta id or if you have account in iF give that id.. love you so much dear. . Keep reading

  16. Priya tripathi

    Awesome n sagar did all he is sanskar real brother very shocking n he is doing all this omg plz update next can’t wait

    1. Jwala

      Priya sagar is uttara’s brother. . And also kavita’s. Not sanskar’s. Thank you so much dear

  17. Abirsha

    jwala dr seriously i dint expect that sagar would b a villian…..its really amazing twist…..very nice…..sanky totally changed into a good man…..superb…..i want swasan to unite but leta c whats in ur brain….:-P

    1. Jwala

      Hehe.. thanks shan.. Yeh sanskar really change d now.. hmm.. I’m also confused with my brain dear. Hmm let us see.. thank you so much for your comment dear

  18. My head is spinning dear…’s soooo confusing??

    1. Jwala

      I will reveal all soon sana

  19. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    At last,mein apni silence thod rahi hu.Aj kal meri khamoshi kisi se bardash nehi hoti.Sab mujse jalte hein(I am a drama queen. So, you have to bear me, ok.)About chappy and your ff, awsm dear.Waiting for nxt.

    1. Jwala

      hi drama queen. . a big thanks for breaking silence dear.. ache bache active hote.. silent nahi hote.. ( my hindi is very poor) thank you so much uma.. keep reading dear

  20. Neera

    Omg omg !! Again !!! U r not even leaving a chance to shock me !!!!! Sagar is d villan ???? Seriously dear ! Pakka shocking twist !! Then wt about kavya ? Isnt she sister of sagar ???

    1. Neera


  21. Omg…nw sagor????

  22. But kavita was dead Na!!that’s why Uttara was jailed!!

  23. Deeksha

    Awesome. Update soon

  24. Sitaram

    Diiii can i ask one think do you work for cid department of india its soooo mysterious like those investigations of cid and wah di wah so many twists dii loved the episode today

  25. what sagar is main villian.Randhir & sanskar misunderstanding is clear that’s good.

  26. Awesome twist I really didn’t expect he will be de main villain

  27. Sindhu_Varma

    I was right Randhir was in icu, sagar nd main villan, again confusion ?

  28. Awesome twist dear

  29. another twist there is limitation
    and m fedup

  30. Sweetie

    My hand is up to think Sagar is a villian but not main villian..Hehe..Did he become friend of Swara for this purpose??Now Sanskar and his gang are moving towards light..I want the other shady characters to show their faces soon..Waiting for the next shock.. 😀 😉 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  31. waaaaaatttttt???main villian is sagar???wait a moment….sanskar is randhirs half bro n rahul is randhirs twin bro ….first it was dat uttara was sankars sissy n now it has changed???owwwooowww…..i love this crazy girl n this crazy ff…..really im telling u dat im mad over this ff..cant wait for d nxt update….update soon…….actually 20th june was my bday….so i did not use phones….but at d same tym i was not doin any party…cause i dont lyk them….anyhow….i didnt even felt dat yesterday was my bday…….love u jwalsssss……hows this name,jwals??n again…if uve not read ur past episodes cmnt, thn, im not an malayali,im pure tamilian n im pure brahmin……..good mrng jwals

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