Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 12)

I’m sorry for late update guys.. I’m glad that you all are liking my ff.. I love you all my dear beautiful readers. keep supporting me..

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swara became numb . she looked sanskar with burning eyes. . this devil traped her.. he took her virginity without her wish. . she wanted to kill him.. but her body couldn’t obey her mind.. she sat on the bed covering a blanket. . she was in a utter shock. . tears rolled down from her eyes.. meanwhile sanskar wake up and saw her in such a condition. . he didn’t felt any guilt for his sin.. he give her a winning smile..

” swara baby you are amazing. . I enjoyed a lot.. if you are ok we can enjoy like this in future also..”

swara couldn’t take it anymore . sje slad him in all her force.. she was shivering .

” I will kill you basted. . you are an animal.. how can you be so cheap. . you will get your punishment soon.. I will not forgive you for this brutal crime”

” ha ha.. miss swara boss if you complain against me I will prove that you sleep with me as your own wish. . I will make you as a call girl.. I have fake proofs in my hand.. so don’t act so smart. .”

sanskar go to washroom to change cloths.. swara find her bag in the room.. there was a small knife inside . she took it. swara hide under the couch

sanskar came out from washroom and didn’t find swara .

sanskar (to himself) where that girl gone? is she go to suicide? I don’t have any problem if she suicide also.. I take my revenge from my so called brother. .

he sat on the couch and take his phoneswara who was hiding under the couch take her knife and stab his leg. .

“aaashhh..” sanskar screamed in pain..

swara came outside.. she stabbed his hands also.. he tried to catch her but stabbed him again.. he fall down unconscious in the pool of blood.. ( door was sound proof so no one heard the sound. .)

swara place the knife on her bag and change cloths.. she take her belongings from the room and escaped from there.. when she came outside the hotel she don’t get where to go.. she wandered here and there ( this incidents all affect her mind and so she don’t know anything what to do) swara was walking without any destination. . she saw a park and enter in to the park. she sat on a bench and weep silently. . suddenly someone called her

“swarraaaa” she turned back in a shock.. it was randhir.. ragini and lsksh also with him.. they run towards her.. ragini hugged her tightly..

” swara where were you? you were missing since yesterday”

swara cried badly.. all friends were worried about her.. randhir sat near her and console her..

swara was not saying anything. . but weeping badly.. her friends are also in a panik condition. . they worried for swara a lot..

laksh: swara please yaar.. what happened? don’t cry like this. we can’t see you like this.. Please say anything. .

all forced her to open her mouth. . swara while weeping somehow tell them that what all happened. . all were shoked and frustrated like hell..

randhir: if he is alive then I will cut him in to pieces. . he don’t deserve to live .

ragini: but if he die? then what will happen to swara? we can’t let him die also.. his people will blame swara for his murder. .

swara: if he died I will be the happiest person. . I’m ready to get prison for murdering an animal ..

randhir: I will not send you in jail swara. . if he died I will take the blame on myself. . I will not let you go in jail..

four of them hugged and cried a lot..

sanskar is taken to hospital by some people. . he is alive but in coma.. doctors said to his mother that if any miracle happen he will came back to the life.. his mother will not give any complaints as she know her son is at fault..

6 months later..

swara slowly came back to normal life.. raglak and randhir help her to came back to normal life.. randhir’s love for her never fade away. . he still believe that she is pure and he love her more deeply. .

one day he decide to propose her.. he take her to a place which is well decorated .

swara: why did you take me here randhir?

randhir: swara my final exams finished.. hopefully after a gew months I will get a good job.. and after 2 years your class will also complete. .

swara: ha.. si what?

randhir: then my mom will said to me to marry a good girl and lead a family life..

swara ( have some pain in hearing this.. ) : of course randhir . you have to marry to a good as your mom’s wish.. you will get her soon..

randhir: can you be my wife?

swara (couldn’t believe what she heard) what?

randhir: I love you swara.. will you be my life partner?

swara: ( teary eyes) I can’t randhir. . I’m impure..

randhir: shut up.. you are pure.. your heart is pure.. your soul is pure. . and your body also pure.. that devil did a brutal sin to you.. but it is not your fault. . you don’t do any mistake in it.. so you are pure. . and you deserve all the happiness in this world..

swara: but randhir …

randhir: don’t say anything .. I love you and I know you love me.. so don’t try to hide your love ..

randhir hugged her tightly.. swara to hugged him back.. her eyes were moist..
randhir: will you give me your hand to hold in this entire life? we you be my life partner..
swara nodded..

swara: yes randhir.

randhir kissed her palms..


hi guys.. in next update you will see 4 years leap.. and si many shocking twista are awaiting. . I’m not going to show their married life or romance. . after leap you can see a new freash birth of our angels .. all equations will be changed.. I will give a promo of tge leap soon.. so keep supporting me.. I’m sure that after leap incidents will shock you more. . keep commenting my dear readers. .

