Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 11)


hi ny my dear friends. . thank you so much for your lovely comments. . last update must be a shocking news for you.. I know.. I’m glad that you all enjoyed it.. keep reading. .

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Randhir was hell shocked by this new.. he thinks that he is dreaming.. swara continued ..

swara: Sanskar’s father dp aka durga prasad maheswari had a love affair with randhir mom annapoorna before marriage. . but dp sir’s father didn’t like his son’s affair and forced him to marry anitha aunty .. but annapoorna aunty was pregnant at that time.. she didn’t inform the news to dp sir . and go to abroad with the help of some relatives and stayed their and give birth to randhir.. dp sir domewhat forget about annapoorna aunty.. but one day one of his close friend disclose about annapoorna aunty’s pregnancy and about the child.. anita aunty was pregnant with uttara at that time.. dp sir leaves them and go to annapoorna aunty.. but she didn’t accept him.. he was heartbroken and commit suicide.. anita aunty’s brother came to know about it.. he was a cruel person he forced anita aunty to abort uttara and send sanskar to orphanage. but anita aunty didn’t agree.. she give birth to uttara.. but aunty’s brother handover the new born baby (uttara) to his close friend and wife who don’t have children. . sanskar witness the whole thing.. sanskar tried to revel the truth to anita aunty but aunty’s brother threaten to kill him.. this all incidents in his childhood make him a devil.. he only loved his sister in this world. . when uttara joined the college he said whole things to her.. they had one common enemy randhir.. they believed that randhir and his mom was the reason of their dad’s death and their separation. . they wanted to torture everyone who loves randhir. . and they succed in that..

randhir was looking her unbelievably. . he couldn’t believe his ears. . he don’t know anything about his father.. his mother said that his father died in an accident. . randhir stand like a statue.. tears rolled down from his eyes.. his own brother and sister try to harm him.. they hate him for a mistake he didn’t even know about. . it was paining. . police torture him so much . but the pain now he is going through is more more deep than that physical wounds..

inspector: ok.. but this not proves that they killed kavita..

swara: hear this video sir..

swara show them the vedios saved in her mobile.. in one sanskar calling uttara and talks about kavita’s death and all.. then ragini shows them a pistol. . it is used to kill kavita.. then they give a blazer also.. swara get this all from sanskar’s house.. that blazer contains kavita’s blood.. police arrest sanskar and uttara.. but uttara take all blame on herself. . sanskar tried to defend her.. but she was very stubborn. . she said that she do all this alone and sanskar have no role in kavita’s death.. next day in court also she said the same.. so court give her prison for 7 years and sanskar is freed from the cases.. sanskar meet uttara in jail..

sanskar: cutie.. I will not let them live happy.. I will give the best punishment for them..

uttara: ha bhai.. that is why I said that I killed kavita. . so that you can live outside and can make their life as a hell..

sanskar: don’t worry cutie.. you can hear one good news in next week..

uttara: I’m waiting bhai.. our main aim is randhir.. next is swara.. then ragini and laksh..

sanskar: you know what randhir loves swara.. we have to make them one na.. he is our brother na..

uttara: ha bhai.. I know you have planned a sweet surprise for our sweet brother and would be bhabhi..

both smile evily..

angels gang In hospital

laksh: now sanskar can’t do anything. . his friends also leave them na..

ragini: ya.. now he is alone.. in college everyone ignores him.. he got the best punishment. .

randhir was standing near the window.. he had a little soft corner for his siblings. . but he know what all they do is severe crime.. swara came towards him..

swara: randhir be strong. . if they can harm you , they can make your life hell then why you are thinking abour them..

randhir: no swara nothing like that. . let me meet the doctor. .

he excuse and go from there.. 3 of them looked each other. .

next week..

it was the annual day..

ragini is participating in dance and swara was helping her.. randhir got a phone call ..

caller: is ir randhir shekavat?

randhir: yes..

caller:your mother fainted in road.. don’t worry we take her to hospital and she is fine now. . it is our duty so we inform you. .

randhir:which hospital? I’m coming now.. Please take care of my mom….

randhir called swara and informed her this. . and go to the hospital. . swara did ragini’s make up and tell her that she is going to the hall to watch other performance. .

while going she get a call from an unknown no.. caller was a girl..

girl: hello swara?

swara: yes.. who are you?

girl: that is not important. . I have say that sanskar is planning a big trap for randhir.. come to xyz hotel. . if you want to see randhir alive come to hotel. .

swara shocked.. she tried randhir’s no and it was switch off.. she take her scooty and rushed to hotel. . she asked to receptionist about randhir.. but they don’t have any idea about it. . suddenly a girl came near swara in a hurry..

girl: swara come fast.. we don’t have any time..

she dragged swara’s hands and run towards a room.. girl opens the room.. but it was empty. .

