Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 15)


hi friends. I’m back.. I’m so happy that you all are liking my ff. I’m a lazy person and and a kind of person who loss interest very soon.. only because of your support and love I’m writing this ff.. I can’t believe that it reach 15 th part.. it has happened only because of you.. else I feel bored and discontinued. . but you all loved this ff so much.. I’m thankful to each and every one. . Please continue your support. .

here we go next part..

next day morning. .

swara was reading a book.. door bell rings.. she goes and open the door.. she became numb by seeing the person. .

” randhir” her lips whispered. .

randhir give her a pleasant smile
. swara was little confused and shocked.. she didn’t expect that randhir will search her and give this smile to her..

” hi swara. . how are you? are you living alone here? ”

” ha.. but .. you were angry on me.. then .. do you forgive me randhir?”

randhir pats her cheeks..

” ha my dear.. I don’t have any hard feelings towards you. . I love you so much..”

swara feels strange. . don’t know why she can’t believe that it is randhir. . he was behaving a little weird. .

” swara don’t you give me a coffe? ”
” ha randhir.. I will bring coffe.. Please have your seat”

swara goes to kitchen. . she was nor freed from the shock and she couldn’t believe that he is behaving normally with her.. but her mind remind her that something is wrong somewhere.

she brings coffe and cookies. sagar also came that time. . swara introduce sagar to randhir.. both shakes hands and have some friendly talks.. swara was observing randhir.. she can’t trust her eyes.. is her eyes betraying her? she was disturbed. she couldn’t believe that he was the same guy whom she loved . she saw some other sparkling in his eyes..

Ragini was preparing juice.. a message arrived in her phone.. she read it.. the message contains. .

‘ my jaan.. ragini .. you have a beautiful surprise. . came to xyz part at . I will be waiting for you. . wondering who am I? jaan I’m the only person who loves you more than yourself. . you are my princess.. I know you will come.. I will wait for you darling”

ragini’s body shivered by reading this message. who is this? What will I do..

she thought to inform sanskar about this.. then another message arrives..

‘ don’t tell this to anyone. . don’t be a coward ragini.. you are afraid of your lover? I think you are a lioness. . if you don’t come .. I can do anything. . remember it..

ragini shocked by this message. who is doing this? what will I do? she thought to go . ragini go to her room and dressed in a pink saree.. she take a knife from kitchen and kept it in her bag..

ragini ( monologue) I don’t know who is behind this message. . but I must go.. I’m not a coward. and I’m not much worried of my life. I suffered a lot in my life. if god want me to suffer more.. I’m ready.

she went to the park..

Laksh was searching kavya’s private room.. his eyes was burning with anger and pain.. he got some photos.. papers and all from her room.. laksh was more shocked to see them..

laksh ( monologue) I promised my friends that I will make everything fine.. now everything is clear. . and kavya today is your last day..

he took a pistol and hides near the door.. after a few minutes kavya came.. laksh catches her and put the pistol on her neck..

” your game is over kavya”

laksh smirked at her.. she look him with scary eyes..

Sanskar was driving. . he got a call.. he attend the call and shocked by hearing the news. . sanskar speed up his car and it stopped in a hospital.. he goes to ICU.. a girl was waiting him with teary eyes.. sanskar hugged her and patted her shoulder. . As he was crying. . she told everything to him.. sanskar was hell shocked by hearing this.. in ICU someone is admitted critically.. sanskar can saw the person in a blur vision.. a drop of tear roll down from his eyes..

Swara’s house. .

Randhir: sagar would you mind if a take swara out for lunch?

sagar: not at all.. she is yours.. I’m only her friend..

Randhir: come swara let us go..

swara nodded .. but she was in a confusion.

they go to restaurant and had lunch.. after that randhir take her to a beautiful house.. swara was confused while randhir stops his car in front of that house.

” randhir is this your hoyae? why we are here?”

” are you scared of me swara?”