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  1. Jenisha

    I was eagerly waiting for this ff…… Hope the devils.would be changed ….. I hope that swasan unite…..

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear..

    1. Jwala

      thanks rosey

  2. Missing raglak scenes

    1. Jwala

      sorry yaar.. I will try to add more but in leap something new you can see . I’m writing another ff swasan and raglak made for each other.. in that you will get their more scenes. . here I don’t know why I’m addicted to twists and turns..

  3. nice twist.and in these 4year leap don’t separate swahir.

    1. Jwala

      wait and see dear.. I already decide something. . support me like this always

  4. Soujanya


  5. Oh god nice part dr….

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

  6. nyc..looking forward to d leap..:)

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      thanks dear

  7. Awesome plz Don’t separate swara and randhir pl,,zz otherwise story will lose its intrest plzzz

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear.. have patients and read it dear.. sorry if I hurt you.. but if they are soulmates they will unite one day

  8. Dont seperate swasan

  9. awesowe yaar.keep love triangle yaar

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

  10. VarshaVenkat

    Yayaaaaa……diiii love u lottt….I was waiting for this ff everyday….I was checking telly updates for this only….also….swadhir pair is sooo cute…..loved it diiii….Im jumping ryt now…..wohooo….super…cant tell my excitement in words…..loved dis episode a lotttt…… but who would hav taken sanky ther??its d possible ques that arise in my mind ryt now….

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much dear for loving my ff this much.. I have no words.. I’m really happy that you like it this much.. I will upload promo soon. . keep supporting me.. love you

  11. Sweetie

    Ok firstly I’m sorry because I didn’t comment for many updates but read every episode..I now understand why you said earlier that we will hate Sanskar at a point..I totally get his point he was blinded by his hate towards his step brother and wanted to destroy him in any way possible,so he chose a simple way to destroy his life by spoiling his love’s life..
    I loved Swara here,she is such a strong girl..
    I’m waiting for the twist..Please excuse me if I don’t comment in the next episode..Stay blessed and be happy.. 🙂

    1. Jwala

      no problem dear.. I’m happy that you commented and very very happy to know that you loved it.. yes this is why I said earlier that we will hate sanskar at a point.. hope you will enjoy next part also..

  12. I m also waiting plz update fast by the way super episode u didn’t show swara weak

    1. Jwala

      thanks priya.. I will update promo by tomorrow

  13. Aahna


  14. Deeksha

    I loved swara in the episode….. She is so strong…… Pls try to make it swasan……. Waited a lot for your episode….. Pls be regular…..

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much dear.. I will try to be regular

  15. Please don’t separate swadhir. ………….. aand new eentry for sanskar

    1. Jwala

      wait and see dear

  16. thamiazh magan

    different story. loved it

    1. Jwala

      Thanks yaar

  17. If u see a 18 year girl died of heart attack in kerala on news..consider its me and d cause is reading ur ff.. Jokes apart.. I love ur ff a lot.. And plz accept my challenge…

    1. Jwala

      first tell me your challenge is os or ff? I’m already accepted the challenge. . I loved it.. and you will get more heart attack while seeing promo of leap. . thank you so much dear

  18. Neera

    Nice episode dear 🙂 🙂

  19. Wow..

  20. Divya shankar

    Hi hello important announcement to d angel jwala be regular to tu if ur irregular u will get seviour punishment dis announcement made by ur principle tu India. .so be regular and keep writing update regularly tc

    1. Jwala

      hehehe.. ok principal ji.. I wii be regular.. don’t punish me please. . Thank you so much princi ji

  21. Loved it

  22. Priya tripathi

    Awesome plz update ur episode asap

  23. Aami

    hy jwala really suprb episode…….. sooo much happy but a little sad to in my heart dont no y…. any wytng for nxt episoe…… plz post asp

  24. Abirsha

    jwala its awesome dr…..i loved it a lot when u showed swara defending sanky…..i have no pblm with swandhir or swasan…..but expecting swasan more…..but i m happy with ur choice…..

  25. plz swasan not randhir

  26. Awesome dear

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