Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 13)


hi my dear friends.. i know you are shocked by the promo.. no problem.. I’m here to shock you more and more.. and i’m so much happy by reading your comments.. really you all are encouraging me so much.. i love you all.. your comments really made my day.. keep supporting me guys.. i respect all your comments and love you all..

and this is not ragsan.. they are married.. but there is a reason behind it.. and borh of them didn’t had any feelings to each other.. sorry guys i can’t make ragsan as pairs.. and in my profile my bdate is in June.. it was a mistake.. my bdate is 14 april.. not june.. sorry eva for that ..

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morning 11 am

Ragini was watching television.. it was an interview..( you guys guess it right.. it was laksh’s interview)

Ragini had tears in her eyes.. she was looking him in screen with a terrible pain in her heart.. once he was her life.. not once now also she loves him so much.. but she is helpless.. suddenly laksh inteoduce kavya as his fiancee.. ragini really broken now.. she felt that someone stabbing her brutally.. she looked the screen with burning eyes.. laksh seems much comfortable with kavya.. ragini switch off the tv.. she sat on floor like a lifeless body..

ragini (monologue) why god ? why.. what sin i committed? i can’t see him with anyone else.. i know i give him so much pain.. so i deserves this.. but don’t he trust me? is he believing that i married sanskar as per my wish? don’t do this laksh.. i will die but i can’t see you with anyone else..

ragini take her mobile and call sanskar.

sanskar: yes ragini .. bolo

ragini: sanskar laksh get engaged to kavya..

sanskar: hmm i know.. don’t worry he will not marry her..

ragini: sanskar will you give me divorce?

sanskar: i’m ready to give you divorce at any time.. but i want to meet swara first.. i want her in my life.. and you ruined my marriage with swara.. so you have to suffer a little more..

ragini: swara will not marry you.. she loves randhir..

sanskar: shut up lady.. i don’t want to hear his name.. look ragini i don’t have any issues with you or laksh. i too want you both to united.. but i want swara.. because I LOVE SWARA . and i don’t spare randhir if he came between us..

ragini: do you think swara will love you ever?

sanskar: yes.. she will.. because my love is strong.. i didn’t touch any girl other than her.. because i want to be faithful to her..

ragini: you are mad .. you raped her.. then how can you expect her to love you?

sanskar: it mas my sin.. i accept it.. but i will give her all happiness in this world.. i will do anything for getting her love.. and you don’t worry.. laksh will be always yours.. it is my promise.. you betrayed me and came to swara’s place in marriage mandap that day.. but i know you don’t did it for your selfishness.. you did it for save your friend.. you make yourself as a culprit.. you sacrifice your love.. for swara.. for saving swara from her forced marriage with me.. and i didn’t make you suffer a lot.. soon everything will be fine and you will get your love back..

sanskar cut the call.. he thought about swara..

sanskar(monologue) where are you swara.. give me a chance to rectify my mistakes.. please swara.. i know you love randhir.. but i love you swara.. because of randhir and his mother my dad leave us.. my dad died because of them.. i got separated from my sister.. my uncle tortured me and my mother due to this.. i was alone in my childhood.. uncle used to beat me brutally and make my mother as a servant in our own house.. when i was 12 years uncle died.. after that i saw my maa became a strong and independent women.. but up to that age we had life of slaves.. this all because that randhir and his mother.. i hate him so much.. my hatred for him increased when i saw he became more close and friendly with swara.. i loved swara at first sight. i want to be friends with her.. but that blo*dy randhir.. he snatched swara also.. my dad loved him and his mother.. my swara loved him.. and then i made a big sin.. by taking her virginity.. but she give me good punishment.. i was in coma for 1 year.. but don’t have any hard feelings about her.. i love her more than anything.. i love you swara….

screen shifts..

swara was making kheer in kitchen.. sagar came..

sagar: waw. my best friend is busy in cooking..

swara: you like kheer na.. so i made it for you. taste it..

she give some kheer to him..

sagar( after tasting it) yummy.. you have magic in your hands darling..

sagar take her palms and kiss it..

swara( uncomfortable) what is this sagar? don’t like it..

sagar: oyee.. madom i do kiss my maa’s palms also when she prepare some delicious foods..

swara: am i looking like your maa?

sagar: ha.. you are looking like a middle aged aunty in this suit..