” no randhir.. it is not like that.. ”

then come swara.. she hold her hands.. she feels uncomfortable by his touch. . he take her to the house..

” this is our palace swara.. after marriage we will live here..”

swara: marriage? but ..

randhir : yes swara.. we will marry
swara feels awkward. . she wanted to go from there.. but randhir takes her in to a room..

” this will be our bed room swara.. ”
swara: randhir I want to go.. I’m not feeling well. .

randhir: no swara.. today I will not let you go..

swara : randhir please .. I have to go..

randhir came near her and hold hee waist.. pulled her close to him..
swara was shocked by his act.. and try to free from his grip..

swara: what is this randhir. . leave me.. I’m not liking this..

randhir pulled her more closer and pressed his body to hears. . he began to kiss ner neck..

” stop it randhir”

swara shouted and pushed him with all her force.. and give a tight slap in his face..

randhir became angry and tightly catch her shoulders..

randhir: you are acting like a pure innocent girl and no one touched your body ? you had an experience already na? why you are acting like a virgin? you are impure na swara? then why the hell it affects you if I touch you?

swara was hell shocked and shattered by his words.. she couldn’t believe that it is the same person whom she love.. she was really broken .

Ragini reached the park.. it was empty.. she was amused. . why no one is here.. ragini looks around but couldn’t find any one. . she sat on a bench.. after sometimes a family came there. . a small girl also came with them. . that girl talked to ragini sweetly. ragini also fond of that girl.. she give a chocolate to ragini and forcwd her to eat it. . ragini ate the chocolate .. after sometimes she feels dizzy and she fainted.. the family smirks at her and call someone. .

screen freezd with unconscious face of ragini, shocked face of swara, angry face of laksh and painful face of sanskar

hello my dear ones.. how was the episode? I know you all have these questions. .

1: why randhir behaving strange?

2: who did this to ragini?

3: where is kavita

4: who is in icu? who is that girl ?

5: why sanskar is crying?

6: what is the truth laksh find out?

7: why laksh is trying to harm kavya?

and last but not least is this jwala mad.. ha ha..

so it is the time for guess. . guess it.. if you give correct answers will for all you will get 10 points .. he he..

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  1. Aashi

    Jwala…u haven’t given the summary and I cant understand it!!.,,, please tell me once so that I can cope up!…..
    Or tell in the comments box only!!…

    1. Aashi

      Awesome dear!! Loved it and thanks for the summary!!?

  2. Abirsha

    jwala this s not fair…..pls update next soon dr…..cant wait…..nd make swasan as pair nd randhir nd kavitha as pair pls pls dr…..

    1. Jwala

      I will update next patt soon.. have patience shan. Pair will also revealed soon. Thank you so much dear

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    nice i liked it

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  4. Priya tripathi

    OMG twist per twist i don’t how to bear this if u want to me alive than solve the puzal otherwise i will die coz of shock which u giving me as per episode all r awesome can’t wait for episode

    1. Jwala

      Ha ha priya.. I don’t allow you to die.. you are my sweet reader and friend na . I will solve everything soon dear. . Don’t worry

  5. who did this to ragini!!! I think sahil/karthik

    1. Jwala

      Wait for next update lovely. . You will get the answer. . Thanks dear

  6. Sree

    God what was that jwala??????
    Full of shocks??? cant understand what happened suddenly????
    Plzz post nxt soon.
    I can guess last one. U r mad but in a good way???
    Love u dear???

    1. Jwala

      Hehe.. sree.. I’m totally mad. . Haha.. in this ff you will get sone more shocks.. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment dear.. love you

  7. Wat plz update next episode fast without laziness

    1. Jwala

      Ok priya.. thanks dear

  8. Omg so much twist…

    1. Jwala

      Yes dear

  9. Totally confusion plz Clear it

    1. Jwala

      Ok dear.. I will clear it soon

  10. what yaar everyday many twist & confusion.

