Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 14)


hi guys.. I’m back.. thank you so much for your sweet comments.. love you all.. yesterday ashi asked me to give a summery of my story. so here it is..

sanskar, kavita, kavya, sahil karthik includes in devils gang.. they always makes troubles to others.. their main enemies are angels gang includes swara, ragini,randhir and laksh.. ragini filed a complaint against kartik to principal.. to take back it devils gang kidnap swara and torture her.. randhir and laksh beats sanskar and other boys for this.. devils gang trapped randhir ragini in a hotel room.. laksh misunderstood them.. ( raglak loves each other). later laksh feels guilty for not trusting his friend and his lover.. then angels gang trapped kavita and gives her alcohol . from her they understand that uttara( swaragini’s friend) also involved in it.. later swara a news that devils misbehaving with s girl. to save her angels gang go there with unconscious kavita.. a car hits laksh when they reach the place and kavita goes missing.. laksh survived.. and ragini forgive him for his mistrust and they patch up.. police arrested randhir for kavita’s murder.. swara disguise as a servant and enter sanskar’s house.. she find some evidence of kavita’s death and find the truth that uttara and sanskar are siblings and randhir is his half brother.. sanskar hates randhir to the core because he thought that randhir’s mom is the reason for his father’s death and being a fatherless child he faced lot of torture in childhood.. uttara take the blame of kavita’s murder and she got prison for 7 years.. randhir and swara secretly loves each other.. sanskar also loved swara.. but his hate for his brother made him a devil..sanskar raped swara.. swara stabbed him and he was in coma for 1 year.. randhir propose swara and she accepted it..

this was the summery of story before the leap..

link for previous part

Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 13)

swara’s hands shiver and ragini’s photo dropped from her hands..

sagar: swara what happened? did you know her?

swara( in mind) what answer should i gave? if i said i know her then he will ask about my story.. which i don’t want to reveal..

sagar: swara .. what are you thinking?

swara: did you know her name or address?

sagar: no i just saw her before many years.. i fall for her in first sight.. but don’t know who is she.. but i love her to the core..

swara: what if she is married?

sagar’s face became pale.. he didn’t gave any answer..

swara: ok.. leave it.. tell us have food.. come..

sagar smiled at her and they had food together..

after that swara go to her room to take rest..

swara(monologue) This life is very stange.. i don’t want to think about past.. i buried my past and my present and future didn’t have any colored dreams.. i lost my friends.. i lost my life.. but why destiny is still playing with me.. ragini is married.. and sagar loves her.. oh god ragini she sacrifice her love for my sake.. and what did i do to her? i left her with that devil who played with my dignify. . i didn’t see laksh’s tears.. i didn’t stood with randhir in his worst phase of life.. oh god all are suffering just because of me.. and now don’t know i have a feeling that I’m betraying sagar also.. what should i do now.. swara you have to do something.. you have to make everything all right.. that day you run away from all these.. but you have to rectify your mistakes.. yes.. i want to go back to mumbai.. and face them..

pov ends..

screen shifts..

laksh was also planning something.. he had a photo of ragini in his hand

laksh’s pov

ragini you may think that i moved on.. i forgot you.. hei na ragini.. but i can’t ragini.. I’m doing all this for a reason.. i promised you that i will be with you till my last breath.. i will keep my promise.. i will not let you suffer more.. once i get all the answers to my questions then i will fix all . not only us our friends also suffering. trust me ragini.. this time i will make everything fine.. and i’m only yours.. you are mine.. no one could separate us..

pov ends..

screen shifts..

randhir was in an orphanage.. he brought some sweets for the children.. now it is the only place which gives him some peace.. he distribute sweets to children.. .

” uncle you are so good”

a little girl said to him..

” not more than you my angel”

randhir pats her cheeks.. randhir think that her smile is similar to swara.. his smile fades away when he think about her..

randhir’s pov

you are so cruel swara.. you don’t see others pain.. you didn’t tell that sanskar was forcing you for marriage.. and in marriage mandap you let ragini to marry him.. how could you swara.. you know that laksh and ragini loved each other very much.. but you.. for your sake you betrayed your friends.. and you run away.. you are the most selfish girl i have ever seen.. i will not forgive you swara.. i hate you..

pov ends..

while watching the children playing he saw a girl who was wearing a simple white suit feeding some foods to a little boy ( in orphanage itself.. but more distance is there between randhir and that girl)

randhir felt like he knows the girl.. his vision was not clear due to distance.. he rushed towards the girl.. after giving foods to that child girl moved inside orphanage.. before she entering randhir caught her wrist.. she turned back with a shock..

randhir became numb by seeing her.. his face became pale..

girl also hell shocked by seeing him..

randhir called her name without believing his eyes..

