Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 16)


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hi my crazy friends. . Lovely readers.. I’m back.. love you all. And silent readers please comment. . I want to know your opinion also.. you can ask any doubt. . If you are not liking the story then also let me know. . I respect and love all your comments. . Priya tripathi. dear please give me a link of your story.. my phone is giving me troubles. . So I’m accessing tu with a large effort.. if you give the link it will be easy for me to read it. . and sindhu you can call me jwalu.. I love it.. I miss some of my friends who used to call me jwalu.. and amy my mad friend I’m also crazy for helly.. she is my jaan.. shagun I missed your comments a lot.. I’m glad that you are back.. and varsha don’t confused over the updates dear.. you can ask your doubts.. and I made you total pagal na.. I’m also total mad.. and love to make others mad.. and hope tell me you are a malayali or not.. oh sorry sorry you all are waiting for update na.. so sorry. . Love you guys. . I replied to most of the comments on previous part.. if I could not reply then forgive me. . This phone is giving me troubles only..

So here is next part

Swara looked at randhir.. she has a feeling that it is not that randhir whom she knows..

swara: who are you?

Randhir: waw.. now you don’t know me?

Swara: you are not randhir..

Randhir: who told you that I’m randhir..

swara: ( with a shock) then who are you?

” Rahul.. randhir’s twin brother” ( guys he is rahul .. not randhir. . )

Swara: what ? Twin brother. . But randhir never told about this to me..

rahul: he don’t know that he have a twin brother. .

swara : I can’t understand anything. . Where is randhir?

Rahul: baby don’t stress your beautiful brain more.. you will get all your answers..

swara: I want to go.. you cheat me in randhir’s name.. I will not leave you. .

rahul: you can’t go.. you are in my custody. . Or simply you are kidnapped. .

swara was hell shocked. .

swara: why did you kidnapped me? U don’t do any harm to you..

rahul: but my twin brother randhir and my half brother sanskar both loves you. . But I don’t give you to them.. I will make you mine and I will destroy my so called brothers. .

swara: hey why you are destroying them? What they did to you?

Rahul: baby you please take rest.. I have some works .. see you soon..

he locked the door from outside. . Swara was locked inside the room.
Swara couldn’t understood what is going around her.. she sat on the floor as a lifeless body. .

After sometimes door is open
. Swara rushed towards door. . Rahul and some goons enter.. goons was taking a girl in their arms.. her face was covered by her hair..she was unconsious..

goons placed that girl on bed.. swara again shocked. . It was ragini..

swara: ragini.. ragini what happened to you. .

swara shaked her.. called her.. but sge don’t respond. .

Rahul: don’t worry babe. She will get conscious after a few hours..

swara caught his shirt in a rage .. she was hell angry now..

swara: how dare you to kidnap my ragini? What sin she do?

Rahul remove her hands from his shirt. .

rahul: she don’t do any sin.. but she have tp suffer like you..

swara: if you kidnap her because she is sanskar’s wife and you can destroy him by using her then you are wrong.. sanskar didn’t love her or she don’t .. Please leave her.. you can hurt me.. but don’t hurt her.. she suffered a lot..

rahul: we kidnapped her because 2 reason. . One she is the lover of laksh.. second reason I can’t tell you now.

swara: yoy don’t have any enmity with laksh na.. then why? You want tp destroy your brothers.. Please leave laksh and ragini.. they will not trouble you please. .

rahul: I’m behaving soft with you. . But don’t think that I will behave like this all time.. don’t request anything. . Only obey what I’m saying..

rahul pushed her to the floor..

he leaves tge room by locking the door.

Screen shifts..

kavya was feeling scared.. she looked laksh in fear. .

Kavya: lakah what you are doing ? Leave me ..

laksh: did you love me?

Kavya: no

laksh: then why did you help me to became a star? Why did you act like you love me?

Kavya: because they want to take the revenge on you..

laksh: who?

Kavya: I can’t say that laksh.. you can kill me but I will not say anything. .

Laksh: don’t be stubborn. . Tell me.. else I will kill you.

Kavya: don’t kill me laksh.. Please.

Lsksh: then say the truth.

kavya began to say something. . But she got shot..

lsksh shoked by the sound.. a bullet passed through the wondow and it pierce through kavya’s belly.. her body became cold. .

” kavyaaa”

laksh called.. he check her pulse.. she died . .