swara (angrily) : sagar ke bacche.. i will kill you..

she started beating him..

sagar holds her hand..

sagar: sorry baba.. i was kidding. you are sweet 17 girl hei na.. swara one thing is true.. the man who marry you will be very lucky..

swara’s smile fades while hearing this..

sagar: swara today i will show you my dream girl..

swara: i don’t want to see.. whenever i talk about her you will say that it is your personal matter.. hei na.. so i don’t want to see her photo..

sagar: I’m sorry dear.. but today i will show her photos to you.. she is very beautiful..

swara: beautiful than me?

sagar: beautiful like you..

swara: you are very brilliant sagar..

sagar: thank you madom..

sagar take his mobile and shows her the photo.. the photo of that girl whom sagar loves madly.. secretly ..

swara frowned by looking that photo..

sagar: beautiful hei na.. i loved her when i saw her first time..

swara murmured : ” Ragini”…???

screen freez…

how was it? is the update was bore? what did you think about sanskar now? keep commenting guys.. it will boost my confidence.. please comment.. love you all

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  1. Aashi

    Ohj shit jwala…when you had given its prologue I had commented but forgotten it’s name!!….
    I really want to read it …so will you tell me the story upto here!!…

    1. Jwala

      ok dear.. i will add the summery in next part for you..

    2. Aashi

      Thanks a ton a jwala….that is indeed so sweet?

  2. omg! sagar with ragini! daily twist

    but why you are not giving proper importance to ragini, please want to see her in more scenes

    1. Jwala

      dear sorry if you felt like that.. but I’m not doing that purposefully.. i’m concentrating on the story only.. that is why sometimes some characters will not getting proper importance.. sorry dear.. but i will try my best to give importance to everyone.. in this ff every character is important for me.. thanks for commenting dear..

  3. Cutiie


    1. Jwala

      thanks cutie

  4. Neera

    Twist after twist… !! Shock after shock !! U ll be responsible for my heart attack ! Sagini now ??? N swasan ??? But u r rocking dear 🙂 waiting for the next part 🙂 🙂

    1. Jwala

      thanks neeru.. you will get more heart attacks on coming updates.. hehe.. I’m very cruel..

      1. Neera

        Oaky then i gonna omment on ur next part oly from icu :p

  5. Deeksha

    Gud one…. But ragini and sagar.?????pls unite all the pairs back…..

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear..

  6. nt nyc yaar.sagar loves ragini.keep love triangle for swara sagar and sanskar yaar.

    1. Jwala

      dear you forgot about our randhir? there is already triangle between swara sanskar and randhir..

  7. Janviiivyas


    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

      1. Janviiivyas

        so it is swasan and raglak and I think that sagar kavya and randhir will turn into negative roles…ll

  8. Priya tripathi

    Awesome jwala sanskar did wrong with swara but ragini did wrong with laksh also so this punishment good for them n i m happy that sanskar become positive but whatever he done with swara its not forgivable n its not easy to forget everything plz make some hard way to convince swara its for ragini also to convince laksh n forgive her n what about randhir y he hate swara what she do

    1. Jwala

      you are right dear.. but ragini did it for saving swara from her forced marriage.. it is true that she hurt laksh. but ragini definitely deserves a second chance as laksh got one.. and sanskar definitely did wrong with swara.. but he faced so hard situations in his childhood. it made him heartless.. and he gone mad when he though that randhir will snatch all happiness from him.. i will not defend him.. and he will go through more worse situations.. and swara still loving randhir.. and randhir. poor guy.. i really felt bad for him.. let us wait and see what destiny decided for them

  9. Sweetie

    Jwala..I love this FF a lot..I totally loved the episode..As I said in the previous episode,Sanskar had his own reasons to become cruel person and in this episode you gave the reason..Every human become good or bad due to the circumstances and situations in which they were brought up..Very well written Jwala.. 🙂 Now Sagar loves Ragini??Yeh kab ho gaya??Girl!!You are giving twists after twists..I love you for that.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂 Waiting for the next..

    1. Jwala

      sweetie.. my dear i love you girl.. i love your comments a lot.. yes.. you are absolutely right.. nobody born as criminals.. their situations, their circumstances made them bad.. here sanskar had a worst childhood.. and he thought that randhir ‘s mom is the reason behind all.. so he hate randhir and his mother.. i will never say that sanskar is right.. but in this world no one is saint.. i’m very happy that you could connect with sanskar’s character.. love you dear..