    1. Jwala

      Sorry dear.. all will be cleared soon

  11. awesome

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  12. hii jwala…i m amy i m commentng dis frm hospital due to big shocks….hehe….unexpctd thnks r happening….aftr meeting kavitha randhir ka andhar chudail guss gaya…..hw can he behave like dis to swara…der will be some reason for it….yeah u r right i hav all dese questns to ask u…its gd that u urself typed it so no need for evryone to type it again????….i thnk dat girl in hsptl is uttara….kavya is d maun reasn for dese mu…..may be lak or sagar kidnapped ragini….bcz of uttara’s cnditn sanky is sad….bt why randhir behave like dis…i thnk he gets to knw d truth…..uhhh i. cant stress my cute little brain…u reveal all d suspense………hw dese ideas comes to ur mind???khate kya ho????….in each nd evryday u give us shock………u r such a mystry grl…waitng for nxt shock oops for nxt chptr…whtvr dese 2 r same na…hehe

    1. Jwala

      Ha ha.. amy dear.. your comment made my day. . I will not reveal anything. . and in next update you will get more shocks deae.. be prepare.. For it dear.. you are also a crazy girl like me.. really love you dear. .

      1. hahhaha my frnds also call me crazy……bt i m crazy for hellu…dey really pissed of my talks abt hellu…..hehe…lv u too dear…waitng for nxt chappy u lazy girl…pls reduce d intensity of shock othrwis ur crazy reader enter heavan..haha..

  13. Neera

    Awesome dear ๐Ÿ™‚ the way u r taking d story is amazing !!!

    1. Jwala

      Thanks neeru

  14. Deeksha

    the girl in the hospital is uttara……..that is the reason sanskaar is crying……….update soon……..

    1. Jwala

      Hehe keep guessing dear

  15. SOOOO many twists. I’m always on the edge of my seat whilst reading your story. Great update. Aww poor Swara and Ragini. Can’t wait for the next part xx

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much dear.. yeh poor swaragini.. they are suffering without any mistakes. . I will update soon dear

  16. The girl in the ICU is me… Sanskar is crying 4 me..coz i had my 4th heart attack reading ur ff..pure ex.. U must be wondering then who’s my current bf.. Its my cutesy..hotsy Zain Imam.. He..he.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Jwala

      Hehe.. sanskar is crying for you. . Hahaha.. I too like zain imam.. hope you are a malayali na?

  17. Sweetie

    Jwala dear..Episode is awesome as always.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m very poor at guesses my dear and moreover I don’t want to guess anything in this FF,tabhi toh mazaa aayegi.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Stay blessed and keep smiling dear.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Jwala

      Hi sweetie dear. . Thank you so nuch dear.. I will solve mysteries soon dear.. love you .. tc

  18. Superb episode and plz update next part asap

    1. Jwala

      Thanks ammu

  19. VarshaVenkat

    I guess I’m gone nuts…..really……I mean ryt frm 13th part I started to go nuts after reading ur ff as it confuses me…..after reading part 13 & 14 fee more tyms only I understood it n wrote cmnt……..N I’m love with d madest jwala diiii….Cause she is making me mad….hhahaha….juz joking….but d questions dat u asked were d questions I thought abt ……also u forgot dat u r a superr duper dii who writes d most twisted n shocking ffs…….really njoyed ur ff from d start…….update regularly

    1. Jwala

      Hehe my dear varshu. . Sorry for making you mad dear. But I love mad people like you.. love you so much dear.. I will update regularly dear

  20. seriously jwala ur mad
    but m loving this story so plzzz keep going
    and upload next part asap

  21. Priya tripathi

    Jwala i write a ff name revenge n love story of true lovers under qubool hai i hope u read n comment

  22. Jwala di it’s amazing

  23. Outstanding dear… New twist…

  24. Sindhu_Varma

    Jwalu umm sry I have friend named Jwala nd I call her jwalu I hope u don’t mind, I dont want to die at an early age so can u update it Asap plz

  25. Soujanya


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