Laksh stared at her dead body in shock. Then rushed to outside. . He saw a car going fast through the road..

screen shifts. .

Ragini gain her consciousness. . She was shocked by the surroundings.. she saw swara.. both hugged each other and cried.. swara tells everything to ragini.. ragini couldn’t believe her ears..

after some times they heard a knock on door.. swara open the door..

It was a girl.. she covered her face with a scarf.. she enter the room and locked the door

swaragini was watching her with doubt

Ragini: who are you?

Girl: don’t be afraid.. I’m here to save you..

Girl removed her scarf.. it was

” uttara”

Screen freez..

I don’t know you all like this episode or not. Please say your opinions.. and please comment my silent readers.. I wsnt to know how many of you are reading this please.

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    1. Jwala

      thanks zoha

  1. What a twist…god…

    1. Jwala

      thanks radhika

  2. amazng..waiting for d nxt

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      hehe thanks kumu

  3. Vaikha

    Omg… More and more twists is on d way i guess.. Anyways loving ur ff..

    1. Jwala

      yes dear..some more twists on the way.. thank you so much vaikha

  4. Cutiie

    Plz mystery reavwal soon

    1. Jwala

      i will reveal all mysteries soon dear

  5. what yaar everyday new twist.From where this randhir’s twin brother come from?

    1. Jwala

      sorry kushbu.. i will reveal it soon

  6. Awesome plz post next part soon

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      thanks barathy.. i will post asap

  7. Aami

    oh jwaluuuuu… whts this yaar…….. suspense suspnse suspence…… u make me more restless…… i thibk its ur sweeet plan. by making beautiful n suspnce stry to get oere readers….. hm quite nuz plan….. i lvd ur stry soooo much……
    n jwalu whr r u from…. r u a malayali

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. no aami.. it is not like that. . when I get to know that all are liking this story I used to think about next part and I used to get good ideas.. not any particular plan dear.. thank you so much dear

    2. Jwala

      yes aami.. I’m a malayali.. and you?

      1. Aami

        yes ofcourse dear am tooooo am malayali……. trivandrum aanu jwalu vo…???

  8. Soujanya

    awesome…..but full confused

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear.. I will make everything clear soon

  9. What was that??After reading this episode I was like wat-twists n twists?? how do make it up dude….Fab work once again…:*)

    1. Jwala

      Hehe.. I will make all clear in next updates..thank you so much geetu

  10. Esha

    Hey jwala …..sorry couldn’t comment on last two episodes …coz of heavy schedule …
    I guess suspense queen award should be given to u ….
    Seriously man ….y do u want me to go to hospital …..again ….just now recovered from ragsan marriage shock ….now again u r sending me back with this twist ….I must say doctors and nurse became bored seeing me again and again ….anyways the episode was freaking awesome ,
    Loved the way u wrote …but I have a request will u give me an extra long episode ..coz these episodes are small in front of my eyes ….ha ha lol
    Hats off ….loved the episode …..but misses my sanskar in this episode ….
    Love the way u write ,,,,……,,,,, love u loads dear !

    Keep smiling

    1. Jwala

      Hi esha aka dolly.. missed you in last episodes.. and your ff also made up on mystery na.. in this ff you are my inspiration dear.. you don’t know can see sanskar soon.. he is in hospital na.. and I will try my level best to update long dear.. hehe.. which hospital you are going? Say hi to that doctor. . And most of my readers are going there I think.. doctor should give me commission for that.. haha.. love you dear. . Keep commenting. . .

  11. who is dis rohan ????is uttara jumped frm jail???? is kavya really dead ???or she come back like kavitha ????who shot kavya ????? where is randhir ????whts d prblm of rahul with raglak ?????where is sanky ???? where is othr devil gang members ???? who told kavya to play with lak ???? where is kavitha ???? is randhir attacked by kavitha bcz aftr meetng with kavitha der is no information of randhir ???? i hav alot of qustns to ask u bt i m lazy to type all..hehe…….nd ha last bt least i wanna ask u………………………………………………………………who am i ??? who u r ?????nd whn will sanky give divorce to ragini nd find swara ???? u knw wht my cute little brain is workng too much aftr leap in ur stry…nd day by day get shocks…nw i m in critical cnditns if one more shock den……………………………..u cn meet me in heavan dnt wrry we will take u with us…..hahaha

    frm where dis dis rahul come ????twin brothrr of randhir ????? i blv der is no twin brthr for sanky……one is enough to make a bomb blast if anothr cms?????????who is d father of 3 mad sons…srry i forgot him……………if u again give a shock na den god swear i’ll complain to sanky….he will defenitely punch u…its my first nf last warning………hehe…….nd u kanjoos plz make a lengthy chappy nd post ur new ff……..solve all dese prblms otrwise u bcm really mad……love u too dear…nd ha pls tell sanky to give divorce to ragini…….nd dnt give more shocks………waitng for nxt chappy