      1. Sweetie

        I totally agree with you dear..Even I’ll never say Sanskar is right as he raped a girl which is a heinous crime..You portray every character very well dear,only because of that I’m able to connect with the characters.. 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  10. Awsome swasan love it

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

  11. awesome Dr…..the twist s sanky loved swara from first sight wow…..then y he tortured swara n d first epi???I think now sanky will turn positive nd randhir to negative… I badly want swasan as pair after knowing sanky loved swara from first sight……update next asap Dr…..who s playing randhir character

    1. Jwala

      shan you are not registered member now? what happened? yesterday rhen you said i hurt you i felt very sad.. because it was my mistake i forgot to add in promo that ragsan is not pairs.. sorry dear.. i know you have been broken for some time.. very big sorry.. and randhir negative? no no.. i can’t do it dear. and swasan. hmm.. let me think he he. and sanskar will positive for others.. except for his brother.. let us see how will it proceed.. and sanskar torture swara because he was really mad due to his hate towards randhir and swara was very close to randhir.. it made him do so.. but now onwards he will love her strongly.. his hate for randhir will not affect his love for swara.. he realized his mistakes when he came out of coma..

  12. thamiazh magan

    wondering how to solve these twists

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. me too

  13. Wow it was shocking and amaxing

    1. Jwala

      thanks rosey

  14. And thanx for conformation of pairs I just loved Swasan plz unite them faster

    1. Jwala

      swasan? i didn’t confirmed yet.. hehe..

  15. Akshata

    now sagar is in love with ragini ? so many twists. what abt laksh?
    he never trust ragini, always misunderstood her. though i dont know his side story.

  16. Esha

    Wah !!! Jwala …..I am more happy now ….I am literally happy reading this episode and I feel sad for sanskar …..I thought him as a devil but no I am wrong……
    Awww !!!!!! Sanskar loved Swara , how cute is that ……love u dear , hats off dear !
    Eagerly waiting for ur next episode , love u loads and thanks for accepting my request !
    Keep smiling !

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much for your lovely comment dear.. I’m happy that you loved it.. please update meri ashiqui fast.. i love your twists and turns in your stories.. you are really an inspiration for me

  17. Kritika u are that jwala in India forums right? Whose cover is of pragya n someone else ..I don’t remember properly…buy yeah..i heard ur name jwala n saw the same article u posted here. “We Love you helly”

    1. Jwala

      yes kritika.. I’m the same jwala in IF .

  18. Anjaly

    super.awesome.i loved it

  19. Soujanya

    awesome….sanskar love swara… confused

  20. Wow, there’s so many great twists. It’s nice that Sanskar behaves nicely with Ragini though. Excited to see what will happen next xx

  21. Sree

    Nice ep yaar. Sanky’s past was very sad.
    Poor Sanky. This was an emotional ep.
    Waiting for nxt???

  22. hahahahhahahhaha……..i m so happy nowwwe………..ragini———-sanskar never be paired…….aftr readng tdys epi i want swasan…oh my sanky cutie regrt for what he done…hahaha sanky pls give divorce to ragini nd let her go nd concentrate on swara othrwise someone will marry her soo be carefull haaa…..
    jwala in ur ff der r so many love triangle…. sanky lvs swara bt swara lvs randhir …once randir lvs swara nw he hate swara bt also lvs her…………………ragini lvs laksh laksh lvs raguni bt going to engage with kavya….bt ragini marries sanky sagar loves ragini…???only 2 girls 4 boys …is it love triangle or rectangle……oh i dnt wanna to give any tension to my chottu saa brain by thnkng tooo much…..hats off u jwala hw dese kinds of thoughts comes to ur brain??????hw u gng to solve all dese mess….do u want my help…i m expert in create more mess in a single mess…i m ready to help u…hahhahhahaha lol….i m just kiddng…u solve all dese mess nd update regularly…..lvd ur ff more nd more day by day…love u dear..

  23. Interesting twist dear, I loved it

  24. amazng..

  25. Sitaram

    love it as the series is getting more intense

  26. OMG when i read your promo then i don’t like it but after reading today’s episode I love it

  27. […] Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 13) […]

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