swara: where is randhir?

girl: I will tell.. first drink it.. she give some water to swara.. but swara refused.. girl forcely opend her mouth and make her drink the water.. swara feels dizzy and fall on ground. . door opend one man came inside.. it was sanakar..

girl smirked at sanskar..

girl: enjoy dear..

she go out.. sanskar closed tge door and came near swara.. she was lying on ground unconscious. . he drank her beauty through his eyes.. he rubbed his fingers through her lips..

sanskar (to himself): my brother’s love. . but I desire you more than him.. I wanted to make you mine when I saw you first.. this is not only my revenge on him. It was my great desire to spent a night with you..

he opened his shirt and take her to bed.. lights off..

next morning. .

swara was feeling immense pain in her body and head. . she tried to wake up.. but her body was paining badly.. suddenly she shocked to know that she is naked then she saw sanskar lying beside her.. she was hell shocked.. she saw some scratch marks in her body.. and blood was coating un her lips.. she shattered to know the truth that sanskar raped her…

screen freez..

I’m not saying anything. . I know you all are shocked like hell.. don’t worry. . you will get more shocks from me.. Please comment guys

Credit to: Jwala

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  1. Nice..continue

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  2. It’s not good

    1. sorry if you felt this update as bad.. but thanks for reading and commenting

  3. AWESOME shock……….

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  4. How can sanskar do this????
    Awesome ep di

    1. sanskar is very much obsessed with his revenge. . thanks for commenting shagun

  5. What a shock …

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    1. hmm.. it was indeed shocking

  7. I was expecting this twist.. Anyways nice plzz continue.
    I want to know what happens next with Sara.

    1. thank you so much dear.. Please wait for next updates

    1. thanks priya

  8. super…I hope sanskar forcefully marries swara…and the tourture after marriage….its gonna be fun…plzz make swasan as couple….

    1. I will think about your idea dear.. thank you so much

  9. Wat ……now randir n swara cannot be a couple??oh……gosh!!swara in dat situation???do no wat she gonna tell everyone…..n whos dat girl??is it kavya??…god…….Ioved it a lottttt……pls update with more twists…..

    1. thank you so much varsha.. now I’m also in confusion. . I don’t know what I’m going to update next..

  10. Jwala….i don’t think swasan should be here…the guy who doesn’t know the value of a girl’s dignity can’t be the hero..unfortunately that’s how Sanskar’s character was portrayed here….i know u r trying something different by showing Sanskar evil here…but now swasan will not suit here…and if Randhir’s love changes for her then he never loved her truly….btw who have u chosen for Randhir’s role?

    1. hi eva.. I’m so glad that you comment on my ff. . you are right. . I too think the same.. sanskar will be villian only.. and randhir is played by param singh from sadda haq.. thank you for such a lovely comment dear..

  11. No words…just getting used to shocks!

    1. hehe thanks dear.. r u a malayali?

  12. After reading today’s episode i don’t want swasan here…i can imagine swalak here even but not swasan…swandhir rocks…please don’t separate them.

    1. ok dear.. I will not make it swasan for sure.. thank you so much for such a lovely comment dear

      1. Then can u think about making it Swalak??

  13. Priya tripathi

    Awesome jwala but sanskar not doing well with swara

    1. thanks priya.. yeh he is doing a sin

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  16. awesome dr…..its very nice…..i expected this yaar…..somewhere i want swasan as couple bcoz i m crazy fan of swasan…..somewhere i dont want them as couple in ur ff…..dont know dr…..confused…..

    1. shan dear I know your condition. . I’m also a big swasan fan.. but here I made him total negative. . so I hope you don’t mind. . and I’m writing other swasan ff also na . thank you so much for supporting me every time dear

  17. Very nice dear

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  18. pls make this epi as a dream sequence yaar

    1. sorry yaar.. I couldn’t. .

  19. I am or silent reader I can’t stop myself from cmnting I hope that for revenge he marries swara torture her and their hate to love story it would be fantastic becuz swara will think herself has impure if swasan become one somehow she will be out of guilt its only my suggestion if it happens I will be happy update soon will be waiting

    1. I think that way.. but if he marries swara forcely then swara couldn’t forgive him or never love him.. I decided some other things. . I don’t know I’m taking this story to which phase.. anyways thank you for commenting dear

  20. Jwala seriously you made him a rapist?. I’m not liking it or him.. and that my friend is the greatest compliment I can give you as a hard core Sanskar fan?.

    I get why he is evil, uttara too for that matter. But it was his uncle’s fault and they just seems to not realize it. Swara has a tougher road ahead.

    Love you.!!

    1. hehe.. I’m happy that you hate him in my ff.. I believe that without a reason no one became bad in the society. . and u will surprise you in next update. thank you sree

  21. Jwala di when u will update its nxt episode
    And broken wings????

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