” KAVITHA”????

screen freez..

sorry for short update guys.. but i hope you are getting some new developments in each update.. how was it guys?

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  1. another twist..waiting for d nxt one..

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

  2. One more suspense yaar.. Amazing

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

  3. Sindhu_Varma

    Kavita is alive ??

    1. Jwala

      yes dear

  4. raglak sagar triangle? it’s gonna be interesting

    1. Jwala

      thanks lovely

  5. Wow can’t believe Swara can be so selfish by just running away. Ragini saved her life and now Randhir hates her?

    1. Jwala

      have patients dear.. everything will be fine soon

  6. Shocking kavita is alive

    1. Jwala

      yes dear

  7. Hey this is hope’s ghost.. Just wanna tell u she’s fyn in heaven..and she gave all the angels ur ff to read..and now they are all hospitalized due to heart attack.. Just kidding.. But nxt tym.. I’m really gonna die of attack!

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. I love you hope’s ghost. . I will built a hospital for all angels who cause heart attack by my ff.. hehe..

  8. Sree

    Wow another twist. Ur story is getting more and more interesting???
    Waiting fir nxt dear????

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear.. I’m glad that you liked it

  9. Deeksha

    is kavitha alive ??????how?????? pls update the next part soon……………………

    1. Jwala

      yes dear.. I will update asap

  10. Wow so many twists. Laksh’s POV was really nice. Can’t wait to read more ??

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much dear

  11. Priya tripathi

    OMG ! now another twist oh god ur ff is full of suspence but i love this twist n i think u make kavita n randhir pair but love this track plz update next asap

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much dear..

  12. VarshaVenkat

    Wat????kavitha is still alive????omg!!!giving me heart attacks…..I’m Sry dat I did not post cmnt as I was busy with my studies….forgive me……..also d laskshs pov is d same to swaras which I lyk d most…….love u sioooooooo muuuuccchhhhh…….also I hav a request……join randhir n swara….I wanna see them together

    1. Jwala

      hi varsha.. don’t be sorry dear.. I’m glad thay you loved their pov’s.. thank you so much for your adorable comment dear

  13. anorther twist….where did kavitha come????sanky nd uttara kiled her na????kavitha’s bhoot comes to mske dis mystery str to a horrible one…….jwala pls dnt bring dus kavity btw our swasan….nw sanky is repentng so he đeservs swara….nd wht abt randhir????hmmmmmm…….let it be randhir nd kavitha….hwz it kandhir….hahahahhaaa….
    each nd evry day u bring new unexpctd twist nd make d stry intrstng….awsm….waitng for nxt chappy….arrey sanky yaar give divorce to ragini nd find swara

    1. Jwala

      amy dear kavita’s death is a mystery. . kandhir??? ha ha it will be fabulous. . kavity will not come between swasan.. sanskar will give her divorce soon.. thank you so much for your wonderful comments dear.. love you

  14. Anjaly

    u r just amazing .i loved ur episode

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much anjali

  15. Divya shankar

    Actually u making so complicated for both heroine 2 hero…both love triangle wat about randhir and sagar feeling papachi I hope who won’t give sad ending…

    1. Jwala

      I will give a happy ending dear. . don’t worry. . I will make everyone happy in this ff

  16. Abirsha

    i thought that girl must be kavitha…..very nice….i think kavitha would have been changed so make kavitha nd randhir as pair nd swasan as pair pls pls jwala…..

    1. Jwala

      I loved your suggestion shan.. thank you so much for your lovely comment.. your profile pic is fabulous. .

  17. Abirsha

    i m registered member only dr but yesterday i commented from my dads mobile so i dint login….i forgot it…..

  18. Soujanya

    Awesome… Again twist….

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  19. Very interesting dear

  20. thamiazh magan

    Kavitha??? non stop suspense

  21. Sridevi

    Jwala what’s this yaar?? Twist pe twist? You are making it unpredictable….


  22. Twist PE twist

  23. Sweetie

    Yayyy!!!Another twist.. 😀 Waiting for the next..Thodi si busy hoon,so no detailed comment for today.. 🙁 Lots of love and keep smiling.. 🙂

  24. Neera

    again its a awesome episode…. !!! now its kadhir ??? Omg !! U r leaving me in suspense…. !!! Am happy tat its gonna be swasan…. but feeling bad seeing randhir’s hate for swara….. is it going to be raglak or sagini…?? Tats my oly confusion ! Am waiting for ur next update !!!

  25. Awesome
    So sorry for not commenting because I was ill

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