    1. Jwala

      Haha haha. . I was laughing like an idiot by reading your comment. . And you are amy.. I’m jwala.. this much confusion cleared na.. haha.. you will get more shocks dear.. and sanskar will not do anything because he know I love his swara soo much. . After solving these mysteries sanskar will give divorce to ragini.. and amy I post second part of my other ff.. you don’t read na. . I’m angry on you. . If you don’t search and read that part I will let sanky goes sanyas.. ha.. I’m serious. . Love you so much dear.. love your comments

      1. jwalu jwalu jwalu i read ur new ff nw……oh my god i searcb alot for it…..nd i lvd it too much…bt dat too was a short chappy….i want big big chappy…..nd i m cmmntd there too….nw dnt le my sanky to go sanyas othrwise i’ll snd u to simar house…hehe….nw u divorce sanskar nd ragini …???nd make a big chappy…..nd srry for missing ur new ff kan pakadke srry with cute puppy eyrs….hehhe….love u dear

  12. Woo what a twist u just rocked it

    1. Jwala

      Thanks ishani.. keep reading

  13. oh god yar kitne jhtke or milne wale h hume story bhut interesting hoti jaa rahi h super i lv it

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. thank you so much naina.. I will give you few more shocks dear.. I’m glad that you are loving my ff

  14. Sree

    More twists the more i am getting curious????. Waiting for nxt dear??

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much sree.. keep reading dear.. your new ff intro is nice dear

      1. Sree

        I will read dear. Thanks for reading my ff?

  15. Yar otne shocks plz clear it all

    1. Jwala

      I will clear it soon dear

  16. Awesome
    I miss u tooo dr
    When u will update broken wings??
    I m waiting for it

    1. Jwala

      Thanks shagun.. now onwards don’t forget to comment. . else I will kill you.. haha.. that one I will try dear

  17. Great update Jwala. WHAT??? Randhir has a twin who is evil ??. I wonder what he has against Ragini. Can’t wait to find out. And omg, Uttara is out of jail and she’s come to save Swaragini. Your twists never fail to surprise us so ??? to you

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much fats. . your comment brought a big smile in my face.. you will get all answers soon dear.. keep reading. .

  18. Deeksha


    1. Jwala

      Thanks deeksha

  19. short but awesome please try to post long

    1. Jwala

      I will try ana. thanks dear

  20. worst twist ever first there are half brothers adopted sis and now twin brother seriously

    1. Jwala

      sorry if i disappointed you.. but what is worst in it? i don’t think i add any worst stuff in this.. there is a mystery story behind this.. i’m really sorry.. i suggest you to read the story further.. don’t jump into conclusions

  21. Aahna

    seriously yr after reading it my brain is rotating…… u r suspense queen…
    too much suspense

  22. Anjaly

    mind blowing episode

  23. Awesome jwala… Nice twist.. Me too a malayali

  24. Priya tripathi

    What u say i like this no i love this this is awesome episode u change uttara in positive n this time i couldn’t update my episode this time so when i update than give a link

  25. Sitaram

    yaar too much shooooooooooooooooocks and tooooooooooooooo much twiiiiiiiiiiiiiist and tooooooooooooooooooooo much love for your ff

  26. Sweetie

    Very nice.. 🙂 Waiting for the next..Stay blessed and be happy.. 🙂

  27. Sindhu_Varma

    The one in icu is Randhir?
    Anyways the update was awesome

  28. im really really sry jwala……..i went out day bfre yesterday…i couldnt read ur ff……actually i can understand d story track a lloootttt better now than bfre……todays part where kavya was abt to tell d truth n was shot was a good part which i loved a lot….also d most shocking part is of rahuls…..u proved dat im gonna propose u if u r a boy….cause only a mad can fall in love with a mad…..n if it is me whom u asked whether im malayali??,,thn d ans is no…im pure tamilian, pure brahmin,frm tamil nadu……if its not me whom uve asked thn keep this msg as gk…..

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